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April 18, 2021
A newly engaged couple discusses wedding plans with their attendants, including party rental supplies like chairs, tables, tents, and more.

Find the Best Party Supplies & Party Rentals in San Mateo County CA

Party supply stores Redwood City can outfit you with all your party supply needs including disposable cups and dishware, balloons and more. Party rental companies in San Mateo County [:state] can also provide you with rental chairs, lighting, party tents, fog machines, jump rentals otherwise known as a bounce house, and more to make your party a smash.  

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best party supplies and party rentals in San Mateo County and issues related to buying or renting from them.



The TOP 10 Party Supplies & Party Rental Companies in San Mateo County CA

The TOP 10 Party Supplies & Party Rental Companies in San Mateo County CA

A-Abco Rents & Sells

  • A-Abco Rents & Sells Profile
  • A-Abco Rents & Sells Scorecard
  • A-Abco Rents & Sells Reviews
  • A-Abco Rents & Sells Photos
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  • A-Abco Rents & Sells Offers
(650) 365-3050
1050 Charter St
Redwood City, CA 94063

Areas Served: Redwood City CA, Menlo Park CA, San Carlos CA, Belmont…

A-1 Party Rental Center

  • A-1 Party Rental Center Profile
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Scorecard
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Reviews
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Photos
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Brands
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Articles
  • A-1 Party Rental Center Offers
(650) 364-2257
2529 Broadway St
Redwood City, CA 94063

Areas Served: Redwood City CA, Belmont CA, San Carlos CA, Menlo Park…

4S Casino Party Suppliers

  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Profile
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Scorecard
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Reviews
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Photos
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Brands
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Articles
  • 4S Casino Party Suppliers Offers
(650) 595-8661
1449 Bayport Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070

Areas Served: San Carlos CA, Redwood City CA, Belmont CA, Foster City…

Copenhagen Balloons

  • Copenhagen Balloons Profile
  • Copenhagen Balloons Scorecard
  • Copenhagen Balloons Reviews
  • Copenhagen Balloons Photos
  • Copenhagen Balloons Brands
  • Copenhagen Balloons Articles
  • Copenhagen Balloons Offers
(650) 802-8300
620 Taylor Way
San Carlos, CA 94070

Areas Served: San Carlos CA, Belmont CA, Redwood City CA, Foster City…

Diddams Amazing Party Store

  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Profile
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Scorecard
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Reviews
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Photos
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Brands
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Articles
  • Diddams Amazing Party Store Offers
(650) 802-0600
700 Laurel St
San Carlos, CA 94070

Areas Served: San Carlos CA, Foster City CA, Redwood City CA, Belmont…

Peninsula Party Rentals

  • Peninsula Party Rentals Profile
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Scorecard
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Reviews
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Photos
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Brands
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Articles
  • Peninsula Party Rentals Offers
(650) 328-0438
828 Newbridge St
Menlo Park, CA 94025

Areas Served: Menlo Park CA, Redwood City CA, Atherton CA, Woodside CA,…

Find the Best Party Supplies & Party Rentals in San Mateo County CA


There is no state license required for party supply sales or rentals in San Mateo County and so no state standard for competency. This makes it all the more significant that all party supply dealers bearing The Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 designation have been evaluated by our research staff, and have had to pass all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report—TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, clean complaint record, best business practices, length of time in business, and more. 


Party Rentals and Party Supply Stores in San Mateo County
The best part of a party is getting to attend. Sure, planning is fun, until you realize, as one often does, that you are woefully underprepared to have that many people in your backyard. These days, events can quickly outstrip the resources of even the most ambitious entertainment-inclined homeowner or host. Gone are the days of dusting off the fold-up card table in the garage and borrowing your mother's punchbowl. Today, guests at all kinds of events, from birthday parties to bar mitzvahs to memorials, expect class, elegance, room to mingle and their own seat at a table (and "not next to stinky cousin Ed, if you please!"). If planning or hosting a big event is in your future, you need to know a little about the resources for party supplies and party rentals, and event planners available in Redwood City.

First of all, if you are planning and/or hosting an event yourself and are not hiring a planner, you'll need to carefully think through your supplies list. The size of the guest list, season, venue, and budget are obviously primary concerns. Determine these variables and start making your list. Most large parties need party tents, tables, chairs, stemware and glassware, sound system rentals, linens, coolers or refrigeration, napkins, centerpieces, heaters (if at night or winter), placemats, full table settings and often, portable outhouses or bathrooms. Maybe you're looking to throw a theme party? Props and décor like Arabian carpets, 50s jukeboxes, or suits of armor are available from many party rental companies.

San Mateo County party supply stores and party rental companies can help you with whatever mood, theme, or decoration supplies you'll need.  Many of the party rental & party supply stores in San Mateo County have a wide variety of choices for every style and in many price points. They are often great sources of information about the performance or reliability of certain items, and can anticipate needs that you may not have considered. In fact, many party supply and party rental companies have planning or consulting services available.

Party Planners and Event Coordinators
If you are in the market for a professional party-thrower, you'll need to know a little about the world of party planners, event coordinators, catering companies and corporate event planners. These folks take on the logistical nightmare of large-scale events, consulting with their clients about every aspect of an event, and making the magic happen seamlessly.

The best party planners in San Mateo County, whether for private or corporate functions, know how to plan and execute first-rate parties and events. Trying to do the job yourself can be too much for many of us. Look at the recommended San Mateo County companies that offer party planning services, event coordination, and supply rentals to find the best one for your party or event.

