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The Best Electricians in Pinellas County FL Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

Electricians in Pinellas County FL bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are the electrical contractors that have exceeded the minimum Florida regulatory requirement. They are the electricians proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for competency, safety and value, who carry liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them for new electrical in Pinellas County FL, including rewiring, electrical repair, upgrading electrical panels and circuit breaker boxes, to replace aluminum wiring, and commercial electricians.


Updated January 1, 2017

 The TOP 10 Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Pinellas County FL

D'Andrea Electric Contractors
(727) 536-3535
8100 Ulmerton Rd # 1
Largo, FL 33771

Areas Served: Seminole,Pinellas County,Clearwater FL,St Petersburg,Palm Harbor,East Lake FL
Services: electrical repair, residential electricians, commercial electricians, wiring repair

Fuller Electrical Contractor
(813) 814-0999
107 Dunbar Ave # L
Oldsmar, FL 34677

Areas Served: Seminole FL,St Petersburg,Lealman,Pinellas County,Tarpon Springs,East Lake FL
Services: commercial electricians, residential electricians, electrical repair, home wiring

Sunshine Electric of Pinellas
(727) 734-8321
1100 New York Ave
Dunedin, FL 34698

Areas Served: Pinellas County,Seminole FL,St Petersburg,Lealman,Clearwater,Tarpon Springs,Largo
Services: electrical contractors, electrical repairs, ceiling fan installers, attic fans

PHM Electric
(727) 545-7978
7250 61st St N
Pinellas Park, FL 33781

Areas Served: Pinellas County,Boca Ciega,St Petersburg,Palm Harbor,Dunedin,Clearwater Florida
Services: electrical for new construction, electrical repair, residential & commercial

Electric Connection Inc
(727) 821-7800
2027 2nd Ave S
St Petersburg, FL 33712

Areas Served: Pinellas Park,Clearwater,Largo FL,Pinellas County,St Petersburg,Boca Ciega,Seminole
Services: all electrical repairs & installations, wiring rewiring,circuit breakers,attic fans

All Pinellas Electric Inc
(727) 546-0099
7000 Bryan Dairy Rd # A8
Largo, FL 33777

Areas Served: Pinellas County,St Petersburg FL,Clearwater FL,Largo FL,Boca Ciega,Palm Harbor,
Services: circuit breakers, ceiling fans, attic fans, wiring repair, rewiring, electricians

Boss Electric
(727) 791-1308
973 Virginia Ave # 8
Palm Harbor, FL 34683

Areas Served: East Lake FL,St Petersburg,Pinellas County,Largo FL,Palm Harbor,Clearwater,Gulfport
Services: electrical contractors & electricians for home wiring & rewiring, electrical repairs

The Best Electricians in Pinellas County FL Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire 

The state of Florida requires that electricians in Pinellas County FL be licensed by the state, which requires a minimum amount of experience and passing a proficiency exam.

But the state license is no guarantee that any particular residential or commercial electrical contractor in Pinellas County FL is doing business ethically, delivering value, or satisfying their customers.

This makes it all the more significant that all residential or commercial electricians in Pinellas County FL who bear The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, good complaint record, verified state license, verified liablity and workers comp insurance for your protection, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more.

Electricians in Pinellas County FL Perform Numerous Services
To be a licensed electrical contractor, one must be proficient in a number of tasks, but because the industry is so expansive, good electricians often specialize. So a given electrician in Pinellas County FL may have years of experience, but they still may not be the best fit for your specific wiring repair or electrical repair project.  Residential electricans can fix or install circuit breakers, dryers, paddle fans, attic fans, oven circuits, ceiling fans and do home rewiring. Commercial electricans in Pinellas County FL can install commercial lighting for parking areas, underground commercial electrical work including retrofitting, retail and commercial electrical inspection and testing, backup generators and other backup power systems.

Some electricians in Pinellas County FL often have lighting design experience, which they can apply to install track lighting, recessed lighting, and lighting control systems.

Electricians that have electrical engineering certification can install 3 phase motor controls, U.L. listed motor controls, wiring for code UBC, and underground/T.I. wiring.  


Electricians in Pinellas County FL Regularly Carry Required Components
The best electricians in Pinellas County FL perform a variety of electrical repair and electrical services for your home, and often arrive at your door prepared with the necessary test and measurement equipment and replacement parts. Depending on the purpose of the visit, good electrical contractors will be armed with gas/leak detectors and analyzers, wire and breaker tracers, safety switches, and other testing products to restore your power or remediate any safety concerns.

