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January 21, 2020

Mike Testa Plumbing, Inc.

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(415) 479-0110
4244 Redwood Hwy
San Rafael, CA 94903
Contractor’s License #519618
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Pacific Sun - Best of Marin
  • Marin Builders Association

Areas Served: Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Sausalito CA, Mill Valley…
Services: Marin plumbers for plumbing repair, residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, industrial…
Key Brands: Bradford White Water Heaters, Insinkerator, Kohler, Moen, Noritz (Noritz Tankless…

Mike Testa Plumbing, Inc. Capability Reviews

    "I've been using Mike Testa for all of my plumbing problems and remodels for many years. I always receive a high quality of customer service, prompt service, friendly contractors and piece of mind. Prices are affordable and the company as a whole has been very reliable. I tell all of my friends and family to use them!"

    —Angela B., San Rafael CA


    "I've had a business relationship with Mike Testa Plumbing, and have been impressed on how he runs his shop over the years. Although I hav'nt had an opportunity to have service performed on my new house, I would'nt hesitate to use Mike Testa Plumbing for any up coming plumbing jobs."

    —George S., Novato CA

    The following are verbatim responses given during research phone calls to randomly selected customers asking what they liked best:

    "They were on time, they did the job right and they were pleasant." - Erica K. "He's the only one I call. He responds and takes care of the matter immediately." - Susan F.

    "They were able to fix the problem. They came in and took care of everything." -Ana G.

    "They are very professional and very cost effective. Their plumbers are personable. They are very responsive and real problem solvers. I have been using them for ten years. They've done everything for me. I don't use anyone else. I once had an emergency and they weren't available. I actually waited for them to do the work. They are fantastic. They are completely reliable and trustworthy." -Anna E.

    "He left me with a good feeling. I knew everything would be fine." -Bernard B.

    "They always call back right away. They schedule me really quickly. Mike, not Testa, who comes out is great. He takes his time and explains things to me. I use them for my business too." -Connie K.

    "One thing was that Mike M. stuck it out when we had a complicated problem. When things were just straightforward, he was really pleasant to work with." -Kate P.

    "He came promptly, did good work, and finished quickly." -Mark R.

    "Mike is an all around good guy. He has quality plumbers working for him." -Martha C.

    "They were very personable and efficient. They did everything I could have asked of them." -Ralph T.

    "He was very helpful." -Rose M.

    "He was friendly and courteous. He got right on the job." -Sava F.

    "The friendliness of the person who came to do the work" -Alan P.

    "He replaced a garbage disposal and fixture in the kitchen." -Bob T.

    "He seemed to know what he was doing." -Esther P.

    "He was a real professional. He didn't make a big deal out of it. He knew exactly what to do. He came in and looked at it. Then, he went out to the truck and got the part. He was a nice guy and practical too." -George P.

    "Their promptness" -Robert G.

    "We had an emergency. They came promptly and knew what they were doing. They were very professional." -Samuel H.

    "He knew what he was doing." -Shana S.

    "They don't bother me. They just come in, do the job, and send me the results." -Holly S.

    "The owner is personable. They are really nice and courteous. They do good work." -Joi N.

    "They were fast and efficient." -Laura L.

    "I was impressed with the clean-up." -Muriel A.

    "They are always on time and seem to do good work." -Norm W.

    "He showed up and took care of everything. I had another service come out to fix a leak. Two thousand dollars later, they cut a hole in my ceiling and replaced a toilet that didn't need replacing. Mike had to come out and fix everything." -Regina S.

    "He did the job right." -Amelia A.

    "They are quick." -Andy D.

    "They are on time, polite, and they do their work. They are a great company." -Barbara B.

    "I thought they were very nice. They seemed to know what they were doing. They were anxious to please." -Bonnie S.

    "Mike seemed to show an interest in my project. His crew was nice and efficient." -Dave H.

    "I liked their promptness and thoroughness." -Jerry L.

    "They were just really nice. They were punctual, and they did what they said they would do. They also charged me what they said they would." -Jesse L.

    "The plumber was on time. He was nice and helpful. He did everything that we asked him to do. Their customer service was good." -Kristen B.

    "They are our regular plumbers, and they generally do great work for us. They repaired our upstairs faucet beautifully. He discovered and solved a leak that we had. They know what they are doing, and they make time for emergencies." -Michael A.

    "The plumber was good. They were excellent." -Pamela U.

    "They were on time. They were honest and consistent." -Susan H.

    "They were prompt and professional." -Ann K.

    "Mike was very good at explaining things to me." -Ann W.

    "He was on schedule and fair." -Dominic S.

    "He did the job without fooling around." -Frank H.

    "They were on time, and they had a good service." -Marie J.

    "They came and did good work." -Nancy B.

