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July 5, 2022
The TOP 10 Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Brokers in Louisville KY

The TOP 10 Real Estate Agents & Real Estate Brokers in Louisville KY

Bass Co Realtors

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(502) 456-6000
2808 Taylorsville Rd
Louisville, KY 40205

Areas Served: Louisville KY, Jefferson County KY, Newburg KY, Jeffersontown Kentucky, Shively…
Services: real estate listings including homes for sale, residential & commercial…

Semonin Realtors

  • Semonin Realtors Profile
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(502) 329-5358
31 Lake Ave
Louisville, KY 40206

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Jeffersontown KY, Louisville Kentucky, Fern Creek KY,…
Services: local real estate agents, residential real estate, commercial real estate

Bridgers Real Estate

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(502) 897-2023
3 Woodlea Ln
Louisville, KY 40207

Areas Served: Jefferson County Kentucky, Louisville KY, Highview KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg…
Services: bank owned real estate, short sales, REOs, standard sales

Jeb Real Estate

  • Jeb Real Estate Profile
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  • Jeb Real Estate Offers
(502) 361-0925
2101 Cardinal Woods Dr # 111
Louisville, KY 40214

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Louisville Kentucky, Jeffersontown KY, Valley Station KY,…
Services: local real estate agency for home sales, home listings

Southeast Realtors

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(502) 447-6200
4125 Dixie Hwy
Louisville, KY 40216

Areas Served: Jefferson County KY, Louisville KY, Fern Creek KY, Valley Station…
Services: homes for sale incl. equity seller, foreclosures, REO (real estate…

Evergreen Real Estate

  • Evergreen Real Estate Profile
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  • Evergreen Real Estate Offers
(502) 253-4400
11411 Park Rd
Louisville, KY 40223

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Valley Station KY, Jeffersontown KY, Newburg KY, Okolona…
Services: real estate agents for real estate sales incl. local home…

Louisville Home Store Realtors

  • Louisville Home Store Realtors Profile
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(502) 412-8250
10602 Timberwood Cir # 9
Louisville, KY 40223

Areas Served: Jeffersontown Kentucky, Louisville KY, Jefferson County, Valley Station KY, Fern…
Services: residential real estate sales, short sales, bank owned homes, REOs

Bluegrass Real Estate Pro

  • Bluegrass Real Estate Pro Profile
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(502) 239-2500
7906 Beulah Church Rd
Louisville, KY 40228

Areas Served: Newburg KY, Jefferson County KY, Newburg KY, Louisville Kentucky, Jeffersontown…
Services: realtors for residential real estate sales, commercial real estate listings

Keene Co Realtors

  • Keene Co Realtors Profile
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(502) 271-1150
3911 Baymeadow Dr
Louisville, KY 40258

Areas Served: Louisville Kentucky, Newburg KY, Jeffersontown KY, Valley Station KY, Lyndon…
Services: realtors for home sales, commercial real estate sales