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June 19, 2021
Health club members encourage each other as they use the stationary bicycles as part of their fitness club workout.

The Best Health Clubs in Louisville KY Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With

Health clubs in Louisville KY bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those fitness centers proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and reliability, and for whom our staff has called previous members to verify high satisfaction with them has health clubs or fitness studios in Louisville KY, including for weight training, pilates, spinning classes, indoor cycle studios, crossfit, Zumba, hot yoga, SoulCycle, kettlebell workouts, nautilus machines, aerobics, and more.


The TOP 10 Health Clubs & Fitness Studios in Louisville KY

The TOP 10 Health Clubs & Fitness Studios in Louisville KY

Fitness On Frankfort

  • Fitness On Frankfort Profile
  • Fitness On Frankfort Scorecard
  • Fitness On Frankfort Reviews
  • Fitness On Frankfort Photos
  • Fitness On Frankfort Brands
  • Fitness On Frankfort Articles
  • Fitness On Frankfort Offers
(502) 895-4321
2726 Frankfort Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Areas Served: Louisville KY, Jefferson County KY, Newburg KY, Jeffersontown Kentucky, Shively…
Services: fitness club for fitness training, weight lifting, aerobic workout

Urban Active Fitness

  • Urban Active Fitness Profile
  • Urban Active Fitness Scorecard
  • Urban Active Fitness Reviews
  • Urban Active Fitness Photos
  • Urban Active Fitness Brands
  • Urban Active Fitness Articles
  • Urban Active Fitness Offers
(502) 894-9911
4900 Shelbyville Rd
Louisville, KY 40207

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Louisville KY, Fern Creek KY, Valley Station…
Services: local fitness center for fitness training, women’s fitness, dance fitness

Planet Fitness

  • Planet Fitness Profile
  • Planet Fitness Scorecard
  • Planet Fitness Reviews
  • Planet Fitness Photos
  • Planet Fitness Brands
  • Planet Fitness Articles
  • Planet Fitness Offers
(502) 964-7555
7450 Jefferson Blvd
Louisville, KY 40219

Areas Served: Jefferson County Kentucky, Louisville KY, Highview KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg…
Services: health club memberships for fitness programs, aerobics, nautilus machines, spinning

Fitness Factory

  • Fitness Factory Profile
  • Fitness Factory Scorecard
  • Fitness Factory Reviews
  • Fitness Factory Photos
  • Fitness Factory Brands
  • Fitness Factory Articles
  • Fitness Factory Offers
(502) 456-1577
3099 Breckenridge Ln # 100
Louisville, KY 40220

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Jeffersontown KY, Louisville Kentucky, Fern Creek KY,…
Services: local gym with freeweights, spin classes, yoga classes, fitness training

Hester’s Family Fitness

  • Hester's Family Fitness Profile
  • Hester's Family Fitness Scorecard
  • Hester's Family Fitness Reviews
  • Hester's Family Fitness Photos
  • Hester's Family Fitness Brands
  • Hester's Family Fitness Articles
  • Hester's Family Fitness Offers
(502) 955-9009
4300 E Blue Lick Rd
Louisville, KY 40229

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Valley Station KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg KY, Okolona…
Services: health club incl. children’s fitness, women’s fitness, aerobic workouts

Louisville Athletic Club

  • Louisville Athletic Club Profile
  • Louisville Athletic Club Scorecard
  • Louisville Athletic Club Reviews
  • Louisville Athletic Club Photos
  • Louisville Athletic Club Brands
  • Louisville Athletic Club Articles
  • Louisville Athletic Club Offers
(502) 412-4522
9451 Westport Rd # 129
Louisville, KY 40241

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Newburg KY, Jeffersontown KY, Valley Station KY, Lyndon…
Services: fitness programs, pilates, dance fitness, women’s fitness classes

The Best Health Clubs in Louisville KY Are the Ones Verified As Safe To Spend With