    "The person who came seemed to have a lot of experience. He fixed a blockage that we had. He took his time and did a good job." -Roger B.

    "I liked the guys that they sent out." -Thomas P.

    "They have good plumbers." -Linda W.

    "They did a good plumbing job for us." -Michael W.

    "They did their job. We liked them." -Susan R.

    "He comes when he says he is going to." -Vera C.

    "I liked the thoroughness they showed while they were here. I liked their friendliness in explaining what they were doing. I felt that they went out of their way to check out other problems that we didn't call them out for." -Robert F.

    "They were very prompt. They handled our water heater situation very quickly." -James F.

    "They were reliable. They knew what they were doing." -Jude F.

    "I've recommend them to friends who use them now. They are punctual. They know what they are doing when they show up. They clean up after themselves." -Katherine F.

    "They are professional. They know what they are doing. I have confidence that they will do the job right each time I call them." -Michelle F.

    "They seemed to know what they were doing." -William F.

    "I liked their promptness." -G.C.

    "They are friendly and prompt. They know what they are doing." -Beverly G.

    "The plumber did a really good job. We haven't had a leak yet." -Phyliss K.

    "I thought they offered me a good service for the price. I like them." -Margaret L.

    "They are reliable. They do a thorough job." -Sean F.

    "They were rather personable people. They explained what they were doing. They were responsive to each of our specific needs." -John G.

    "They came quickly. They fixed what I wanted them to fix." -Marjone H.

    "The service was good. We have used them for several years now." -Eileen H.

    "They come right away. Their work is very clean. They are knowledgeable, thorough, and nice." -Marie J.

    "They were very nice. I would use them again if my husband couldn't fix it." -Sara D.

    "They cleaned up well. They were polite to me and my wife." -Gary F.

    "They were friendly and competent." -Mr. F.

    "They were courteous, competent, and accommodating." -Reade F.

    "They are very prompt." -Louise H.

    "Their people were professional and very pleasant. They seemed to know what they were doing." -Dave H.

    "They are prompt. They show up when they say they will. They do good work." -Robin K.

    "They were easy to deal with." -Barbara K.

    "They seemed pretty knowledgeable. They were very creative in their approach." -Sarah F.

    "The personalities of their workers were great." -Kenny H.

    "They took care of the job." -Greenblat A.

    "He showed up on time, he was very good, and he got the job done." -Lori A.

    "They were prompt and they were continually working." -Mr. B.

    "I liked Mike Moraglia." -Danny B.

    "They're local, they're prompt, and they take care of the situation." -D. M. R.

    "You always get great service from them." -D. C. C.

    "I used them for some commercial sprinklers and they were fabulous." -F. B.

    "Jim is the greatest guy and he does a good job." -Joann G.

    "They did the job that needed to be done." -Mr. H.

    "They came when they said they would and got the job done." -Mike H.

    "Their man knew what he was doing." -Warren H.

    "I like his mannerism, his efficiency, and his neatness." -Hank M.

    "He seems to be nice and honest. He gets the job done." -Shirley M.

    "They are reliable plumbers." -Patricia M.

    "They did the job we called them to do." -Mike G.

    "They were prompt and they were knowledgeable." -Norman H.

    "They are very professional, reliable, and do the work well." -Susan J.

    "Mike runs his company well." -Jim A.

    "The guy I worked with was personable and worked hard." -C. M . P. D.

    "They showed up when they said that they would." -C. M. T. C.

    "They really made a concious effort to deal with my sewer break." -F. A.

    "They responded promptly." -Ted H.

    "They are very personable and show up when they say they will." -Nancy M.

    "I can't put my finger on the best thing, but they did do a good job." -Roger H.

    "They had competitive rates." -Tracey D.

    "They got the job done and they were honest." -B. C.

    "They're a small family-run business. They're personable and prompt." -Sheila B.

    "They did everything that needed to be done, and it was done well." -Mrs. C.

    "Tracy was fantastic, she really knew what she was doing." -Dave F.

    "They are very reliable, excellent work." -Cathy D.

    "The team we had working was very respectful, and made sure we were ok with all the noise, they were very polite." -F. F. S.

    "They're very reliable and they work fast." -G. & C.

    "They were very well organized." -Mike G.

    "They communicate well, and they seem to know the business." -G. G. H. R.

    "The guys were very nice.The company was highly recommended to me." -Mrs H.

    "I was amazed by how fast thing got done and how professional they were." -Robert J.

    "The overall service was good, and they do good work." -M. V. A.

    "They show up and do good work." -Michael H.

    "The guy who comes and does the work" -Samuel B.

    "They seemed honest, and were reliable." -Debbie B.

    "They're very businesslike and honest." -Mel C.

    "I was completely happy with the work." -Makio G.

    "The level of expertise was good." -Ireland R.

