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August 9, 2022
A tree trimming arborist uses a chainsaw and a bucket truck to trim and prune dead tree branches as part of tree care and tree removal services.

Resources About Tree Services in Albany County NY

The following are trade associations, licensing agencies and publications regarding tree care in Albany County NY.

The TOP 10 Tree Care Services in Albany County NY

The TOP 10 Tree Care Services in Albany County NY

Davey Tree Expert Co

  • Davey Tree Expert Co Profile
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(518) 783-7363
PO Box 303
Latham, NY 12110

Areas Served: Bethlehem NY, Albany NY, Colonie NY, Watervliet NY, Cohoes NY,…
Services: tree bracing, tree care, tree shaping, tree pruning, tree topping,…

United Tree Service Inc

  • United Tree Service Inc Profile
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(518) 439-7403
35 Bittersweet Ln
Slingerlands, NY 12159

Areas Served: Albany County incl. Albany NY, Colonie NY, Guilderland NY, Bethlehem…
Services: local tree care company for tree bracing, tree pruning, tree…

Anjoe Tree Service

  • Anjoe Tree Service Profile
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(518) 482-5773
11 Everett Rd
Albany, NY 12205

Areas Served: New Scotland NY, Bethlehem NY, Albany NY, Cohoes NY, Guilderland…
Services: local tree services for all tree care incl. pruning, shaping,…

Albany Tree Service

  • Albany Tree Service Profile
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  • Albany Tree Service Offers
(518) 432-5992
31 Bethwood Dr
Loudonville, NY 12211

Areas Served: Colonie NY, Bethlehem NY, Albany NY, Guilderland NY, Cohoes NY,…
Services: tree care, tree surgery, tree trimming, stump removal, stump grinding

Careful Tree Surgery

  • Careful Tree Surgery Profile
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(518) 465-9472
31 Bethwood Dr
Loudonville, NY 12211

Areas Served: Albany NY, Guilderland NY, Colonie NY, Cohoes NY, Bethlehem NY,…
Services: tree services & tree care incl. pruning, trimming, topping, shaping

Resources About Tree Services in Albany County NY

The following are associations and licensing bodies for tree service companies in Albany County.

AFPO American Forest and Paper Organization (
ASCA American Society of Consulting Arborists (
BBB Better Business Bureau (
EPA Environmental Protection Agency (
INFC International Network of Forests and Communities (
ISA International Society of Arboriculture (
NTT National Tree Trust (
NRCS Natural Resources Conservation Service (
TCIA Tree Care Industry Association (