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December 3, 2021

Eastmont Construction Inc

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(951) 246-7377
27250 Heim Road
Menifee, CA 92584
State License #924696 (B)
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Areas Served: Southern CA incl. Riverside County, Riverside CA, Menifee CA
Services: general contractors, new home builders, custom home builders, new construction

With 40 years in the business, there's not much that Bob Weeck doesn't already know, and he shares that knowledge with his customers, in a way that gives them more options, saves them money, avoids problems, and increases value and performance of the finished work. That's according to customers of his that we called in our research of his business and the local market.

The Riverside County firm Eastmont Construction Inc in Menifee CA and owner Bob Weeck serve the Southland for everything from remodels, to tear-downs and rebuilds, to design/build new construction.

More Value From Bob Weeck and Eastmont Construction Inc in Menifee CA

Bob Weeck has been building since 1974. This four decades of experience leads to more accurate pricing, and a refined work process that gets the project done on time and within budget in a way that other companies don't. And he makes sure to share that knowledge with his customers throughout the process so they can make informed decisions, and avoid mistakes they'd otherwise make and regret for years.  Like one customer named Kristine who we called as research for this article, who said, "Bob Weeck and Eastmont Contruction, it was a great experience. He is good at what he does and he cares a lot about what he does.  I never built a house before. Some of the things I didn't know, he helped me. He steered me the right way when I was going in the wrong direction." 

Unlike others that push you into the one way they want to do it, with the fixtures and materials they want to sell you, Bob makes it a point to give customers a range of options which gives them more control over the budget and leaves them happier with the finished result. He tells us, "When the products are being selected I propose a choice line of top end, middle, and lesser value. That's always been my model throughout the project, three estimates for each phase of job so the customer gets exactly what they want at only what they want to spend for each part of the project."

Just one aspect of those options that customers get is in style. Eastmont Construction Inc can work from plans already drafted, but it's also able to provide all the design services for the customers who need it, with experience in a full range of styles from contemporary, to a classic Old World look, to high quality finish details.

Bob Weeck and Eastmont Construction also give the customer full control over the cost and choice of subcontractors in a way that few others do. Bob shares, "On different aspects, such as framing for example, I will do my own estimate and then get two bids from two other contractors and let the owner choose me or one of those subcontractors."

Eastmont Construction in Riverside County Cited For Superior Quality Throughout the Southland

One of the things Eastmont Construction Inc in Menifee CA is especially known for is amazing finish work, which takes exceptional attention to detail and superior artistic ability and craftsmanship. Part of that is because Bob Weeck as the owner of Eastmont Construction gives the customers the full benefit of his four decades of experience by doing that work personally. "It's important to me that I do that for clients because I make sure that all of it is in the same perspective as the rest of the build and that it's all been thought through properly."  

That hands-on approach is another thing that separates Bob Weeck from so many other owners who you'll see when you sign the contract but then who disappear and leave everything to less experienced crew.  "I'm on the job site every single day. And if we have more than one project going I will split my day between them," says Bob.  Why does he put in that time where so many others get away without it? "Ongoing inspections by me mean no voids or unfinished areas and no less than perfect workmanship at any stage. Knowing that everything is getting done on time and getting done right is how I sleep so well at night."

And customers we heard from say the difference shows in the end result, like one named Susan who told us, "Bob did a bathroom, a deck, floors, stairs, front door, some exterior repairs, and I was very happy with the work. He also did a beautiful job for my neighbor next door. I trust him and I would use him again."

Riverside County Bob Weeck lives in Menifee CA with his wife of 22 years. "I just love the rural land in this greenbelt area with the marine layer that brings in air and pretty blue skies during the day. There's no smog here. My wife and I enjoy developing our three acres by doing our own landscaping and gardening. It's turned into a little Utopia that we're really happy with."  He enjoys hiking the area, and riding motorcycles, something his son does professionally. Friends describe Bob as a hard worker who shows constant attention to detail, and customers note how he's always busy making sure their project is on track and with high quality. 

What's kept him in the trade for 40 years? "I love seeing master craftsmen working together and producing a finished result that wows the customer. Having that client light up and say the result is awesome and you did an amazing job is my real reward, and is why I still do so much work myself on each project. It's incredibly satisfying."

And customers report being equally satisfied with Bob Weeck and Eastmont Construction Inc in Menifee CA, like Kristine who went on to say of Bob Weeck, "He built a beautiful house for us. I would 100% recommend them. There's actually college doing a lifestyle shoot here tomorrow. There's a lot of people who are really impressed by the work. One-hundred percent, no questions asked, I would totally recommend him."