    "I like the fact that they are very quick to do business with you, they didn't hesitate." -Cecil L.

    "Their prices are good, we use them all the time." -M. M. R. S.

    "I like the fact that I could call him and he would fix things if they were wrong." -Jim A.

    "They came promptly." -Marilyn G.

    "The plumbers were on time and got the job done fast." -Ted H.

    "Generally the service has been good." -Fred C.

    "They were prompt and cleaned up after themselves." -A. R. E.

    "They always do job on time." -D. C. C.

    "They did job well. We had no problems afterwards." -Chris E.

    "I felt that he was extremely efficient diagnosed problem very quickly" -Mary G.

    "We were impressed with his promptness and did job very quickly." -Robert H.

    "I felt that they were very honest and give you a lot of information. We've had some bad experiences with other plumbers, so it was refreshing to deal with someone honest like Mike Testa." -Kitty J.

    "They are very nice and prompt." -Melissa J.

    "We have homes in different areas and they are always willing to come out and do the job. Also they get job done well and immediately." -Diane K.

    "They were friendly, and when we had an emergency they were willing to come out and fix problem right away." -Dean L.

    "Well, they're very convenient and they respond quickly." -Irene M.

    "They are prompt and professional" -Art C.

    "They are dependable and reasonable." -Frank H.

    "He's been in the business a long time. He has fair prices and has a lot of knowledge of plumbing." -K. C.

    "They are prompt and do a good job." -Lee M.

    "They are on time and very professional." -Lynn P.

    "They get the job done right." -Cindy R.

    "They are prompt and courteous" -Arlene R.

    "They are knowledgeable and personable." -Jim S.

    "They are prompt and professional." -Bob J.

    "They are very informed and professional from the receptionist right down to the plumbers." -Debra L.

    "They have good job knowledge and are professional." -John P.

    "The plumber made a special effort to get out here from another job to help us in an emergency." -Dulce S.

    "They are professional and very personable." -Cindy L.

    "They eventulally got the job done." -Ray S.

    "Quality, service and they showed up on time." -Bruce G.

    "Very knowledgeable." -Robert J.

    "The professionalism and expertise." -Chase W.

    "They came in and did the work to our satisfaction." -Mitzi C.

    "They kept their commitment. They were prompt and efficient and did fantastic work." -George W.

    "Everything about them." -Pete L.

    "They were prompt and good about communicating any delays." -Ellen W.

    "The overall experience was good." -Cathy G.

    "Knowledgeable plumbers who worked without any problems." -Kevin W.

    "His punctuality and attention to detail." -Pat M.

    "The flexibility and updating of fixtures. They were very accommodating." -David D.

    "Prompt and knowledgeable service." -Bob W.

    "They did a good job." -Ellen S.

    "The responsiveness of the service and they were prompt, service has been very very satisfactory." -Diane H.

    "They were responsive and the job was done quickly." -Anna E.

    "The professionalism on an extensive job, he brought all the necessary equipment with him, detail oriented and did the work very quickly" -Ida B.

    "They were professional, they at least fixed it" -Mrs. B.

    "Very kind, they came out when I called and they not only fixed it, they were genuinely kind to me" -Edna B.

    "Competent workman, behave very well and got the job done" -Bob C.

    "They respond immediately to your call. They start work on time. They do the work and you can count on it" -Kit C.

    "No-nonsense company, got right in there and finished the work" -Phil G.

    "Did a good job, fairly priced and nice people, couldn't ask for more" -Florence G.

    "Professional, complete" -Eileen H.

    "They were on time, did the job right and they were pleasant" -Erica K.

    "I have rentals in the Bay Area, answers my calls immediately, takes care of everything promptly" -Frederick K.

    "He's quick, efficient and he's the best around" -Stanley K.

    "I've called him for years, they always do a good job" -Mary K.

    "I like their plumbers, dealt with more than one, prompt, courteous, good service, I have their number on my refrigerator, they're the only one's I call" -Goldie L.

    "Very sharp company, they were quick about the work and cleaned up after themselves" -Sharon M.

    "Very responsive, available right away"
    -Kim M.

    "I had a lot of work to be done, it took a couple of trips but they were wonderful"
    -Karen P.

    "I was very satisfied but I can't continue this right now" -Evelyn R.

    "They were very neat, clean and courteous"
    -Kathy R.

    "Respond quickly, do the job quickly, and everything turns out just fine" -Warren S.

    "Well they came out when they said they would and did exactly what we paid them to do" -Mark S.

    "They were quick to respond, quick to fix the problem and most cordial during the entirety" -Virginia V.

    "I normally wouldn't do these surveys, but for Mike, I can't rate him high enough. Does a really good job, comes out as soon as you call him and I can always reach him if I have questions" -Virginia W.

    "Simply put, he's the top of the line, the best there is" -Jerome A.

