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June 6, 2020
A local caterer offers catering services including corporate catering, wedding catering and banquet catering.

The Best Catering Companies in Philadelphia County PA Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire

Caterers in Philadelphia County PA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are those catering companies proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for safety and reliability, carry liability insurance as protection for you the client, and for whom our staff has called previous clients to verify high satisfaction with them for catering in Philadelphia County PA, including event caterers and corporate caterers.


The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Philadelphia County PA

The TOP 10 Catering Companies in Philadelphia County PA

12th Street Catering

  • 12th Street Catering Profile
  • 12th Street Catering Scorecard
  • 12th Street Catering Reviews
  • 12th Street Catering Photos
  • 12th Street Catering Brands
  • 12th Street Catering Articles
  • 12th Street Catering Offers
(215) 386-8595
3312 Spring Garden St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Areas Served: Manayunk, Philadelphia PA, Roxborough, Oak Lane, Center City, Germantown, Chestnut…
Services: wedding caterers, corporate caterers, sit-down catering, banquet catering

Jack Kramers Catering

  • Jack Kramers Catering Profile
  • Jack Kramers Catering Scorecard
  • Jack Kramers Catering Reviews
  • Jack Kramers Catering Photos
  • Jack Kramers Catering Brands
  • Jack Kramers Catering Articles
  • Jack Kramers Catering Offers
(215) 662-5300
4217 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Areas Served: Philadelphia County, Center City, Germantown, Oak Lane, Roxborough, Chestnut Hill,…
Services: banquet catering, event catering, industrial catering, corporate caterers, banquet cater

Conroy Catering

  • Conroy Catering Profile
  • Conroy Catering Scorecard
  • Conroy Catering Reviews
  • Conroy Catering Photos
  • Conroy Catering Brands
  • Conroy Catering Articles
  • Conroy Catering Offers
(215) 722-8082
8001 Verree Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19111

Areas Served: Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Roxborough, Olney, Oak Lane, Kensington, Center City, Manayunk
Services: cater services incl. wedding catering, industrial caterers, corporate caterers

Drake’s Gourmet Foods-Catering

  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Profile
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Scorecard
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Reviews
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Photos
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Brands
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Articles
  • Drake's Gourmet Foods-Catering Offers
(215) 247-5911
8419 Germantown Ave # 1
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Areas Served: Germantown PA, Philadelphia PA, Manayunk PA, Chestnut Hill PA, Center…
Services: catering services incl. event catering, corporate catering, in home catering

Diamond Club Catering

  • Diamond Club Catering Profile
  • Diamond Club Catering Scorecard
  • Diamond Club Catering Reviews
  • Diamond Club Catering Photos
  • Diamond Club Catering Brands
  • Diamond Club Catering Articles
  • Diamond Club Catering Offers
(215) 204-6622
1913 N Broad St
Philadelphia, PA 19122

Areas Served: Philadelphia PA, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Olney, Roxborough, Philadelphia County PA
Services: corporate catering, wedding catering, banquet catering, buffet catering

Di Pinto’s Caterers Inc

  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Profile
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Scorecard
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Reviews
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Photos
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Brands
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Articles
  • Di Pinto's Caterers Inc Offers
(215) 743-5922
4070 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19124

Areas Served: Philadelphia Penn, Philadelphia County, Chestnut Hill, Roxborough, Germantown, Olney
Services: caterers for on-premise catering, off-premise catering, corporate caterers

Al’s Catering Service

  • Al's Catering Service Profile
  • Al's Catering Service Scorecard
  • Al's Catering Service Reviews
  • Al's Catering Service Photos
  • Al's Catering Service Brands
  • Al's Catering Service Articles
  • Al's Catering Service Offers
(215) 332-0304
7940 Torresdale Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19136

Areas Served: Olney, Philadelphia PA, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Roxborough, Manayunk, Kensington PA
Services: event caterer, corporate caterer, wedding caterer, industrial caterer, buffet caterer

Philadelphia Catering

  • Philadelphia Catering Profile
  • Philadelphia Catering Scorecard
  • Philadelphia Catering Reviews
  • Philadelphia Catering Photos
  • Philadelphia Catering Brands
  • Philadelphia Catering Articles
  • Philadelphia Catering Offers
(215) 468-0518
2019 S 26th St
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Areas Served: Philadelphia PA, Germantown, Roxborough, Chestnut Hill, Olney, Manayunk, Oak Lane,
Services: catering company for event catering, wedding catering, corporate catering, event…

The Best Catering Companies in Philadelphia County PA Are the Ones Verified as Safe To Hire