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November 30, 2020
A homeowner walks across new laminate hardwood flooring she purchased from a local new flooring store.

The Best Carpet & Flooring Stores in Madison County IL Are the Ones Proven Safe To Spend With

Carpet and flooring stores in Madison County IL bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those flooring dealers proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for value and honesty, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with the value received for the sale of new flooring and carpet in Madison County IL, including linoleum, vinyl flooring, oriental rugs, and more.


The TOP 10 Carpet Stores & Flooring Dealers in Madison County IL

The TOP 10 Carpet Stores & Flooring Dealers in Madison County IL

Ed Agles Discounted Carpet

  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Profile
  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Scorecard
  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Reviews
  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Photos
  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Brands
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  • Ed Agles Discounted Carpet Offers
(618) 465-2622
3475 Humbert Rd
Alton, IL 62002

Areas Served: Granite City IL, Wood River IL, Madison County IL, Edwardsville…
Services: deals on new carpets, new flooring. New carpet sales with…

Creative Flooring By Design

  • Creative Flooring By Design Profile
  • Creative Flooring By Design Scorecard
  • Creative Flooring By Design Reviews
  • Creative Flooring By Design Photos
  • Creative Flooring By Design Brands
  • Creative Flooring By Design Articles
  • Creative Flooring By Design Offers
(618) 377-7950
126 S Prairie St
Bethalto, IL 62010

Areas Served: Godfrey IL, Madison County IL, Nameoki Township IL, Granite City…
Services: local carpet store & flooring showroom

Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc

  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Profile
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Scorecard
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Reviews
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Photos
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Brands
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Articles
  • Wholesale Carpet Jobbers Inc Offers
(618) 258-1018
610 W Saint Louis Ave
East Alton, IL 62024

Areas Served: Glen Carbon IL, Granite City Illinois, Madison County IL, Edwardsville…
Services: floor store for new carpets, new flooring, vinyl flooring, cork…

Vallow Floor Coverings Inc

  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Profile
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Scorecard
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Reviews
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Photos
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Brands
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Articles
  • Vallow Floor Coverings Inc Offers
(618) 656-7788
1009 Plummer Dr
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Areas Served: Madison County IL, Jarvis Township IL, Granite City IL, Collinsville…
Services: sales of new carpets and new flooring, new vinyl floors…

Direct Floors

  • Direct Floors Profile
  • Direct Floors Scorecard
  • Direct Floors Reviews
  • Direct Floors Photos
  • Direct Floors Brands
  • Direct Floors Articles
  • Direct Floors Offers
(618) 463-1300
1717 Vinca Dr
Godfrey, IL 62035

Areas Served: Madison County IL, Godfrey IL, Edwardsville IL, Collinsville IL, Alton…
Services: local carpet sales, rug sales

TK Carpet Gallery

  • TK Carpet Gallery Profile
  • TK Carpet Gallery Scorecard
  • TK Carpet Gallery Reviews
  • TK Carpet Gallery Photos
  • TK Carpet Gallery Brands
  • TK Carpet Gallery Articles
  • TK Carpet Gallery Offers
(618) 466-0630
1100 W Homer M Adams Pkwy
Godfrey, IL 62035

Areas Served: Alton Illinois, Nameoki Township IL, Madison County IL, Granite City…
Services: new carpet showroom with new vinyl floors, low cost carpets,…

Carpet City

  • Carpet City Profile
  • Carpet City Scorecard
  • Carpet City Reviews
  • Carpet City Photos
  • Carpet City Brands
  • Carpet City Articles
  • Carpet City Offers
(618) 931-6423
4149 Pontoon Rd
Granite City, IL 62040

Areas Served: Granite City Illinois, Glen Carbon IL, Madison County IL, Collinsville…
Services: flooring showroom for new carpet sales, vinyl flooring, wood flooring

Lenny’s Carpet & Floors

  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Profile
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Scorecard
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Reviews
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Photos
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Brands
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Articles
  • Lenny's Carpet & Floors Offers
(618) 344-7060
123 N Bluff Rd
Collinsville, IL 62234

Areas Served: Madison County Illinois, Jarvis Township IL, Granite City IL, Edwardsville…
Services: wood flooring incl oak, pine, ash, maple, red oak, hickory,…

Flooring America Luitjohans

  • Flooring America Luitjohans Profile
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Scorecard
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Reviews
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Photos
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Brands
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Articles
  • Flooring America Luitjohans Offers
(618) 654-7847
2670 Plaza Dr
Highland, IL 62249

Areas Served: Granite City IL, Madison County IL, Collinsville IL, Alton IL,…
Services: carpets, cork and cork tile, linoleum, laminate, vinyl flooring, carpet…

The Best Carpet & Flooring Stores in Madison County IL Are the Ones Proven Safe To Spend With