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August 12, 2020
A professional roofer installs a new tile roof on a residential home using the best roofing installation techniques.

The Best Roofers in Tacoma WA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

Roofing contractors in Tacoma WA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are ones who have met a higher standard than the minimum Washington state standard. They are those proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for ability and value, have liability insurance as protection for you the customer, who use only employees legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them as roofers in Tacoma WA for new roofing, re-roofing, or roofing repair including shingle roofing, shake roofing, metal roofing, tile roofing and more.


The TOP 10 Roofing Companies in Tacoma WA

The TOP 10 Roofing Companies in Tacoma WA

Contractors Roof Service Inc

  • Contractors Roof Service Inc Profile
  • Contractors Roof Service Inc Scorecard
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(253) 858-3044
6406 43rd Avenue Ct NW
Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Areas Served: Pierce County WA, Puyallup WA, Tacoma WA, South Hill WA,…
Services: new roofing, roof repair, roofing services incl. regular roof maintenance…

Cascade Roof Systems Inc

  • Cascade Roof Systems Inc Profile
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(253) 862-6803
1710 Fryar Ave # 101
Sumner, WA 98390

Areas Served: Tacoma WA, Pierce County, Spanaway, Parkland WA, Puyallup WA, South…
Services: roof repair & new roof incl. slate roof, shingle roof,…

Legends Roofing Co Inc

  • Legends Roofing Co Inc Profile
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(253) 548-3197
6005 160th St E
Puyallup, WA 98375

Areas Served: Tacoma WA, Puyallup WA, Buckley WA, Lakewood WA, Parkland WA,…
Services: local roofers for new roofing, roof repair, roof leak, slate…

American Guaranteed Roofing

  • American Guaranteed Roofing Profile
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  • American Guaranteed Roofing Brands
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(206) 432-5041
5708 23rd St E # 4
Fife, WA 98424

Areas Served: Tacoma WA, Pierce County WA, Puyallup WA, Lakewood WA, Anderson…
Services: roofers for roof maintenace, roof repair services, shake roof conversions

Beaver Worx Roofing

  • Beaver Worx Roofing Profile
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(253) 548-1203
11208 44th Ave E
Tacoma, WA 98446

Areas Served: Pierce County WA, Elk Plain WA, Tacoma WA, Puyallup WA,…
Services: new roofing, roof repair, roof inspection, gutters & downspouts

Bosnick Roofing Inc

  • Bosnick Roofing Inc Profile
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  • Bosnick Roofing Inc Brands
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  • Bosnick Roofing Inc Offers
(253) 565-4500
2915 68th Ave W
University Place, WA 98466

Areas Served: Tacoma Wash, South Hill WA, Pierce County WA, University Place…
Services: roofing contractors for new roofing, roof repairs, re-roofing, new permanent…

Wright Roofing

  • Wright Roofing Profile
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  • Wright Roofing Photos
  • Wright Roofing Brands
  • Wright Roofing Articles
  • Wright Roofing Offers
(253) 472-3321
6035 S Adams St
Tacoma, WA 98409

Areas Served: Tacoma WA, Lake Tapps WA, Lakewood WA, Pierce County WA,…
Services: roofing contractors for roof repair, reroofing, roof maintenance, roof inspections

McDonald & Wetle Roofing Inc

  • McDonald & Wetle Roofing Inc Profile
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(253) 589-8999
9420 39th Avenue Ct SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Areas Served: Pierce County WA, Tacoma WA, Lakewood WA, South Hill WA,…
Services: roof company for roof shingle replacement, roof replacement & re-roofing

The Best Roofers in Tacoma WA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

Washington State only requires roofing contractors in Tacoma WA to be registered with the state which doesn't require any text or exam as to ability or knowledge as roofers.

So the state registration is no guarantee that any particular roofer in Tacoma WA is even competent, is doing business ethically, providing real value, or satisfying customers.

This makes it all the more significant that all contractors for roofing in Tacoma WA who bear The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, good complaint record, verified state registration, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more.

Roofing Contractors in Tacoma WA Perform Numerous Services

Roofing contractors install new roofs, but their experience with certain tasks and materials can vary. for instance, pitched roofs require a greater level of skill to install or repair. Most roofing companies in Tacoma WA also perform regular roof maintenance or roof repairs, including foam recoats and shake roof conversions. Some roofing contractors in Tacoma WA do emergency roofing repairs in the event of a roof leak, often with 24 hour availability.

In addition to installation and roof repair for roof coatings and coverings, some roofers install downspouts and gutters (even seamless gutters). Some of the best roofing contractors in Tacoma use manufacturer certified technicians to install, repair or refurbish your roof, so you can expect a greater level of workmanship and better manufacturer warranties on their work.

