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June 1, 2020

European Sales & Service

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(707) 232-5231
920 Petaluma Hill Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
BAR License #AB145194
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Mercedes Benz Specialist
  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)
  • Smart Car Service & Repair

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It's rare and refreshing to find an auto repair shop that's known among customers for its superior honesty. And if you have a Mercedes Benz, including their Smart car model, then you should know that European Sales & Service in Santa Rosa CA is that honest auto repair shop.

European Sales & Service in Sonoma County is the Mercedes Benz repair expert, as they work exclusively on Mercedes Benz and are currently the only shop for repair of Smart cars in the North Bay.  We interviewed owner Richard Cordes about the reputation as an honest auto repair shop at European Sales & Service.

Honest Mercedes-Benz Repairs from European Sales & Service in Santa Rosa CA

Instead of pushing unnecessary repairs on customers like dishonest shops do, European Sales & Service makes only the specific repairs your car needs. Says Richard Cordes, "We stick with the repairs you need and expect. If we see something that's beyond what we've quoted or is different from what you've brought your vehicle in for, we invite you into the shop and show you what we've found so you're always in control of the repairs."

During research phone calls, many previous customers confirmed the honesty at European Sales & Service. Customer Dee said "They're very good mechanics, plus they're honest." Fred said, "They're very honest. And they went above the call of duty in providing me a loaner car."  "I felt they were honest and forthright," said another customer named Karen.  Lori cited them as "Trustworthy."

In fact, the technicians at European Sales & Service show you their honesty. Richard Cordes says, "We understand that trust is important. So we always invite our customers to see the parts that need repair or replacing. That gives them the confidence and proves that we're doing honest repairs."

In cases where additional repairs are required or recommended, customers have found the technicians at European Sales & Service are looking out for them. Richard Cordes explains, "We tell our customers, whether you do it now or later or have it repaired here or somewhere else, the choice is yours. It's our job to show them the problem and their right to make the right decision for them."

Factory-Trained Technicians at European Sales & Service

Cheap auto repair shops are no bargain. Honest service is the best value. Richard Cordes agrees. "If you're looking to save a dollar, cheap auto repairs will backfire on you. Cheap parts and poor installation can do more damage and cost you more in the end. You're going to get much better quality from an honest repair shop that does it right the first time."  Rich Cordes explains that European Sales & Service uses the latest Electronic Parts Catalog, developed by Mercedes-Benz, to find the correct part for your vehicle and that this software avoids any guessing and assures you the right part every time.  Richard tells us, "We stock thousands of hard-to-find Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts right here in our parts department. From maintenance parts, such as filters and brake pads, to special gaskets.  They are the exact same parts you'd find at the dealership, but at a better price. We probably have in stock the part you're looking for. If not, we'll do our best to track it down for you."  A customer named Bill said of European Sales & Service, "Really courteous and helpful getting parts; they saved me quite a bit of money."

European Sales & Service are the Sonoma County experts on Mercedes Benz. But that doesn't mean you'll pay more for their expert services. Richard told us, "Our prices are very competitive, and often less expensive. And we get the repairs done right the first time because we specialize in Mercedes-Benz vehicles exclusively. So you save money by coming here, not going to a cut-rate shop where you have to keep taking the car back there over and over."

During research phone calls, a customer named Beverly agreed. "They do the job right the first time." Another customer Kelly said, "I've known the owner for years, he has in depth experience with Mercedes, he and his mechanics really know their stuff and they keep updated with the latest technology."

European Sales & Service - Locally Owned & Operated

Born and raised in Sonoma County, Richard Cordes fell in love with auto repair during an auto shop program in high school. Once he'd graduated, he began working on Mercedes-Benz vehicles and says he's never looked back. He laughs, "I wanted a prestigious career in the industry, and what more could a guy want than to work on these beautiful machines?"

Now Richard Cordes lives in Santa Rosa CA with his wife, son and daughter. The family enjoys biking and being outdoors. They are also active in their church, another reason Richard says honesty is integral to his life and business. "We need to make a living, of course, but we're committed to doing it in the way that's honest and fair to our clients."

Perhaps previous customer Doug said it best when he received a research phone call from us about his experience at European Sales & Service. Doug said, "They did what I expected them to do and got a straight story. Ron gave us a good estimate on schedule and cost. Other places we went to there were constant surprises, you get an estimate then they call you back and say it's going to cost more. With European Sales & Service you get the straight story and they deliver on their promises."

European Sales & Service in Santa Rosa CA is the Sonoma County expert in Mercedes Benz known for honesty. They are open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.