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May 16, 2021
The TOP 10 Tree Care Services in Nashville TN

The TOP 10 Tree Care Services in Nashville TN

Butler Tree Service Inc

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(615) 868-9866
109 Woodruff St
Madison, TN 37115

Areas Served: Forest Hills TN, Goodlettsville TN, Bellevue TN, Nashville TN, Davidson…
Services: tree trimming, pruning, topping, shaping, tree relocation, tree removal, tree…

Queen’s Tree Surgery Inc

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(615) 254-6669
625 Hamilton Ave
Nashville, TN 37203

Areas Served: Davidson County TN, Bellevue Tenn, Nashville TN, Forest Hills TN,…
Services: local tree services for all tree care incl. pruning, shaping,…

Dixie Tree Service

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(615) 557-3877
2714 Westwood Dr
Nashville, TN 37204

Areas Served: Davidson County Tenn, Goodlettsville TN, Bellevue TN, Nashville Tenn, Oak…
Services: tree bracing, tree care, tree shaping, tree pruning, tree topping,…

Ellis Tree Care Inc

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(615) 350-8100
7259 Centennial Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209

Areas Served: Nashville Tennessee, Davidson County, Bellevue TN, Forest Hills TN, Goodlettsville…
Services: tree care contractors for all tree care & tree services…

Parke Co

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(615) 350-6033
7110 Cockrill Bend Blvd
Nashville, TN 37209

Areas Served: Davidson County, Nashville Tennessee, Goodlettsville TN, Bellevue TN, Forest Hills…
Services: tree services, tree pests, tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming,…

Arbor Art Tree Service

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(615) 733-1691
808 Heathcote Ave
Nashville, TN 37210

Areas Served: Bellevue TN, Oak Hill TN, Nashville TN, Goodlettsville TN, Davidson…
Services: tree care services incl. tree pruning, tree trimming, tree moving,…

Quality Tree Surgery Inc

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(615) 833-6638
515 Tanksley Ave
Nashville, TN 37211

Areas Served: Davidson County TN, Goodlettsville TN, Nashville TN, Goodlettsville TN, Bellevue…
Services: tree transplantation, tree bracing, tree shaping, tree topping, tree pruning,…