In addition to new roofing, roofing companies can fix a leaky roof, replace roof shingles, or repair broken slate roofs.

The Best Roofing Contractors in Tacoma WA Offer Multiple Roofing Materials

There is such a wide variety of roofing materials and styles and each roofing material has its own benefits. Choices include shake roofs or imitation shake roofs, wood shingle roofs, cedar shingle roofs, clay tile roofs, slate roofs or even concrete tile roofs.

There are roofing companies in Tacoma WA who specialize in metal roofs. They can fix or recoat steel roofing, steel roof shingles, stone coated steel roofing, aluminum roofing, insulated aluminum roofing, corrugated metal roofing, copper roofing, or zinc roofing. Some local roofing contractors can  rejuvenate an aging roof and take preventative measures to avoid future roof problems. They might use adhesive methods or modified bitumen to lay down new fire resistant roofing, or may apply elastomeric coatings or polyurethane foam for protection against the elements. In addition to basic roof coverings, some roofing contractors apply hot tar, tar and gravel, or install custom roof edging.

There are also some new products available for the eco-minded homeowner. Instead of wooden roof shingles, roofers might substitute composite roofing or energy efficient roofing. Some roofers in Tacoma WA even have access to ventilation products to insert into your preexisting roof.



There are three main roof types based on their slope or pitch: High Slope, Low Slope, and Flat.

High Slope Roof: Over five inches of vertical rise for every 12 horizontal inches
Low Slope Roof: Two inches to five inches of vertical rise for every 12 horizontal inches
Flat Roof: Less than two inches vertical rise for every 12 horizontal inches



The components of a roofing system are: Structural Support, Roof Sheathing, Underlayment, Flashing, and Roofing Material.

Structural Support: Rafters, trusses or joists that support the roofing system.Custom roofing contractors install a new shingle roof on a home with a complicated roofline.

Roof Sheathing: What immediately covers the structural support. This is most commonly plywood or OSB (Oriented Strand Board).

Underlayment: A moisture barrier immediately on top of the roof sheathing. Sometimes called roof felt.

Flashing: Where the roof surface meets vertical surfaces (like a chimney) or at valleys created where adjoining roof sections of different angles meet, a metallic flashing is installed.

Roofing Material: The topmost layer of the roof which you can see, such as shingles, tile, etc.



Asphalt Shingles, or alternatively, Fiberlass Shingles

Rolled Roofing / Built Up Roofing: Used for flat roofs or very low slope roofs.

Foam Roofing / Polyurethane Roofing: Used for flat roofs as an alternative to Rolled Roofing or Built Up Roofing

Metal Roofing

Wood Shakes

Tar & Gravel

Reflective Lightweight Rocks

Clay Tile / Concrete Tile


Ice and Water Shields for Roofing
A roofing ice and water shield looks very similar to the traditional felt paper used to line roofs but is higher A commercial roofing contractor installs a layer of flat commercial roofing product, a TPO flat roofing membrane.performance. Felt paper stops most leaks where water gets under the tiles or shingles but sometimes still lets leaks form by letting water through where one sheet of felt paper overlaps another or where nails have created holes in the felt paper.

The ice and water shield roofing material is made of a rubberized asphalt with a sticky backing that seals overlaps unlike felt paper, and forms a seal around nails when it is penetrated.  Roofers in Tacoma WA can cover your entire roof with the ice and water shield, or apply it only where leaks frequently happen.  The roofing contractors can also bend the ice and water shield to create a leak-proof barrier around anything that penetrates a roof, such as vents, chimneys, and skylights, then use standard roof flashings to cover the ice and water shield sub-flashing.

Some Roofers in Tacoma Are Safer To Spend With Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these roofing contractors in Tacoma WA: Roof Doctor Inc Gig Harbor WA, Contractors Roof Service Inc Gig Harbor WA, Cascade Roof Systems Inc Sumner WA, Legends Roofing Co Inc Puyallup WA, American Guaranteed Roofing Fife WA, Beaver Worx Roofing Tacoma WA, Bosnick Roofing Inc University Place WA, Wright Roofing Tacoma WA, McDonald & Wetle Roofing Inc Lakewood WA. Other roofing contractors in Tacoma WA who might still be in business include: .

Questions To Ask Roofing Companies in Tacoma WA

When choosing which roofer to hire, ask the right questions about their experience, range of services, credentials, and methods and materials.

• How long have they been in business as roofers in Tacoma? This indicates how well they know the local city ordinances, codes, and permit requirements for your area.

• How many roofs have they done specifically in Tacoma? This indicates how well they know the performance of different materials and installation methods in your particular climate, rainfall and wind patterns.

