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February 28, 2021

McCoy Fire Protection, Inc.

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(707) 673-9492
131-A Stony Circle, Suite 500
Santa Rosa, CA 95401
State Contractors License #838970
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  • AFSA (American Fire Sprinkler Association)

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Unlike the luxury items you might put off to some other year, having a fire sprinkler system installed could save everything you own, your entire house or building, or even your life or the lives of those you love. So you know you need a fire protection system, but shiny metal sprinklers poking down from the ceiling don't exactly say "House Beautiful".

Fire Sprinklers Don't Have To Look Bad?
Todd McCoy is the owner of McCoy Fire Protection in Santa Rosa, CA and he says you have options. "The fire sprinklers most people think of are the exposed ones you see in commercial buildings," he explains. "Modern residential sprinklers can be recessed into the ceiling so they don't stick out, and they have custom-colored covers that pop off when they need to activate. You don't have to look at them every day, but they're there when you need them."

Todd's been installing fire protection systems locally for ten years and he's seen a lot. He cautions, "Too many times other fire protection contractors dictate to the customer exactly how and where the sprinklers need to be, even if it looks terrible and ends up being an eyesore." But isn't the placement of the sprinklers set in stone? "No way," says Todd McCoy, "At McCoy Fire Protection, we work with the client to figure out what's going to look best aesthetically and be fully functional too. It requires extra flexibility and skill on our part and our customers really appreciate the extra value."

If that's really true, why don't all fire sprinkler installers offer that flexibility to the consumer? "They tell their crew there's only one way to do it, exactly how it is in the plan. But as I gained experience and learned all the hydraulics, I realized it was possible to satisfy the homeowner's need for something that looks good and also meets tolerances. Again, it's extra work for me and my crew but I want the customer's house to look as good as if I were doing my own home. That's what really sets McCoy Fire Protection apart."

Homegrown Fire Protection
Todd's parents grew up in Petaluma and he now lives in nearby Santa Rosa with his wife and two kids; a 2 1/2 year old son and an 11-month daughter. "I looked forward to being a dad for a really long time," says Todd McCoy, "The highlight of my day now is coming home to my kids. It really makes it worth going to the job in the morning and working hard for my customers."

Todd also enjoys mountain biking and backpacking in Tahoe and the Trinity Alps. "I don't go so much lately since the kids are too young to take with me. But I'll get back to doing it more often when they're old enough to come."

What about costs?
When a homeowner is trying to decide which fire protection contractor to choose, Todd McCoy recommends being careful about bids that are too low. "That should really concern a customer", he warns. "And often that company really isn't the lowest priced because once they job is underway, there'll be ‘change orders' that increase the cost back to what it should have been all along. Even if it was cheap, are fire sprinklers really something you'd want to skimp on?" Definitely not.

Todd McCoy's experience and special eye for aesthetics seem to be well received by his customers. Randomly called customers of McCoy Fire Protection repeatedly expressed satisfaction with Todd's work including Jeff who said "Todd was the most patient and understanding person," and David who related "I like that the company owner comes out to do the work himself."

Todd McCoy is willing to provide his expertise and service to homeowners as well as commercial building owners or managers and welcomes calls to his Santa Rosa office.