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October 16, 2019

Coach Harder Driving School

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In Missouri, driving instruction isn't regulated. There's no special license, certification, or even background check of instructors required for safety. That means the quality of instruction can vary widely. Frighteningly, so can the character of the person alone with the student.

That's why consumers report being relieved and grateful to have found Coach Harder Driving School in St Louis MO and owner Keith Harder, a long-time high school teacher with over 20 years of experience as a driving instructor, which uses newer model cars with passenger side brakes for safety, and for which instructors get thorough background checks with most being certified high school teachers already vetted through the federal government.  

Consumers Report Better Results & Greater Safety with Coach Harder Driving School  

Keith Harder has been teaching driving since 1995 through the high school where he's been a teacher, going on to found Coach Harder Driving School in 2014 using many of the same fellow high school teachers he's been working with for years as instructors.  

The company has a proven reputation for results, and unsurpassed safety regarding its cars and staff. Where other services use older cars with dubious safety, Coach Harder uses late model Kia Souls with a dual brake on the passenger side, and which are well maintained. Keith Harder shares, "We are constantly up to date on engine maintenance and oil. And because cars used by drivers ed students start and stop more than average vehicles, keeping the brakes constantly maintained is our top maintenance priority."  

With other companies, parents are left worried about who is the adult driver taking off alone with their child since there is no state law requiring certification or background checks of instructors.  

In contrast, customers of Coach Harder have the peace of mind knowing that owner Keith Harder is a long time popular high school teacher and athletic coach who uses fellow high school teachers who have passed the federal background checks necessary for a professional educator.  Keith Harder insists on this extra level of assurance for students just as he would want himself, saying, "I have a fourteen year old daughter and I will only have someone on our staff that's met the same standard I'd insist on if it was for her."  

Consumers we heard from back this up, like one named Amy who reported to us, "Regarding Coach Harder, they were a very professional group. I utilized several of their drivers for my son and they were always very honest, courteous, very professional. I have recommended Coach Harder to many of my friends and I'm very confident in telling people how professional and honest they are. I trust Coach Harder with my child. I recommend them to everyone."  

The same level of professionalism that has led to greater safety standards at Coach Harder also means better methods and results, also due in part to the insights and ability to tailor instruction as expected from professional high school teachers.  Keith Harder explains, "If the student is brand new we'll start out in a parking lot where they learn to turn, and recover without overcorrecting. Once they've gained both that skill and the confidence it brings, we get them on the road in an easy first situation meant to give them immediate success.  Then we build from there including busier roads, tighter neighborhoods with tighter turns. More advanced students get more advanced situations like rush hour traffic, construction zones, bicycle traffic and so on. I'm a big believer in getting students to master highway traffic early in the process so they get the ability to travel at highway speeds confidently without being afraid."  

Consumer reports about Coach Harder reflect the success of their methodical and thorough approach, like one from Lane who reported to us, "I am very impressed with Coach Harder. I have two daughters. The 17 year old who took Coach Harder drives way better than my 21 year old who I taught. He has a lot of practical applications, for example going to the airport and navigating through. My 17 year old can pick people up at the airport and my 21 year old cannot. I highly recommend them."  

Unlike most other behind-the-wheel training services for which you have to find a separate company for the classroom work to prepare for the written test, Coach Harder also does the classroom instruction so there's continuity between both portions, and done to the same level of thoroughness and professionalism as the field instruction, leading to an extremely high pass rate among their students.  

This was reflected in consumer reports, like one we received from Lisa who told us, "About Coach Harder, we used him for two of our kids. Our most recent one did such a good job when she went and took her test that the person with the county who tested her asked me who taught her because she's such a good driver. I give his name out all the time to people. He's a very high quality person. I am 100% satisfied."  

Another named Cord reported to us, "In regards to Coach Harder, we sent our daughter and they did a tremendous job. Had her completely prepared for when she took her test. She went in and felt very confident and ended up doing very well on the test. We strongly recommend them."  And Amy who told us, "They pointed out the things that needed to be done to improve his driving to him and to me. They did a very good job preparing him and he passed the exam on the first try."  

St Louis County resident Keith Harder is a husband of 30 years, and father of a teenaged daughter and college age son.  He was teaching math and coaching three sports at the high school when he started teaching driving in 1995 and got his certification in driver's education.  He's popular with students, their parents, and his peers, having been inducted into the Missouri State Coaching Hall of Fame in 2014 in recognition of his years of outstanding service.  As is common to so many long-time athletes, eventual knee surgery has made running difficult but he's still physically active with exercise and table tennis, while he also leads the school's ping pong club and coaches the girl's volleyball team, which currently includes his own daughter.  He and his wife are also active in their local church, and friends cite their respect for him personally, as well as his knowledge and experience, while his students describe him as someone proven to genuinely care about their well-being.  

As someone who's been doing this for decades, why does Keith Harder still show so much dedication and enthusiasm for what he does?  "Getting to see a student improve, getting better to the point they can go out on their own, and knowing you've been a part of that process. When there's that moment the student gets the concept they can do this and feel better and more free, to see them excited to get their license for the first time, and know you were a part of that, you're part of something meaningful."  

And it was consumers who agreed, repeatedly reporting Coach Harder Driving School in St Louis MO and owner Keith Harder as the clear choice for safety and better results, like one named Tim who reported to us, "We had a great experience with Coach Harder. My son took the lessons about a month after he turned 15.  He went on a couple for 90 minutes at a time and they said at the end of that they really felt he was ready to safely go out and begin taking advantage of his permit time. And he drove very confidently over the next ten, eleven months after that training. We were on the highway traveling to Springfield and back, on the highway to Kansas City and back, so he had that kind of confidence on the highway. We took advantage of their opportunity to review just before the test and it really demonstrates the strength of their program that he got 100% on his test. I was just really impressed with our experience and recommend them to anybody."