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June 6, 2020

AcuStruct, Inc.

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(925) 804-8008
2410 Bates Avenue
Concord, CA 94520
State Contractor’s License: #815096 (B,A,C10,C50)
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Building Trades Association

Areas Served: Contra Costa County incl. Walnut Creek CA, Concord CA, San…
Services: engineering contractors for foundation repair, underpinning and re-leveling, retaining walls,…

When it comes to foundation, structural repair, and retaining walls, AcuStruct Inc in Concord CA is a local firm serving the Bay Area known for quality work at very affordable rates. We interviewed AcuStruct owner Dan Yust and learned that the high quality at reasonable rates is due in large part to independent evaluations and in-house expertise that keeps costs affordable.

Independent, Third-Party Assessments with AcuStruct in Concord CA

Other contractors do their own assessment, tell you how much they think you should have them do. Dan Yust explains the difference. "At AcuStruct Inc, the process starts with an inspection from an independent engineer who works directly for the homeowner so there's no conflict of interest in determining what the best fix is. Then that engineer looks it over while the repair process is underway." This gives clients of AcuStruct complete confidence with the repairs in a way they can't have with contractors that don't provide independent oversight.

Research phone calls were made to randomly selected clients of AcuStruct and a client named Pat said, "Dan was my favorite bidder because he asked the pertinent questions. He read the architectural reports quickly and had important questions which none of the other bidders posed. When the inspectors came, they said his job was superb and that he went above and beyond with every aspect of the job."

And as the local structural repair experts, AcuStruct can provide the best solution for permanent repair according to each situation, where other contractors only know one approach for every job. Dan Yust has an engineering degree and explains, "There are different kinds of repairs and each is designed for different circumstances and in different areas. That's where our experience makes a big difference in knowing the best repair solutions."

In reply to a research phone call to clients of AcuStruct, Steve said, "I could trust their judgment and engineering design. Their cost was also fair. The most important thing was that I enjoyed working with them."

AcuStruct in Contra Costa County: Honest Estimates

AcuStruct is known for extremely affordable rates. But unlike other contractors that bid low at first just to get the job, then bump the price up with change orders, AcuStruct's initial competitive quote is honest. How is it done? Because they're the local experts in their specialty, AcuStruct knows how to save customers money.

Dan Yust shares, "In addition to being able to lower costs due to our expertise, we also own and operate our own equipment and that's another cost savings for customers compared to other contractors, and it makes us more reliable too." AcuStruct also has in-house expertise with permanent employees unlike others that subcontract out portions of the work. This is another cost savings for customers and also means greater quality control.

In fact, many of AcuStruct's expert employees have been with the company since its founding and all are experts in their field. "We have a drilling crew, a framing crew and a crew of laborers and helpers," Dan confirms, "so everyone knows their job and they all have a lot of experience."

A client named Gay confirmed during a research phone call, "I got a really good value. They did a good job...were reliable, on time, and they did what they said they would do."

Foundation of Family for Dan Yust in Concord CA

Dan Yust lives in Concord CA, is married with three kids. His company AcuStruct is family-run, headed by Dan and his brother-in-law Dennis. Dan holds the work of his people to as high standards as if it were for his own family and he says, "Keeping the customer happy is the number one thing."

So for the winning combination of high quality with affordability, clients say that AcuStruct Inc in Concord CA was the right choice with their superior quality control,  of independent assessments, honest accurate price quotes, and more competitive rates that come from owning the necessary equipment and having in-house staff rather than subcontractors.

A client named Margo said of AcuStruct, "The people I take to see the house are always amazed at his work. I have never experienced anything better from anyone."