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January 23, 2021

Kuvara Law Firm

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(415) 922-5522
550 Las Gallinas Ave
San Rafael, CA 94903
State Bar License #48141
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  • Better Business Bureau
  • CACA (Croatian-American Cultural Association)
  • CAOC (Consumer Attorneys of California)
  • Chamber of Commerce-California
  • MCBA (Marin County Bar Association)
  • SFTLA (San Francisco Trial Lawyers Association)

Areas Served: Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Mill Valley CA, Sausalito…
Services: Personal injury attorneys, wrongful death, car accident, motorcycle accident, dog…

When hiring an attorney for an injury claim, be aware that there are too many out there that have a conflict of interest by also doing work for the insurance companies, where you only get to meet with one of their subordinate paralegals rather than the attorney himself, that don't have a track record of many years of proven success, who overpromise on the outcome in order to get your business, who put in as little effort as possible, and who take advantage of you by charging more than they should.

According to clients we heard from as research for this article, luckily there's Kuvara Law Firm with offices in every Bay Area county, as well as Sacramento and Los Angeles, headed by attorney Neal Kuvara who for over 40 years has successfully recovered damages for thousands of clients.


Kuvara Law Firm & Attorney Neal Kuvara Put the Client First

Like most legitimate attorneys in this field of law, Neal Kuvara takes cases on contingency, rather than ask for money from the client like some try to do. But he's also ethical in his contingency fees in this industry where one-third is a typical amount, but where some charge you one-third of recoveries for property damages or one-third of the medical payments from your insurance policy.  "Both of those tactics leave the client less than whole and we don't do it," explains attorney Neal Kuvara. If so many others are able to get away taking advantage of a client's ignorance and taking more than they're entitled to, why doesn't Kuvara Law Firm do it too? "My whole career is built around putting my client first and making sure first and foremost that they are taken care of," he says.

Other attorneys might not be aggressive enough going after the insurance company on your behalf because of a conflict of interest, when they also sometimes are hired to defend the insurance companies.  Neal Kuvara has no such conflict of interest as he only represents plaintiffs like you, not the insurers. And he has an advantage in understanding the insurance companies and what it will take to bring them around, since prior to being an attorney, he was an insurance adjuster, the very people he needs to convince to be cooperative and pay you what you deserve, unlike other attorneys that can alienate the insurance adjusters by being abrasive or condescending. "I don't talk down to them," says Neal. "I understand their job and can see things through their eyes. Of course, if one is being uncooperative, I also have the industry expertise to know how to go higher up the hierarchy of the claims department and reach a claims manager. Often those higher ups are very efficient and very bright and can keep me from filing a series of suits when it's unnecessary."

Some lawyers in this field never actually prepare a lawsuit which gives you more leverage, and instead, put in as little work as possible for each client by way of merely sending a demand letter which often yields little or nothing, but works out for a lawyer that's going through a huge volume of clients. Others insist on always filing a lawsuit.  Neal Kuvara has enough expertise after 40 years to understand the nuances though and when it's most appropriate to do one or the other. "I know lawyers who file a suit right away but my having a background as an insurance adjuster myself, I first try to establish that we're being reasonable. I create records to document and substantiate the claim and the more substantiated we can make it, the more willing we should be to go to court. If the insurance company shows they're not willing to deal with us fairly, we'll file right away, and some have even shown they never deal with you at all unless you file a suit. After serving 20,000 clients, I know which companies those are and the best approach for each one."


Being Honest With Clients and Insurers at Kuvara Law Firm

Especially when attorneys in this field are banking on little effort for a huge volume of clients, they'll do anything to get your business, including promise totally unrealistic results. Unlike those firms, Kuvara Law Firm and Neal Kuvara prefers to be honest with prospective clients about the possible outcomes. "Our clients appreciate our more honest approach with them," says Neal. "I'd rather underpromise and then exceed their expectations than disappoint someone. It's better for us in the long run because our satisfied clients then refer other people to us which is why so many of our new clients are referrals."

If you have a potential claim, it's in your best interest to see an attorney as soon as possible since the best ones will know how to document your claim from the earliest stages which is necessary to convince the insurance company, or possibly the court. Neal shares, "Sometimes an injured person will quit their job rather than telling the employer they are too impaired to continue working, and that undermines their claim for wage loss later on because the HR department at that company will say that the employee voluntarily quit and the insurance company will take that as proof of its being unrelated to the injury. So I play a vital role in protecting that evidence and the sooner after the injury the client comes to me, the more I can help them in this regard."

Marin County resident Neal Kuvara lives in San Rafael CA. He has a son who graduated law school and a daughter in her last semester at Hastings Law School with a 3.5 GPA and Neal would love to see her join him at Kuvara Law Firm.  Clients can visit one of his offices in every county of the Bay Area plus Sacramento and Los Angeles.  And all prospective clients get the benefit of talking directly with Neal Kuvara right from the outset, rather than merely a staff member like a paralegal as is common at so many other firms.

So for an industry expert with thousands of satisfied clients, who is ethical in his contingency fees rather than overcharging like others, who is an expert in the workings of the insurance companies in a way that often gets them to be cooperative without the need to file suit, but who is also prepared to do so when necessary by putting in the work to document all the evidence to make your claim as strong as possible, and who has made taking care of the client and making them whole again the first priority because it leads to so many client referrals, those who know say that Neal Kuvara and Kuvara Law Firm was the good choice.  Like one client of Kuvara Law Firm named Julie who we called as research for this article who told us, "I had been in a car accident and I was very happy with the service I received. The party that hit me didn't have enough coverage. Once they settled we went to back to my insurance company for the difference and Neal really came in handy.  I highly recommend them."