Some Party Rental Companies in San Mateo County CA Are Much Better Than Others

The Prime Buyer's Report lists these party supply and party rental companies in Redwood City: A-Abco Rents & Sells Redwood City CA, A-1 Party Rental Center Redwood City CA, Astro Jump San Carlos CA, 4S Casino Party Suppliers San Carlos CA, Party America Redwood City CA, Cosmo Party Zone Redwood City CA, Copenhagen Balloons San Carlos CA, Diddams Amazing Party Store San Carlos CA, Comic Jumps San Carlos CA, Peninsula Party Rentals Menlo Park CA. Other stores for party supplies in Redwood City CA that might still be in business include: AM Party Rentals Redwood City CA.

Options For Party Rentals & Party Supplies in Redwood City

Know What You're Looking For
Before you can decide if a particular San Mateo County event planner or party supply rental company is right for you, it's best to have a clear idea of exactly what you're looking for.  Not all party rental and planning companies are the same.  In fact, many specialize and prefer to handle only corporate events or charity auctions, for instance.  Some specialize almost exclusively in children's birthday parties with everything that goes along with those, from jumpers to clowns, pony rides, carnival games and party favors. Some businesses strictly source and provide party supplies for rent or purchase, and some companies both plan and supply events.  Once you know a few details about your particular function, party or event, you're prepared to start asking some questions and narrowing your search. You may want to begin by asking if a business can provide all or most of what you need, either to purchase or rent.  From there, a discussion of price and availability is a natural follow-up.  Perhaps you want to begin by asking if an event planner or party supplier has experience with your type of event. 

Use the list of questions below to help narrow your search.

How long have you been in the party supply and party rental business?
Have you ever handled an event like mine?  How many like mine per year?
How do you calculate an estimate?
What is your rental rate?
Do you work with other businesses for aspects that you don't handle in-house?
How many people will work on an event like mine (caterers, decorators, wait staff, bartenders, DJ's, set-up crews.)?
Will you consult in person at my home/office/business/venue?
Do you have any contacts with distributors or manufacturers?
Can you provide some references from past clients?

It's very important that you work with a party supply and rental company that you feel you can trust and makes you feel comfortable. Consider your first impression, beginning with the first phone call.  Was your initial impression that you were dealing with competent professionals?  Did you feel understood and accommodated?  Would you trust these folks to work around your friends/family/colleagues?     Are you comfortable with his or her judgment regarding your style preferences?  Probably one or two names will rise to the top of your list after you have considered these things.

First Impression
Good event planners and party rental and supply companies will listen carefully to what you're saying and understand what it is you are looking for. Be wary of planners and supply companies who seem eager to push certain ideas or are resistant to your ideas for your event.  If you are unhappy with your options, try another business. You are not obligated to hire the first San Mateo County event planner or party supplier you talk to.

When you've selected what seems to be the most suitable event planner or party rental company for your special event, make sure you understand the terms of your contract. Check for any consumer complaints from the Better Business Bureau, and check to see if there are complaints lodged with industry watchdog groups.

Once you have contracted to rent or purchase party supplies or have signed an agreement with a party planner, keep in contact with them. Throughout the planning and arranging of your event, you will surely have questions.  Write them down, and try to consolidate your questioning.  That is, instead of calling every time you have a question, call once a week, with all your questions ready.  Don't hesitate to ask if you have concerns about the products or services that you have contracted for.

Dealing with Party Supply Stores & Party Rentals in Redwood City

Have a plan.
When you find yourself in the market for a professional planner or a party rental or supply company, it's a good idea to know what you'll need.  First determine how much assistance you want or need.  Can you really handle all the arrangements yourself, or might it be better to get an assist, or even to put the entire project in professional hands?

If you have decided to plan and arrange your event yourself, martial your resources and determine what supplies you'll need to purchase outright, and which you'll want to rent. 

Experienced planners try to anticipate every type of guest or attendee at a given event, so take a few moments to consider their individual characteristics.  Guests, hosts, and any honorees very often appreciate thoughtful touches like activities for young children, vegetarian menu options, and reasonable accommodations for limited-mobility guests.  Quality San Mateo County party rental and supply businesses should be able to help you come up with some options for every function or event, including inflatable toys, wheelchair ramps and lighting solutions.

Perhaps you are looking for the best assistant, consultant, or planner to orchestrate your shindig.  Think about the crowd that your planner will be planning for and try to communicate this to your professional event planner.  This may narrow your search for a planner immediately, as some specialize in particular types of functions, like corporate meetings or weddings. Describe the general "feel" you are hoping to achieve, i.e., formal or informal, fun or serious, rigid agenda or open-ended, professional or family-oriented, chic or down-home, etc.  Know what kind of event you envision, and keep this in mind whenever you are working with your planner.

Write it Down.
Think through your plans, and write down your ideas.  Read over your contracts carefully.  Try to read each document, release form and agreement as if you were in a worst-case-scenario situation.  Understand what recourse you have if, for instance, the chairs you ordered are not the ones delivered on the day of the event.  Also understand exactly what your planner will do and not do.  Perhaps they will source a caterer, but understand who is liable if they, or any other subcontractor, fails to perform.  Get everything memorialized in a clear writing, for everyone's peace of mind.

Get Several Separate Estimates From Party Planners or Party Rental Companies
If possible, try to get a few estimates or quotes about the options and relative expenses associated with your event. Try to give each potential person or company the same information so that your comparison is easier.

Choose Experienced Professionals.
If you want to know how a planner's events have worked out in the past, ask around.  An experienced planner or coordinator should have exemplars of their work, generally in the form of photos and client-generated testimonials.  A party supply or rental company ought to have samples of all kinds of materials for your consideration in addition to positive reviews and photos.

Know Your Rights.
Although most events go swimmingly, there are resources available if you feel you need to lodge a complaint or report about your party rental company, or event planner. Reference the California Department of Consumer Affairs. (See our article, "Key Consumer Resources for Party Supply Rentals in San Mateo County" to learn more.