• How many roofs have they done of the same type as yours, i.e. same materials: clay tile versus asphalt shingle, same type: flat versus high slope, and same scope: repair only versus tear-off and reroof versus new roofing, etc.

• Can the roofing company give you customer names and numbers you can call as references? (All roofing contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had their customer references called by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• What is the projected time frame for completion of the new roof installation or roof repair?

• Does the roofing contractor have active workers' compensation and general liability insurance for your protection? (All roofers in Tacoma bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had their proof of insurance verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• How will the roofing companies calculate pricing for new roofs or roof repairs?

• Will they provide a written estimate that specifies the exact amount of material to be used, including sizes, brand names, product numbers etc? (This is key because the cheapest roofing companies often only seem cheaper because they are quoting inferior materials or low quality brands compared to other roofers.)

• Will the roofing contractors provide a written contract?

• Will permits be needed? If so, will they be responsible for getting them or will that be up to you?

• Can the roofing contractor prove that all their workers sent to your property are legally allowed to work in the U.S.? (All roofing companies in Tacoma bearing The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already signed an agreement to only hire documented workers.)

• How often and when do they clean up?

• What is the manufacturer's warranty on the roofing system or material the contractor is suggesting?

• What kind of warranties and guarantees on their labor do they offer besides the manufacturer warranty on the roofing materials, and can you see a copy?

• Do they offer multiple types of roofing materials and brands, or are they restricted to quoting one manufacturer?

• For new roofing or re-roofing, does their quote include replacing the flashings around chimneys and vents? Not doing so is one way that cheap roofing companies merely appear cheap.

• What type of wood will be used on your roof and in what thickness? For example, using cheap plywood made from pine which is susceptible to warping is another way cheap roofers merely appear cheaper, as opposed to using plywood made from stronger Douglas fir.

• Will they being using nails (proper) or instead using staples (cheaper and faster for them but lacks holding power and can invalidate a manufacturer's warranty)?

When you've chosen the best roofing contractor in Tacoma WA for your specific needs, make sure they are registered with the state of Washington which is required by law. (All roofing companies in Tacoma WA bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had their Washington state registration verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

Good Roofing Companies in Tacoma WA Use Good Roofing Brands

Good roofers in Tacoma use the best roofing materials. Some companies purchase these materials at An experienced roofing contractor safely and carefully installs a new roofing system on a residential roof.discounted rates and then pass the savings on to you. Other roofers are able to qualify you for a manufacturer's warranty on their labor by being pre-approved by some brand manufacturers.

Some of the better roofing brands include: Energy Star Cool Roofing Systems, CertainTeed Roofing, Firestone Building Products, Atlas Roofing Corp., GenFlex Roofing Systems, Recon Building Products, Award Metals, Dura-Loc Roofing Systems, , Elk Building Products, Hardishake, PABCO, Tamko Roofing Products, Gardner-Gibson Materials, DECRA Roofing Systems, Stone Metal Products, GAF Materials, Eagle Roofing Products and Air Vent.

Resources About Roofing Companies in Tacoma WA

Licensing & Trade Associations Related to Roofers in Tacoma WA

BBB Better Business Bureau
NRCA National Roofing Contractors Association
SRCA Slate Roofing Contractors Association
TRI Tile Roofing Institute
RCAW Roofing Contractors Association of Washington
WSRCA Western States Roofing Contractors Association
Washington State Department of Labor & Industries


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The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Roofing Contractors in Tacoma WA within the following zip codes:

98385, 98446, 98332, 98415, 98395, 98490, 98354, 98424, 98405, 98580, 98375, 98445, 98329, 98412, 98394, 98467, 98351, 98422, 98404, 98558, 98374, 98444, 98411, 98391, 98466, 98349, 98421, 98403, 98499, 98373, 98443, 98409, 98390, 98465, 98338, 98419, 98402, 98498, 98372, 98439, 98408, 98388, 98464, 98335, 98418, 98401, 98497, 98371, 98433, 98407, 98387, 98448, 98333, 98417, 98396, 98496, 98360, 98431, 98406, 98303, 98328, 98327, 98323, 98321 and 98304

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Roofers in Tacoma WA within the following cities:

Artondale, Bonney Lake, Buckley, Clover Creek, DuPont, Eatonville, Edgewood, Elk Plain, Fife, Fircrest, Fort Lewis, Frederickson, Gig Harbor, Graham, Lake Tapps, Lakewood, Maplewood, Midland, Milton, Orting, Parkland, Prairie Ridge, Puyallup, South Hill, Spanaway, Steilacoom, Summit, Summit View, Sumner, Tacoma, University Place, Waller, Wollochet and Key Peninsula-Anderson Island