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August 10, 2022
The TOP 10 Carpet Stores & Flooring Dealers in Polk County FL

The TOP 10 Carpet Stores & Flooring Dealers in Polk County FL

Saddle Creek Carpet Store

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(863) 667-4511
4321 Trail Dr
Lakeland, FL 33801

Areas Served: Lakeland FL, Lake Wales FL, Polk County Florida, Haines City…
Services: local carpet sales, rug sales

Stinson Carpets

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(863) 665-4434
2110 Edenfield Pl
Lakeland, FL 33801

Areas Served: Polk County Florida, Lakeland Highlands FL, Winter Haven FL, Lakeland…
Services: new carpet sales, vinyl floors, flooring sales, new carpet sales

Galloway’s Flooring Warehouse

  • Galloway's Flooring Warehouse Profile
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(863) 665-5900
2145 E Edgewood Dr
Lakeland, FL 33803

Areas Served: Winter Haven FL, Polk County FL, Lakeland Highlands FL, Lakeland…
Services: flooring showroom for new carpet sales, vinyl flooring, wood flooring

Bob’s Carpet Mart

  • Bob's Carpet Mart Profile
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(863) 815-7722
5119 US Highway 98 N
Lakeland, FL 33809

Areas Served: Polk County FL, Auburndale FL, Winter Haven Florida, Lakeland FL,…
Services: floor store for new carpets, new flooring, vinyl flooring, cork…

Flooring America

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(863) 701-9411
5729 S Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL 33813

Areas Served: Winter Haven FL, Polk County FL, Highland City FL, Lakeland…
Services: sales of new carpets and new flooring, new vinyl floors…

Jim’s Floor Depot Inc

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(863) 439-7500
29710 Hwy 27
Dundee, FL 33838

Areas Served: Auburndale FL, Lakeland Florida, Winter Haven FL, Polk County FL,…
Services: wood flooring incl oak, pine, ash, maple, red oak, hickory,…

Rags N Riches Carpets Inc

  • Rags N Riches Carpets Inc Profile
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(863) 676-6224
2325 State Road 60 W
Lake Wales, FL 33859

Areas Served: Poinciana FL, Polk County FL, Highland City FL, LakelandFL, Bartow…
Services: carpets, cork and cork tile, linoleum, laminate, vinyl flooring, carpet…

Tucker Carpets Flooring America

  • Tucker Carpets Flooring America Profile
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(863) 293-6641
1505 6th St SE
Winter Haven, FL 33880

Areas Served: Bartow FL, Lake Wales FL, Haines City FL, Poinciana FL,…
Services: carpet store, sales on new flooring, new vinyl floors, linoleum…