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December 10, 2023
The TOP 10 Water Filtration & Water Treatment Companies in Houston TX

The TOP 10 Water Filtration & Water Treatment Companies in Houston TX

Siemens Industry Inc

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(281) 227-2866
5175 World Houston Pkwy # 150
Houston, TX 77032

Areas Served: Harris County, Bridgeland Community TX, Houston TX, Channelview TX, Pasadena…
Services: water conditioning, sterilization, distillation, deionization, ion exhange, filtration

Culligan Water Conditioning

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(281) 763-7239
5450 Guhn Rd
Houston, TX 77040

Areas Served: Houston TX, Pasadena Texas, Harris County TX, Baytown TX, Spring…
Services: in home water treatment systems, water filters, water softeners, water…

Mueller Water Conditioning Inc

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(713) 467-3226
1500 Sherwood Forest St
Houston, TX 77043

Areas Served: Cypress Texas, Harris County, Alief TX, Pasadena TX, Houston TX,…
Services: water purification systems, water treatment, water softeners, water filtration

Hydrotreat Inc

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(713) 434-9400
12311 Amelia Dr
Houston, TX 77045

Areas Served: Houston Texas, Harris County, La Porte TX, Houston TX, Channelview…
Services: water filters, water purification, water treatment systems, water softeners

Aqua Process Inc

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(713) 413-1216
125 Southbelt Industrial Dr
Houston, TX 77047

Areas Served: Baytown Texas, Harris County, Bridgeland Community, Houston TX, Cypress TX,…
Services: water softening, water treatment, water conditioners, distillers, water purifiers

Alklean Industries Inc

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(281) 479-5966
2111 Catalina Dr
Pasadena, TX 77503

Areas Served: Harris County TX, Cypress TX, Pasadena TX, Alief TX, Houston…
Services: water treatment services incl. reverse osmosis, ultraviolet water treatment