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January 28, 2020

Royal Renovators Inc

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(718) 414-6067
118-35 Queens Blvd
Forest Hills, NY 11375
NYC license #2030146
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Energy Star Partner
  • GAF Authorized Residential Roofing Installer
  • InstallationMasters Certified

Areas Served: Queens NY incl. Forest Hills NY, Elmhurst NY, Flushing NY,…
Services: roofing company for new roofing, re-roofing, roof repair, shingle roofs,…
Key Brands: Alside Siding, Alside Windows, CertainTeed, Exterior Portfolio Siding, GAF, James…

Homeowners who learned the hard way know that the cheapest roofing companies are actually the most expensive. The huge additional costs come later with repairs of shoddy work, required replacement that is premature by decades, and damage to property inside from leaks.

The companies who really save you thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars, are the ones who use the best materials, do a quality job that holds up for decades, and especially those that come with multi-decade warranties.

That's why consumers we heard from are grateful to have found just such a company with the Queens firm Royal Renovators in Forest Hills NY, a 50-person company which serves all five boroughs of New York City plus Long Island for both roofing and siding, residential and commercial, with a 23 year record of customer satisfaction, and which warranties not just labor but also the materials from anywhere from 20 to 50 years.

Consumers Attest To Higher Quality at Good Prices Done Quickly from Royal Renovators in Queens NY

Royal Renovators in Forest Hills NY was founded by owner Sean Levine in 1993 with a mission of delivering high quality done quickly and cleanly in an industry that's seen a race to the bottom with shoddy work at cut-rate prices that actually costs you huge later on in damages, repairs, and premature replacement. With so many other companies using poor materials (factory seconds or even rejects) along with unskilled labor done without quality control, how has Sean Levine and Royal Renovators prospered and grown by sticking to quality work at fair prices?

Sean explains, "We were founded on the principal that doing right by customers with quality work that lasts for decades would see us prosper in the long run despite the competition, and that's exactly what's happened. The high quality of the work, and how quickly we get it done has earned us a great local reputation together with a high rate of referrals from happy customers."

The work is so good that their labor, not merely the material, comes with a warranty from GAF, the world's largest maker of shingles, for up to 50 years for installations using their product, a status that only comes after rigorous evaluation of a company's finished work.

You might think that work done to such high standards is going to take a long time, especially when even cut-rate companies can let a project drag on for many days of mess and inconvenience. But in fact, Royal Renovators has a reputation for finishing most jobs in a day, or two days at most. One reason is they're able to send a larger crew than other companies, but another comes down to the amount of superior preparation they do before starting in.

Sean Levine shares, "We have a very efficient process that gets followed. First is a pre-install inspection by a Project Manager who then serves throughout as a one-on-one liason to the customer so they are always in the loop. Then just before the project he returns and re-measures, and shares with the customer the entire scope of work, what to expect and what time we'll arrive. Then every project has a second foreman on the site whose dedicated purpose is to oversee the crew and the installation quality. And throughout there's multiple office support and project management staff."

Consumers we heard from in our research expressed their delight and surprise at having jobs done so quickly for maximum convenience for them.

Like one named Marie-Beth who reported to us, "I did have my roof done by Royal Renovators. They did it in one day with 15 people." Another named Nick told us, "About Royal Renovators , they showed up right on time with an army of people. They got it all done in one day, and earlier than they said they would. I was very happy with them." And one named Patrick reported, "About Royal Renovators, I honestly didn't think they could finish it all in one day but they came early and worked to the darkness. They did a great job."

The fact that Royal Renovators holds itself to higher standards for quality doesn't mean they charge exorbitant prices though, as the customer Marie-Beth attested to, saying "I was happy with what they did, and the price they gave us was good too. I was happy with the work, but I was happy with the price too."

Royal Renovators and owner Sean Levine are also known for supporting the community, routinely donating a portion of their proceeds to charities chosen by customers, having sponsored the clean up of two local highways, and even including work done at a loss. Sean relates, "The main community church in Howard Beach needed work done and we were up against five other bidders. Most were suspiciously low estimates suggesting the work would not be great or using inferior materials that would soon fail. But I considered it an honor to do the work for the church, so we brought the job in so low that we actually lost $1,000 on the job. When the Pastor found that out, he insisted on paying us the difference to cover our loss because he was so impressed with the work, and that unexpected recognition and appreciation was enormously gratifying."

Sean Levine is a local boy, born and raised in a Brooklyn that he still loves to this day, citing the incredible energy and ongoing development of the city as exciting. His grandfather before him was a contractor, as was his uncle, and he learned from two hardworking parents how to run a business successfully without cutting corners on quality. He likes to stay fit with exercise including paintball competition, and spending time with family and friends who describe him as responsible, organized, and honest. Customers of Royal Renovators in Forest Hills NY say Sean Levine is helpful, knowledgeable, and dedicated to thorough communication with them, where so many other contractors are notorious for keeping you in the dark.

Owner Sean Levine shares a secret that the success of Royal Renovators since 1993 is more than just the higher quality control, dedication to jobs that last decades, done quickly, and with thorough communication, saying, "The combination of high quality work together with the fact that every employee of the company really cares is why our slogan is ‘experience the royal treatment', so it's more than the dedicated foreman and project manager, and the quality materials. It's that we all really care about the experience they get when they go with us. And the spirit behind that slogan is something intangible, something an estimator can't convey during the estimate process. You just have to go with us to truly know what it's like."

And consumers we heard from for this article said now they do know, like one named Brian who told us, "We did use Royal Renovators and we were very happy with them. Customer service is great, the finished job is great, and I highly recommend them."