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December 8, 2019
Healthy woman working out at a local health club and gym, lifting weights and working out.

The Best Health Clubs in Brevard County FL Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With

Health clubs in Brevard County FL bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those fitness centers that have exceeded the minimum Florida regulatory standard. They are the ones proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and safety, and for whom our staff has called previous members to verify high satisfaction with them has health clubs or fitness studios in Brevard County FL, including for weight training, pilates, spinning classes, nautilus machines, aerobics, and more.


The TOP 10 Health Clubs & Fitness Studios in Brevard County FL

Pro-Health & Fitness Center

  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Profile
  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Scorecard
  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Reviews
  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Photos
  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Brands
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  • Pro-Health & Fitness Center Offers
(321) 434-7149
611 E Sheridan Rd
Melbourne, FL 32901

Areas Served: Viera East FL, Palm Bay FL, West Melbourne FL, Merritt…
Services: fitness club for fitness training, weight lifting, aerobic workout

Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness Profile
  • Planet Fitness Scorecard
  • Planet Fitness Reviews
  • Planet Fitness Photos
  • Planet Fitness Brands
  • Planet Fitness Articles
  • Planet Fitness Offers
(321) 242-7900
840 N Apollo Blvd
Melbourne, FL 32935

Areas Served: Melbourne FL, Brevard County FL, Merritt Island FL, Titusville FL,…
Services: fitness programs, pilates, dance fitness, women’s fitness classes

Parrish Health & Fitness Center

  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Profile
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Scorecard
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Reviews
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Photos
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Brands
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Articles
  • Parrish Health & Fitness Center Offers
(321) 268-6200
2210 Cheney Hwy
Titusville, FL 32780

Areas Served: Palm Bay Florida, Brevard County, Titusville FL, Melbourne FL, Melbourne…
Services: health club incl. children’s fitness, women’s fitness, aerobic workouts

Elite Fitness Center Inc

  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Profile
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Scorecard
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Reviews
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Photos
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Brands
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Articles
  • Elite Fitness Center Inc Offers
(321) 952-1121
280 Corporate Way SE
Palm Bay, FL 32909

Areas Served: Brevard County FL, Palm Bay FL, Melbourne FL, Titusville FL,…
Services: health club with free weight lifting, nautilus, pilates, women’s fitness…

In 2 Fitness

  • In 2 Fitness Profile
  • In 2 Fitness Scorecard
  • In 2 Fitness Reviews
  • In 2 Fitness Photos
  • In 2 Fitness Brands
  • In 2 Fitness Articles
  • In 2 Fitness Offers
(321) 676-1002
580 Malabar Rd SE
Palm Bay, FL 32907

Areas Served: Merritt Island FL, Brevard County, Cocoa Beach FL, Palm Bay…
Services: local gym with freeweights, spin classes, yoga classes, fitness training

Maximum Fitness Clubs

  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Profile
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Scorecard
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Reviews
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Photos
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Brands
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Articles
  • Maximum Fitness Clubs Offers
(321) 951-3707
4850 Stack Blvd # F1
Melbourne, FL 32901

Areas Served: Port St John FL, Brevard County, West Melbourne FL, Merritt…
Services: athletic club, seniors fitness, women’s fitness, pilates, aerobics

Shape Shifters Fitness LLC

  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Profile
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Scorecard
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Reviews
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Photos
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Brands
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Articles
  • Shape Shifters Fitness LLC Offers
(321) 724-0021
4195 W New Haven Ave
West Melbourne, FL 32904

Areas Served: Palm Bay FL, Brevard County FL, Cocoa Beach FL, Palm…
Services: fitness studio for fitness classes, pilates, aerobics, spinning classes

Coco Beach Health & Fitness

  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Profile
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Scorecard
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Reviews
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Photos
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Brands
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Articles
  • Coco Beach Health & Fitness Offers
(321) 613-2969
1355 N Atlantic Ave
Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Areas Served: Melbourne FL, Palm Bay Florida, Brevard County, Rockledge FL, Titusville,…
Services: fitness center for aerobics, free weight lifting, Nautilus, cardio

Jenny’s Fitness LLC

  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Profile
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Scorecard
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Reviews
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Photos
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Brands
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Articles
  • Jenny's Fitness LLC Offers
(321) 752-3844
4865 N Wickham Rd
Melbourne, FL 32940

Areas Served: Brevard County, Cocoa FL, Melbourne Florida, Palm Bay FL, Titusville…
Services: health club for exercise & fitness programs, aerobic kick boxing,…

The Best Health Clubs in Brevard County FL Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With

Health clubs and fitness centers in Brevard County FL must be registered with the state of Florida as Health Studios as protection for you the consumer, which requires the posting of a security bond if they collect membership fees more than 30 days in advance.

Fitness centers in Brevard County FL are not required by the State to have liability insurance to cover injuries due to error or negligence; however, all health clubs bearing The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have that liabillity insurance coverage for your protection, in addition to passing all other requirements for certification as Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 such as our survey phone calls to their previous members to verify high satisfaction, verified registration, sufficient time in business, good complaint record, and more.