    "That was a while ago, but I know they were on time, very prompt, very responsive and offered fair prices" -Christine B.

    "He's great, they were quick to look at our issue and even quicker at repairing it" -Ida C.

    "Experience and they make sure to have all the tools necessary on hand" -Kitty J.

    "They're courteous, professional, quick and they complete the work as you want it" -Ed L.

    "Efficient, courteous, down to earth" -Mary S.

    "Responsive, they return my call immediately and he sends someone out as soon as possible" -Sunset Hills

    "Quick, punctual, did a very nice job and he's just good people" -Roy B.

    "Professional and well-equipped" -Nancy B.

    "They came out when scheduled, did the work, cleaned up afterwards and was worth every penny" -Francesca B.

    "Prompt, reliable" -Jo Anne B.

    "Prompt, quality work" -Jill C.

    "Very responsive and quick. No lagging" -Joe C.

    "Very professional, on time, clean work" -Pam C.

    "They were on time, with the estimate and the appointment" -Richard C.

    "We've called him a number of times, we have other property, he handles everything for us whenever we call" -Betty D.

    "Prices are fair, the work is reliable"
    -Barbara F.

    "They respond when you call, they don't keep you waiting" -Richard H.

    "We called him, and he came out himself" -Virginia L.

    "Very professional, efficient and prompt" -Nadine L.

    "We liked their estimate, their honesty and the guy they sent to do the work" -Mike M.

    "I like them very much" -Barbara M.

    "Very reliable, start on time, finish on time"
    -Rosa M.

    "They called us back, looked it over, gave us a commitment and met that commitment" -Joseph O.

    "Their quote, their work, their attitudes and the results" -Melody P.

    "Responsive, polite, very down-to-earth folks" -John P.

    "Professional, very efficient and tidy" -Janet R.

    "We were quite happy, he's done a lot of different jobs for us at our house" -Norman S.

    "They were so professional and courteous, well organized" -Eileen S.

    "Response time was incredibly quick" -Nora S.

    "When you call them, they respond" -Gregory S.

    "They did the work, they were professional about it, and their prices are fair" -Annette T.

    "Very professional, efficient and on time"
    -Mark U.

    "He's the best one around. On time, professional and neat about cleaning up after they're done" -Phil W.

    "He sends experienced plumbers only" -Michael W.

    "Professional, courteous, quality workers" -Rexie W.

    "Professional, most efficient" -Kathleen B

    "They came out when they said they would, looked over the problem and took care of it without any haggling" -William B.

    "I was told he was the best around, when I called him and they finished the work, I totally agreed" -Sandy F.

    "They don't mess around, get in and out on time" -Robert J.

    "He's down to earth. Prices are fair, workers are reliable, work is guaranteed" -Marjorie M.

    "Professional, responsive, quick and clean" -Jean P.

    "Responsive, quick, thorough and efficient"
    -Karen S.

    "He's honest" -Travis W.

    "He's the only one I'll call, he responds and takes care of the matter immediately"
    -Susan F.

    "Mike himself" -Sarah G.

    "They fixed the problem and it hasn't been a problem since" -Mark B.

    "Quality workmanship, professional staff"
    -Sandra C.

    "Professional, prompt" -Sheila D.

    "Very good company, decent people to work with" -Sandra D.

    "Well trained and most efficient" -Elizabeth F.

    "They respond when you call them, they come out on time, and they do a great job" -Daniel G.

    "They were prompt after I called, appointment was within 24 hours, and they did a pretty good job" -Dennis G.

    "Responsiveness to our home services needed and keeping commitment as far as appointments" -John H.

    "Very nice people, I thought they were trustworthy and they truly took good care of me" -Margaret M.

    "Cooperative and well mannered. They did a fine job" -Mrs. Charles M.

    "Professional, courteous and prompt"
    -Pamela N.

    "Very responsive, did a very good job" -Ed R.

    "They did the work quickly and they cleaned up the entire mess" -Sanford S.

    "Prices are fair, and his people don't mess around" -Constance Y.

    "Responsive, quick, fixed the problem"
    -Mary Kay B.

    "Just pleased with their work, it went smoother than we anticipated it would" -Diane C.

    "Very professional, efficient and on time" -Nancy C.

    "Very thorough, very thorough, I can't say it enough" -Beryn H.

    "Did a good job, offer fair prices" -Phil N.

    "Quick to return your calls, quick to get the work done and done right" -Lynn C.

    "Well managed company, good people, did the job as best as could be expected" -Kenneth K.

    "They were on time, did a pretty good job and were pleasant to work with" -Charlotte B.

    "We liked their work, they responded to our call quickly" -Alan J.

    "Courteous and did the job to my satisfaction" -Ann S.

    "Did a good job" -Russell R.

    "They responded quickly to my call" -Jennifer H.