In order to avoid billable repeat visits, conscientious electricians will carry replacement wire, cable, fuses, fittings, connectors and conduits. With the necessary equipment, they can repair fans and thermostats, and perform disconnects or power restorations from your circuit breaker panel. Many of the best electricians can service your light fixtures as well, installing dimmers and bulbs to optimize your home lighting or reduce unnecessary electrical drains. Most of the good electricians in Pinellas County FL are trained in CAD and certified for home wiring repairs, so you can trust that, based on the information you've given them, they can capably resolve your electrical problems.


Some Electricians in Pinellas County FL Are A Much Better Value than Others

The Prime Buyer's Report lists these electricians in Pinellas County FL: Electric Connection Inc, D'Andrea Electric Contractors, All Pinellas Electric Inc, PHM Electric, Fuller Electrical Contractor, Boss Electric, Sunshine Electric of Pinellas, Huettig Electric Inc, Palm Harbor Electric Co. Other electricians in Pinellas County FL who might still be in business include: .




Ask These Questions of Electricians in Pinellas County FL 

When it comes to electrical repair, rewiring and other electrical work ask these questions of electrical contractors in Pinellas County FL about their abilities, experience, and credentials.

• How long have the electrical contractors been doing electrical contracting, electrical repair or home rewiring in Pinellas County FL?

• How many electrical repair jobs or home wiring jobs have the electricians completed in Pinellas County FL?

• Can the electricians provide references for past electrical contracting jobs? (All electricians bearing the Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already had their customer references called by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• What will the electrical contractors' timing be on bidding and completing home wiring or wiring repair? 

• Can they prove that all their employees sent to your property are legal to work in the U.S.? (All electrical contractors bearing The Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have already signed an agreement to only hire documented workers.)

• Do the electrical contractors carry workers' compensation and liability insurance to protect you in the event of an accident or mistake? (All electrical contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report - TOP 10 symbol have alreadyhad proof of insurance verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• Will the electricians provide a written estimate of the electrical work?

• Will permits be needed? If so, will the electricians be responsible for getting them?

• Does the owner of the electrical service accompany his electricians on the job?

• What kind of warranties & guarantees do the electrical contractors offer and what do the warranties cover?

• Will the electrical contractors provide a written contract?

• Do they charge by the hour (Time & Materials) or by the job (Flat Rate)?

• Do they expect your job to be completed in a single visit?

• Will you have electrical power while the electrical contractors work?

When you've chosen the most suitable electrician in Pinellas County FL for your specific needs, make sure they are licensed by the state as electrical contractors. (All electrcians bearing the Prime Buyer's Report -TOP 10 symbol have already had their license verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)



Resources About Electricians in Pinellas County FL 

Associations & Licensing for Electrical Contractors
BBB Better Business Bureau
EGIA Electric and Gas Industries Association
FAEC Florida Association of Electrical Contractors
FEA Florida Electrical Association
FEAA Florida Elecrical Apprenticeship Association
FEC Federated Electrical Contractors
FECA Florida Electric Cooperatives Association
FMEA Florida Municipal Electric Association
IAEI International Association of Electrical Inspectors
IEC Florida
IECI Independent Electrical Contractors Association
NECA National Electrical Contractors Association
WECA Western Electrical Contractors Association

Web & Media Resources About Electricians
Cabling Contractor Magazine
Electrical Construction & Maintenance Magazine
Electrical Contracting Products
Electrical Contractor Magazine
Electrical and Mechanical Contractor Magazine
Electric Light and Power Magazine
Engineering News
Utility Automation and Engineering and T&D

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Electricians in Pinellas County FL within the following zip codes:

33767, 33733, 33706, 33734, 33736, 33782, 33757, 33781, 33772, 33742, 33710, 33786, 33732, 33716, 34681, 33741, 33762, 33775, 33744, 33738, 33770, 33773, 34698, 33785, 33758, 33765, 34695, 33756, 33743, 33778, 33761, 33711, 34677, 33709, 33714, 33702, 33713, 33784, 34685, 34690, 33763, 33712, 33776, 33774, 33707, 33777, 33771, 34691, 33708, 33701, 33779, 34688, 33759, 33715, 33755, 33705, 33764, 33704, 34660, 33760, 34684, 33780, 34683, 34689, 34682, 33766, 33703, 33731 and 34697

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Electrical Contractors in Pinellas County FL within the following cities:

Seminole, Safety Harbor, East Lake, West Lealman, Palm Harbor, Madeira Beach, Bardmoor, St Petersburg, South Highpoint, Largo, Pinellas Park, Indian Rocks Beach, Gulfport, Lealman, Tarpon Springs, St Pete Beach, Oldsmar, Kenneth City, Clearwater, Treasure Island, Boca Ciega and Dunedin

