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January 18, 2022

Four Star Construction & General Contractors LLC

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(201) 505-1555
305 Chestnut Ridge Rd
Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
NJ Lic# BVH00419100 NY Lic# 1355342
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified

Areas Served: Bergen County incl. Woodcliff Lake NJ, Teaneck NJ, Paramus NJ,…
Services: general contractors & full service construction company, residential & commercial

Consumers who have learned the hard way will tell you to watch out for desperate contractors. They're the ones who will underbid your project to get your business, and you'll pay for that mistake one way or another. Either they intend to increase the price later through add-ons and change orders, or they underbid out of desperation and will run out of money mid-project, possibly to disappear with whatever you've already paid them. And desperate contractors might have bid your project correctly, but they've underbid someone else's, so to make it up, they may take shortcuts on your project or use shoddy materials or inferior labor. Again, one way or another, it's a mistake you'll pay for.

That's why it's significant that consumers point to the Bergen County firm Four Star Construction & General Contractors in Woodcliff Lake NJ, which serves the entire Tri-State area for everything from new construction to remodels and fire and water damage repair to mold removal, as a company known for being both well capitalized, and busy with work from high demand. And that means they don't need your money to finish your project, let alone needing your money to finish someone else's project, and they'll be there to honor their warranty should any need arise. All of this in a way that has also made them a favorite for large projects including high-rises, and commercial projects such as stores, restaurants, medical offices, warehouses and office buildings.

Four Star Construction & Charlie Bonnici: Customers Attest to High Quality Results Done Affordably

President of Four Star Construction is former real estate developer Charlie Bonnici, who founded the company in 1999 on the principal of giving customers high-quality results for an affordable price. Charlie shares, "There are other companies who will charge you more than we do but deliver results that aren't any better than ours for which we charge less. And we're known for accommodating people's available budget and making it work, so our price is always right."

In fact, Four Star Construction is so well known for being able to bring projects in on time, on budget, and at a competitive price, that they are often called in to rescue projects from other contractors, like one recent elaborate project for a $20 million penthouse in New York City where the original company was way behind schedule and showing poor-quality results. The developer called Charlie Bonnici and his company to rescue him, and they did in one month what the other company couldn't do in six months. "The developer was ecstatic, and elated with the look of the finished product," Charlie says.

The combination of high quality results, affordability and being on time was borne out by consumers who reported to us, like one named Petros who told our researchers, "About Charlie Bonnici and Four Star Construction, he's actually working on my house right now. They're almost there and they're doing a great job. Very professional. Really moving along and they're cost effective. I have no hesitation to refer him."

Quickness and efficiency was also attested to by a customer named Marko who reported to us, "About Four Star Construction and the work that they did on my home. I can recommend them highly. I had very unique needs, some elderly parents that I needed things made handicap and decided to put in a kitchen and a bunch of other things. They did it and they did it quickly. They even had to work around my parents at times and they were respectful. They put down cloth on the floors. They covered things. I recommend them highly."

Four Star Construction has also developed a reputation as the go-to company for insurance claim reconstruction and rehabilitation, which is important to know since you are allowed to hire any licensed company you want, not just one the insurance company might try to steer you to, and they still have to pay for it.

Charlie Bonnici tells us, "We've been doing it over ten years now and we have all the proper training, expert crews, proper chemicals and equipment, and experience. And you need someone with our level of experience because you have to refinish and rejuvenate something that's been damaged, bring it back to original condition, which can be more challenging than just building something new."

Their expertise in that regard was reflected in a report we received from a consumer named Gina who told us, "About Four Star Construction, Charlie and his team have worked on three of our projects because we're in real estate. We own a couple office buildings and multi-family and some single residential. Charlie and his team helped us with a very large office building, three floors. Unfortunately we had a fire. And he came in, he worked with our insurance company and he fixed the building. Then we also hired Charlie to build us a single family home from the ground up, and currently he's working on a renovation of a single family home. I definitely recommend Charlie."

Bergen County resident Charlie Bonnici lives in Saddle River NJ. He's an avid fisherman with a boat he named Dreamer, who also enjoys skiing. He played music semi-professionally through college and today keeps up with some old college friends in a garage band that often plays for charity events. Friends who know Charlie say he is very generous, kind-hearted, compassionate, charismatic, and a gentleman whose word is as good as a written contract.

Customers of Four Star Construction describe him as honorable, respectful, and a man of his word such that they can trust him completely. In fact many have been so pleased with the experience that they've gone on to invite him to dinner made in the new kitchen he built for them, or to their vacation homes.

After all these years, what keeps Charlie so motivated? "When we finish the project and you see the amazing transformation of the property, and see the happiness and gratitude in the eyes of the customer, that makes me excited to start every new day and every new project."

So it was consumers who told us that you can get both high quality results and affordable rates, and with total reliability by choosing this company Four Star Construction in Woodcliff Lake that is in demand and not one of those unbusy or undercapitalized companies that bids wrong, on purpose or through desperation and disappears mid-project, cuts corners you pay for later, or adds hidden costs to increase the price.  Instead, that has a reputation for projects done on time, on budget and with results that customers are thrilled with, leading to a high rate of repeat business and referrals.

In the words of one consumer named Vanessa who reported to us, "Four star Construction did work in my home they were amazing. They renovated my entire inside my home. They were great. They were on time. The owner Charlie is definitely a man of his word. He's amazing. And there was no hidden cost. It's not like other contractors where they just keep adding things on. I had a great experience with them. Even after they were done with my work I just asked them to come back because I had just a question about something and they were there the next day and they were able to explain to me how something works and it was amazing. I can't give you a better reference than five stars, if it's five stars you're looking for."