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July 29, 2021

Rosa Carpentry & Marine Inc

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(203) 869-7226
427 W Putnam Ave
Greenwich, CT 06830
State License #0533910, WC-27575-H15
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Areas Served: Fairfield County CT incl. Bridgeport CT, Fairfield CT, Stamford CT,…
Services: kitchen remodelers, bathroom remodeling contractors
Key Brands: Amerock Cabinet Hardware, Andersen Windows & Doors, Brooks Custom, CaesarStone…

There's just so many ways that contractors easily take advantage of you, bidding unrealistically low to get the job and then bumping it up later, or keeping it low in a way that costs you more later, like using illegal laborers who make mistakes, using cheap materials that will fail, or not getting permits which leads to penalties for back taxes and prevents you from being able to sell the property, and forcing you to pay all over again to set it right. 

That's why it's critical to find one that's proven to be completely trustworthy; trusted to price honestly, to use quality materials that hold up, trusted to come back later if something needs fixing, and to do everything above board and legally in a way that doesn't get you in trouble.  And that's what customers we heard from said they found in Fairfield County firm Rosa Carpentry & Marine Inc in Greenwich CT which is a third-generation family-run business with local roots and a solid reputation for honesty and quality results.

Rosa Carpentry & Marine in Greenwich CT: Over Four Decades of Proven Value & Quality

Carpenter Steve Rosa runs Rosa Carpentry & Marine Inc and grew up in this company founded by his father in 1969. Today, his own sons Dan Rosa and Chris Rosa make this a third-generation family-run business. Dan Rosa tells us, "My grandfather started the company building nine boats from scratch, which is where the ‘marine' in the company name comes from, and it's been doing carpentry and construction ever since. The fact we're a family business with deep roots in the community definitely makes a difference to our clients because they know they can trust us to work hard to keep our good reputation and family name, and that we'll be here for them if something needs to be fixed."

Customers we contacted as research for this article bear this out, like one named Joan who reported to us, "My opinion about Rosa Carpentry, I wouldn't have any other company come here.  We've been using them for many years. I feel very comfortable with them. They know what they're doing. Rosa Carpentry are excellent people."

Rosa Carpentry & Marine Inc is known for competitive pricing, so if someone bids lower, it's a red flag.  Usually, that seemingly lower bidder is going to push up the price later once they have your business, by getting you to pay for things that were left out of the bid and with change orders. Rarely can they actually do the job for the deceptively low amount but if they can, it's still going to cost you later. One way is by using illegal labor, unskilled and known for making mistakes you won't discover until long after. Another is by not doing the work to code, leading to fines, and without permits which means you'll get hit with years' worth of back property taxes at once, can't sell the property, and will have to pay all over again to bring it up to code. And lastly, using the cheapest materials, like lowest grade lumber that is bent and warped, meaning material failure later and costly repairs for you. 

Unlike those companies, Rosa Carpentry & Marine in Greenwich CT maintains their reputation and honorable family name by doing right by customers. Dan Rosa explains, "We use skilled workers and subcontractors that have proven themselves over the years for work done right. We get the necessary permits for the work so the customer is in complete compliance with the local building code. And we use quality materials that last."  

With so many other companies getting away with cutting corners and cheating the customer in order to increase profits, or to steal jobs by appearing lower cost, why doesn't Rosa Carpentry & Marine play that same game in order to stay competitive?  Dan says, "Our grandfather left us a legacy of a company founded on integrity and craftsmanship, and everything we do must continue to honor that. It's our family name on the business, and that means something to all of us here. While we might lose out occasionally in the short term by being honest, time has proven that doing right by the customer is the way to be competitive in the long term. And over 45 years in business shows that long term is definitely what we're about."

Customers report the same, like one we heard from named Marie who told us, "About Steve Rosa, I've been working with Rosa Carpentry for 30 years. They have done a major addition to my home and their work is outstanding. They do very excellent quality work. So you can have all confidence."

One unique advantage customers get with Rosa Carpentry & Marine in Greenwich CT is the ability to visit their showroom to see the actual fixtures and materials to really know what they're getting and to tailor the project to their budget needs. The showroom has over ten separate displays including vanities and sinks, granite and marble, knobs and handles, molding, stain, paint, and lots of door samples. 

Fairfield County resident Dan Rosa lives in Greenwich CT where he was born and raised. His grandfather came through Ellis Island to Greenwich, then worked to save enough to bring his family over. Today his grandsons in the company Dan and Chris Rosa both play rugby for a New Haven team and enjoy boating in the Sound. Friends say Dan Rosa is one of the hardest working people they know, and long term customers of the family are excited to meet him and show them work done by his father, and grandfather before him.

So in an industry rife with dishonest price quotes and illegal shortcuts, the Fairfield County firm Rosa Carpentry & Marine in Greenwich CT is a safe haven of truthfulness, reliability, and value through quality work that lasts, all that according to customers we contacted for this article.

One named Dudley might have summed it up best when she told us, "About Steve Rosa, I would highly, highly recommend him. I have used him for years, for every project I've ever done in my house. He's professional, competent, and totally trustworthy. He has a key to my house. I would certainly recommend that anyone that's thinking about using him, hire him."