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January 18, 2022

The House of Audio

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(917) 721-5438
230 Bartholdi Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07305
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Areas Served: Hudson County incl. Jersey City NJ, Secaucus NJ, Hoboken NJ,…
Services: home theater installers, home automation systems, high performance music systems,…
Key Brands: Anthem Audio Video Receivers Amplifiers, Audes audio components, Audioquest speaker…

The best value to be had with home entertainment system installers is to be lucky enough to find a company that has proven technical expertise, but who is also committed to getting you the performance you want while being honest about pricing and making sure you don't overspend needlessly, plus is still there for you after installation when you need help.

Consumers we heard from in our research say The House of Audio in Jersey City is just such a company which serves the entire New York City metro area with both home entertainment and home automation systems.

Consumers Report Technical Expertise Plus Outstanding Service From The House of Audio & Owner Victor Parker

Many other companies in this industry will purposely quote you components that are exclusive, banned from sale on the internet, so that the true cost of them is not available in any research you might try and you are unable to do cost comparisons to alternatives. Unlike those companies, The House of Audio and owner Victor Parker insists on complete transparency to the customer in their quotes so that you not only know the real cost, but can make decisions about potential substitutions of components based on reviews. Victor shares, "We insist that all components we quote are available to be seen on Amazon so that you can do price comparisons with other products, and check their specs and their reviews. And while we do make recommendations on each component based on years of experience, if you can find the same or similar at less expense, we will install that."

This contrast to companies trying to get you to overspend was borne out in the reports we received from consumers, like one named John who told us, "Victor gave me options in terms of basic cost, to the upper market costs, having options listed out for me and I could then pick and choose what I wanted to get."

Other contractors in this industry happily let you spend the most you can, often unnecessarily. In contrast, The House of Audio has a reputation for looking out for your long term interests, and configuring your system in a way that meets your performance needs now, while also being easily upgradable in a cost effective way. Owner Victor Parker explains, "Technology changes and improves quickly so we recommend customers not spend too heavily on any one component, especially the ones not integral to the system. Instead, we make sure the brain of the system has options to cope with the evolution of technology over the next five years so that an upgrade doesn't require spending for a whole new system. Some items have a longer life, like speakers for example, because good ones can stay leading-edge for up to ten years. We give our customers systems with a plan in mind for future changes as well as annual check-ups to upgrade or tweak the system."

According to consumers we heard from, that ongoing availability and service is another thing that makes The House of Audio a stand-out in the industry, like one named Tom who told us, "About The House of Audio and Victor, everything has been great. Victor has been very attentive and the staff set up everything very nicely. I definitely recommend them." Another consumer named Aravinth reported to us, "About Victor Parker and The House of Audio, I worked with these guys since 2000 when I got the first system and these guys have been phenomenal. They know what they're doing. Their prices are very good and most important, their service is phenomenal. This holiday break I called them to check out what was wrong with the cable in my basement set-up and within two days the guy was here even during the holiday, so the service is phenomenal."

That stand out service has earned The House of Audio a loyal following, with much repeat business indicating high customer satisfaction, such as a consumer named Dan reported to us, "Regarding The House of Audio and Victor, the did work for me at my previous house and I've got some new work that I've got them scheduled to do at my new house. So the fact that I'm back for additional work should be an indication as to what I think of their work. I totally recommend them."

Another customer named Charles related this too, saying, "Regarding The House of Audio and Victor, great guys. My family employed them about five years ago in our home and they did a wonderful job. We moved recently and had them come again to install several TVs, anything to do with electronics, full installations and nothing left for us to do. And I'm actually going to hire them again to take care of some work for us in our basement. They're great. Couldn't ask for better."

The House of Audio owner Victor Parker has been in the industry since 1991. He's a father of a grown son and daughter who both work on Wall Street. Friends describe him as practical but with a philosophical insight and sense of humor. As befits his industry, he's a movie buff and music fan and while he enjoys billiards, he modestly characterizes his ability on the table only as "okay". Customers appreciate his meticulous attention to detail with their installations and respect for their home, such as making extra effort to hide wires and cables. After so many years, what's keeps Victor so motivated for his customers at The House of Audio? He says, "When you're all done and you have the family sitting down in the room and see the kids and family overjoyed by the sound experience, how they can access the stream with their phones, and see them feel a 5.1 surround sound system and the joy on their faces is the reward that drives me. And the fact they are so enthusiastic about recommending us and writing good reviews about is very satisfying too."

So it was consumers who cited The House of Audio and owner Victor Parker as the one to go to for technical expertise combined with excellent service during and after installation, and transparency in pricing that saves them money along with system design meant to be upgradable in a cost effective way.

In the words of one customer named John who reported to us in our research, "The House of Audio did some work at our home and we were very pleased. We had to get some rewiring in our family room and new equipment in that family room and the master bedroom. They're technically very skilled. Victor has a very good team that works for him. They showed up on time. They were very careful in the work, very meticulous which I appreciated. Probably like you and many other people I always want the wires hidden and I want the work to be very clean and they did that. It really was exactly what we wanted. One of the remotes I was having trouble with and I phoned Victor and the next morning he was there with one of this tech people and they helped me out on that. Very pleased with the work they did and I recommend them highly."