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November 28, 2020

Custom Kitchenz By Ron

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(516) 764-3311
85 Saratoga Blvd
Island Park, NY 11558
County License #H1737830000; Long Beach Lic. #4243
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce-Island Park
  • CKBR (Certified Kitchen & Bath Remodeler)
  • NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)
  • NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association)

Areas Served: Nassau County incl. Island Park NY, Long Beach NY, Oceanside…
Services: kitchen remodelers, bathroom remodeling

Anyone who's searched through contractors can tell you it seems like there's more bad ones than good ones. Many complaints from consumers involve not getting the quality they were led to believe they would, poor service, unreliability, with budgets and deadlines missed. 

So consider yourself extremely lucky when you find one of the rare good ones, and that's what numerous consumers we heard from said about Nassau County firm Custom Kitchenz by Ron in Island Park NY and owner Ron Wasserman who since 1986 has been earning repeat business and referrals from satisfied Nassau County residents, and accolades from fellow tradesmen as a ten-time winner of the Contractor of the Year Award for the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.  And readers of this Report are getting a free sink with a kitchen or bathroom remodel by calling them now and saying they saw it here.

Previous Customers Insist Custom Kitchenz by Ron in Nassau County Is The One To Hire

When contractors present bids or contracts that are vague, and they aren't communicative throughout the project, it's often because they're hiding from you the fact that you're getting less quality for the money than you think you are. You'll only realize it later and those missed expectations leave you cheated.  Unlike those companies, Custom Kitchenz by Ron and owner Ron Wasserman make it a point to fully communicate so that all your expectations are identified and met. And that starts right from the outset. Ron tells us, "We take the time to find out exactly what the client has in mind and needs the space to do, and then that's reflected in both the estimate and spelled out in the written agreement, so they always know exactly what they're getting. When you do quality work with quality materials, there's no need to hide anything."

And quality work is what consumers we heard from say they got with Ron Wasserman. Like one customer of Custom Kitchenz by Ron named Vince who told us, "I used Ron from Custom Kitchenz by Ron. He built our kitchen which was pretty extravagant when we built the home seven years ago and then he came back and he made it whole again after superstorm Sandy hit. Very professional guy. Stands behind the work. I would highly recommend you using him."

What if you don't know exactly what you want yet? Ron Wasserman provides his three decades of design experience to help you realize the finished product.  Customers we called as research for this article cited their appreciation of both his design skill as well as his easy going nature throughout the process. Like one named Ken who told us, "About Custom Kitchenz by Ron, Ron was absolutely fantastic. He gave us suggestions that made a big difference in the kitchen that we redid. I highly recommend them."  Another customer named Ron V. reported to us, "He's done so many houses in the area and he lives locally that he knew the style for each house. He knew what would look good and wouldn't look good and he had lots of ideas for us. If we disagreed he didn't take offense. He said okay and moved on and did what we wanted. I highly recommend him."

Customers reported to us they especially appreciated that the cabinets from Custom Kitchenz by Ron are custom made, not pre-fabricated. Like the customer Ron V. who went on to tell us, "What I really liked about Ron is he makes the cabinets himself and if there's the need to change something, we don't have to wait six to eight weeks to reorder. That was another reason we went with him."  Ron Wasserman tells us the other advantages of making them custom for each client, saying "Pre-fabricated ones from a factory come made in increments of three inches. If your space doesn't fall exactly in one of those increments, then gap fillers have to be used and people don't like how that looks. By doing them custom, I'm able to alter the height, width, depth, and angle. We can include built in lighting with concealed wiring. We can do custom finishes so that it exactly matches something you already have, like a dining room table.  You can't get that with pre-fabricated, even the ones they try to call semi-custom."

Where contractors are unreliable with missed timelines, create a mess throughout the weeks of the project, and can be difficult to get along with, consumer reports we received said that Custom Kitchenz by Ron does what they say they will, and respects the customer. Like one named Ken who said, "The time frame was exactly as he promised. He showed up on the job to make sure everything was good, and sent fantastic people to do the work. Very cooperative." And customer Ron V. who told us, "His workers are very nice, very knowledgeable, very tidy. They never left a mess. He's very easy to work with. We did make some adjustments and changed our mind a couple of times and he was okay and didn't give us a hard time."

You might think that the higher standards of workmanship and service alike must come with an outrageously high price, but according to consumer reports to us, that's not the case at Custom Kitchenz by Ron. Like with Ron V. who shared, "His price was great. We needed a kitchen and a bathroom done and his price for the kitchen and the bathroom beats other companies for just the kitchen.  And he did a beautiful job."

Nassau County resident Ron Wasserman lives in Island Park NY which has been home for 38 years. He and his wife have raised two children here. His friends describe him as a man who works hard, but who also has a passion for golf. Customers describe his professionalism and attention to detail.  

So it was previous customers who cited to us the Nassau County firm Custom Kitchenz by Ron in Island Park NY as the one proven to meet their expectations for quality rather than hide behind an undetailed bid or contract, who gave excellent service with respect for the customer, and at competitive pricing, in a way that keeps them coming back and recommending him to friends and family. In the words of one consumer named Mark who we heard from in our research, "We use Ron to rebuild our house after the storm. His work is impeccable. We could not think of a better contractor with more care and more follow up. He was totally responsive, totally professional. I've used other contractors. Ron beats them all.  So for bathroom or kitchen renovation, anything you wish, you should hire Ron and Custom Kitchenz. He's really terrific."