Electricians Clearwater FL

A Randys Electricians Clearwater FL 33742-4577
Above Electric Clearwater FL 33759-1905
APG Electricians Clearwater FL 33762-3822
Bayside Electric Service Clearwater FL 33755-6417
Beta Electrical Contractors Clearwater FL 33764-2468
Brico Electricians Clearwater FL 33755-4526
Calvin S Robinson Electrical Contractors Clearwater FL 33764-6611
Dunedin Electricians Clearwater FL 33763-0921
E Star Electricians Clearwater FL 33762-3815
Fla Electricians Clearwater FL 33765-1908
Florida Electrical Service Clearwater FL 33762-4937
Florida Technical Service Electricians Clearwater FL 33756-5719
Foster Electrical Contractors Clearwater FL 33764-7005
Gabriel Electricians Clearwater FL 33755-4913
Gulfcoast Lighting Maintenance Clearwater FL 33765-1263
H&D Electrical Maintenance & Service Electricians Clearwater FL 33756-5741
Hobbs Electricians Clearwater FL 33758-5144
Holloway Electricians Clearwater FL 33756-1712
Imperial Electric Service Clearwater FL 33758-5794
Kenneth Anderson Jr Electrical Contractor Clearwater FL 33763-2237
MC Dean Electricians Clearwater FL 33756-5719
Montgomery Electrical Service Clearwater FL 33755-2936
P&L Electricians Clearwater FL 33762-4436
Palm Harbor Electrical Contractors Clearwater FL 33763-0921
Pinellas County Electricians Clearwater FL 33764
R&R Electrical Contractors Clearwater FL 33756-6101
Southern Industrial Electric Clearwater FL 33765-2616
Switch Electricians Clearwater FL 33755-5341
Theta Electricians Clearwater FL 33765-2359
United Electricians Clearwater FL 33765-1204
Vozzcom Electricians West Florida Clearwater FL 33762-3737


Electricians Dunedin FL

Folk Daniel Electrical Contractors Dunedin FL 34698-2527
Huettig Electricians Dunedin FL 34698-5792
JWH & Associates Electricians Dunedin FL 34698-2819
Mr Sparky Electricians Dunedin FL 34698-7634
Perfection Electricians Dunedin FL 34698-2532
Sunshine Electricians of Pinellas Dunedin FL 34698-5126
Tardif Electricians Dunedin FL 34698-5620
Target Electrical Contractors Dunedin FL 34698-2214
Zaggia Electrical Contractors Dunedin FL 34698-7209


Electricians Indian Rocks Beach FL

Hollis Electricians Indian Rocks Beach FL 33785-2854


Electricians Largo FL

A American Electrical Contractors Largo FL 33773-1302
All Pinellas Electricians Largo FL 33777-1611
Botta Electrical Contractors Largo FL 33770-1641
Canduit Electricians Largo FL 33771-3868
Curt's Electricians Largo FL 33771-6404
D'Andrea Electric Contractors Largo FL 33771-3992
Digger 1 Electricians Largo FL 33773-3608
Durkee's Precision Electricians Largo FL 33773-1402
ES Electricians Largo FL 33770-2235
Electrical Construction & Commercial Electricians Largo FL 33773-3732
Jim Kenney Electricians Largo FL 33774-2428
Laughlen Electricians Largo FL 33774-4129
Lehmkuhl Electricians Largo FL 33773-4105
Live Wire Electrical Contractors Largo FL 33773-3701
Maderia Beach Electricians Largo FL 33774-4349
Merit Electrical Contractors Largo FL 33779-1292
Morgan & Burt Electrical Contractors Largo FL 33773-2708


Electricians Maderia Beach FL

Madeira Beach Electricians Madeira Beach FL 33708-3111


Electricians Oldsmar FL

East Lake Electricians Oldsmar FL 34677-5504
Electrical Contractor Service Oldsmar FL 34677-3307
Falcon Electricians Oldsmar FL 34677-4905
Fuller Electrical Contractors Oldsmar FL 34677-2978
Kenco Electrical Service Oldsmar FL 34677-4507
Pelican Electrical Contractors Oldsmar FL 34677-2946
T Mickey McGee Electricians Oldsmar FL 34677-4653


