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October 17, 2021
The TOP 10 Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Colorado Springs CO

The TOP 10 Electrical Contractors & Electricians in Colorado Springs CO

Supercharged Electric Inc

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(719) 439-1687
6936 Fountain Ridge Cir
Fountain, CO 80817

Areas Served: Cimarron Hills CO, El Paso County, Colorado Springs CO, Cimarron…
Services: electricians for wiring repair, circuit breakers, attic fans, ceiling fans,…

Green Electric Inc

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(719) 630-3352
637 Winters Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

Areas Served: El Paso County, Falcon CO, Fort Carson CO, Cimarron Hills…
Services: circuit breakers, ceiling fans, attic fans, wiring repair, rewiring, electricians

D&J Quality Electric

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(719) 495-4321
7425 Adventure Way
Colorado Springs, CO 80923

Areas Served: Colorado Springs, El Paso County CO, Security-Widefield CO, Cimarron Hills,…
Services: electrical for new construction, electrical repair, residential & commercial

El Paso Electric

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(719) 574-1106
5465 Wagon Master Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80917

Areas Served: Security-Widefield CO, El Paso County CO, Cimarron Hills CO, Colorado…
Services: electrical repair, residential electricians, commercial electricians, wiring repair

Positive Electric LLC

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(719) 532-1799
685 Popes Valley Dr
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Areas Served: Falcon CO, El Paso County, Cimarron Hills CO, Security-Widefield CO,…
Services: electrical contractors, electrical repairs, ceiling fan installers, attic fans

Matrix Electric Inc

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(719) 282-2965
8570 Criterion Dr # 190
Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Areas Served: Black Forest CO, El Paso County, Fort Carson CO, Colorado…
Services: local electricians for breaker tracers, safety swtiches, new construction wiring

Lenz Electric Inc

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(719) 683-4866
3514 E Saint Vrain St # A
Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Areas Served: El Paso County CO, Fountain CO, Security-Widefield CO, Colorado Springs…
Services: electrical repairs, electrical services, home wiring repair & rewiring

Ross Electric

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(719) 495-4003
746 Babcock Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80915

Areas Served: Black Forest, Fort Carson, Cimarron Hills, Fountain, Security-Widefield, Colorado Springs
Services: local electrical contractors, motor controls, commercial & residential electricians