Electricians Palm Harbor FL

Boss Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-5236
Buell Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34685-2427
Citizens Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34684-1214
Ferguson Cabling Palm Harbor FL 34683-5224
Full Service Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-4532
Gene's Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-4800
Harding Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-1922
Micrometer Ozona Systems Palm Harbor FL 34683-5219
RH Ellis Electrical Contractors Palm Harbor FL 34683-4824
Reeser Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-5122
TCD Electricians Palm Harbor FL 34683-6015


Electricians Pinellas Park FL

Allen Electrical Service Pinellas Park FL 33781-5240
Blackfoot Electrical Contractors Pinellas Park FL 33781-3610
Blackwelder & Associates Electricians Pinellas Park FL 33781-6197
KC Electricians Pinellas Park FL 33781-4532
Paul's Electric Service Pinellas Park FL 33781-6210
PHM Electricians Pinellas Park FL 33781-4119


Electricians Safety Harbor FL

Arc & Spark Electricians Safety Harbor FL 34695-2101
Three Phase CE US Safety Harbor FL 34695-5401


Electricians Seminole FL

Burton Electricians Seminole FL 33772-3531
Gene Przetocki Electrician Seminole FL 33772-4006
RA Wahrenberger Electricians Seminole FL 33772-6829
Rainbow Electrical Contractors Seminole FL 33775-3784
Robert S Stillwell Electrician Seminole FL 33776-3103
Wizard Electrical Contractors Seminole FL 33772-6922


Electricians St Pete Beach FL

CVI Electricians St Pete Beach FL 33706-2710


Electricians St Petersburg FL

AC Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33710-7637
AAA Beacon Electricians St Petersburg FL 33709-3728
Action Plus Electricians St Petersburg FL 33736-7325
All Systems Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33716-3821
Aron Electricians St Petersburg FL 33713-4942
Austin Electricians St Petersburg FL 33710-2005
B&B Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33709-1215
BC Electricians St Petersburg FL 33713-2738
Borrell Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33701-4500
Bruce Alistair Electrician St Petersburg FL 33710-4226
Charles M Gibson Electrical Contractor St Petersburg FL 33710-4330
Collins Electrical Contractor St Petersburg FL 33743-0974
Comdesign Infrastructure Solutions St Petersburg FL 33716-4216
Commercial Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33712-1206
E Star Electricians St Petersburg FL 33711-1742
EHS Electricians St Petersburg FL 33708-3102
Electric Connection Electricians St Petersburg FL 33712-1207
Gerald Melton Electrician St Petersburg FL 33708-4704
Greene Electrical Contractor St Petersburg FL 33709-1932
Gulfcoast Electric & Lighting St Petersburg FL 33703-3335
J&K Electricians St Petersburg FL 33713-4912
J&L Sanchez Electricians St Petersburg FL 33707-2339
Keeley Electricians St Petersburg FL 33738-6323
Klein Electricians St Petersburg FL 33708-3636
Knight's Electricians St Petersburg FL 33708-3741
Kopper Electricians St Petersburg FL 33716-1820
Lowry Electricians St Petersburg FL 33713-4938
Mitton Electricians St Petersburg FL 33709-4550
Odin Engineering Electricians St Petersburg FL 33710-6152
Power Design Electricians St Petersburg FL 33716-2320
RG Estes Electrical Contractors St Petersburg FL 33710-3239
Skan Electrical Service St Petersburg FL 33703-5118
Suncoast Electricians St Petersburg FL 33710-2992
JS Troup Electricians St Petersburg FL 33738-8453
Wagner Electricians St Petersburg FL 33713-4233


Electricians Tarpon Springs FL

ATA Electrical Contractors Tarpon Springs FL 34690-4310
Conserve Electricians Tarpon Springs FL 34689-6762
Delta Electric of Tarpon Springs Tarpon Springs FL 34689-2266
Electric Inc Tarpon Springs FL 34689-4857
Euro Lights & Electric Group Tarpon Springs FL 34689-3987
Mike's Electric Tarpon Springs FL 34689-2339
Peter Lontakos Electrical Contractors Tarpon Springs FL 34689-4371
Progressive Electrical Contractors Tarpon Springs FL 34689-4857
Sam's Electrical Contractors Tarpon Springs FL 34682-1448
United Electricians Tarpon Springs FL 34689-2906


Electricians Treasure Island FL

H&H Electrical Contractors Treasure Island FL 33706-4716
Harrell Electricians Treasure Island FL 33706-4716
Osborne Electric Inspections Treasure Island FL 33706-4716





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Ask These Questions of Electricians in Pinellas County FL

Ask these questions when evaluating electrical contractors in Pinellas County FL. more »



Resources About Electricians in Pinellas County FL

The following is a list of publications, regulatory agencies, and trade associations related to electricians in Pinellas County FL.more »



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