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February 18, 2020
A family moves into their new home with the help of a local moving company.

How to Find the Best Moving Companies and Self-Storage in Sonoma County

Moving can be very difficult. Relocating from a one-bedroom apartment can be an inconvenience, but moving an entire household can be a huge undertaking. Professional movers in Santa Rosa CA and the rest of Sonoma County make it easy. Some offer packing services, local moves, intrastate moves, interstate moving services, and even international moving.

And if you're in need of a place to store your belongings either for the short term or the long haul, there are also many storage options, too, including self-storage, climate-controlled storage, and more.

The following research by The Prime Buyer's Report identifies the best moving & storage companies in Sonoma County and issues related to hiring them. So read on to find tips, questions to ask, hiring advice, and moving and storage contractors near you.

The TOP 10 Moving Companies & Storage Facilities in Sonoma County CA

Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage

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(415) 491-4444
110 Belvedere St
San Rafael, CA 94901
State PUC License #MTR0159465
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Pacific Sun - Best of Marin
  • Mayflower Agent
  • CMSA (California Moving & Storage Association)
  • AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association)

Areas Served: Marin County incl. San Rafael CA, Novato CA, Sausalito CA,…
Services: residential movers, office movers, interstate movers, storage facilities

Arpin Van Lines

  • Arpin Van Lines Profile
  • Arpin Van Lines Scorecard
  • Arpin Van Lines Reviews
  • Arpin Van Lines Photos
  • Arpin Van Lines Brands
  • Arpin Van Lines Articles
  • Arpin Van Lines Offers
755 Southpoint Blvd # 101
Petaluma, CA 94954

Areas Served: Healdsburg CA, Sebastopol CA, Santa Rosa CA, Rohnert Park CA,…
Services: moving services including residential move, office movers

Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage

  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Profile
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Scorecard
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Reviews
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Photos
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Brands
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Articles
  • Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Offers
701 Stewart St
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA, Rohnert Park CA, Cotati CA, Sebastopol CA,…
Services: moving company & movers for all moving services, household furniture…

Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company

  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Profile
  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Scorecard
  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Reviews
  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Photos
  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Brands
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  • Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Offers
3015 Coffey Ln # A
Santa Rosa, CA 95403

Areas Served: Sonoma, Windsor CA, Santa Rosa, Healdsburg, Petaluma, Sebastopol, Rohnert Park
Services: residential movers, office movers, interstate movers, storage facilities

Gwin Moving & Storage

  • Gwin Moving & Storage Profile
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Scorecard
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Reviews
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Photos
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Brands
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Articles
  • Gwin Moving & Storage Offers
812 Donahue St
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA, Larkfield CA, Healdsburg CA, Sebastopol CA, Guerneville…
Services: professional movers for all moving incl. residential, commercial, office

Beal’s Moving

  • Beal's Moving Profile
  • Beal's Moving Scorecard
  • Beal's Moving Reviews
  • Beal's Moving Photos
  • Beal's Moving Brands
  • Beal's Moving Articles
  • Beal's Moving Offers
193 Hoff Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

Areas Served: Petaluma CA, Santa Rosa CA, Healdsburg CA, Guerneville CA, Windsor…
Services: corporate movers & residential moving

Red & White Moving

  • Red & White Moving Profile
  • Red & White Moving Scorecard
  • Red & White Moving Reviews
  • Red & White Moving Photos
  • Red & White Moving Brands
  • Red & White Moving Articles
  • Red & White Moving Offers
1824 Olivet Rd
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Areas Served: Santa Rosa CA, Sonoma CA, Healdsburg CA, Rohnert Park CA,…
Services: moving services, packing services, storage

Santa Rosa Moving & Storage

  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Profile
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Scorecard
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Reviews
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Photos
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Brands
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Articles
  • Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Offers
5650 State Farm Dr
Rohnert Park, CA 94928

Areas Served: Sebastopol CA, Graton CA, Occidental CA, Rohnert Park CA, Santa…
Services: good movers for residential moving, office move, corporate movers

How to Find the Best Moving Companies and Self-Storage in Sonoma County

Movers in Sonoma County are required to be licensed by the California PUC (Public Utilities Commission) for your protection. They are also legally required to have cargo insurance coverage of not less than $20,000 per shipment as well as evidence of liability coverage.

Movers are not legally required to prove they have workers' compensation insurance. That's critical because if an employee of theirs is injured on your property and the mover doesn't have worker's comp, you can be held liable.

But all moving companies bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten designation do have workers' comp insurance that protects you from liability in the event of an injury, in addition to passing all other requirements for Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten status, such as phone calls to previous clients, hiring only documented workers, verified license and liability insurance, clean complaint record, and more.

Storage Companies and Movers in Sonoma County CA Perform Numerous Services
Whether you're moving around the corner or overseas, using a moving company or storage company to haul your belongings is much easier than doing it yourself. Good movers and moving companies can give you a preliminary consultation for free and personalize a moving management system to move entire offices, corporations, residences, trade shows, and exhibits. Offered moving distances range anywhere from local, to interstate to international.

If you suddenly find yourself under time constraints, many local movers and packers can accommodate last-minute moves. If you have particularly fragile items, such as pianos, art, electronics, or antiques, some movers are capable of taking the necessary precautions to move them safely. If you're planning to relocate, nearly some moving companies in CA CA can pack and ship your belongings for you.

Quite a few moving companies also offer the option of temporary storage or self-storage. If you're unable to find a replacement dwelling immediately after the sale of your property or the termination of your lease, you can take advantage of these storage services. Local movers and storage facilities can safely stow household goods, commercial goods, and furniture for short-term storage or long-term storage.

Some moving companies can store particularly valuable items in climate-controlled vaults that are monitored 24 hours a day by security personnel. Some moving and storage companies in Sonoma County CA can store important records, for which they have a bar-coded system of management. And some moving and storage companies offer the amazingly convenient option of mobile modular storage or portable storage. If you use this service, professionally trained movers will provide a warehouse crate to store your belongings, haul the crate to a storage facility, and actually deliver it to your door when you require it.

So if you're worried about adding unnecessary hassle to your already stressful move, don't be. Using a moving and storage company will save time and energy and, perhaps more importantly, your back.

Movers in Sonoma County CA Can Supply Needed Packing Materials
One of the perks of hiring someone to conduct your move is the freedom from packing. Some movers in Sonoma County CA also provide packing services, so they supply all needed moving supplies and storage materials and secure your belongings for you.

Instead of squishing overfilled, aging boxes into the bed of a truck, good household movers will wrap pack and seal your valuables, pad them with bubble wrap, foam, or packing paper, and safely load them into sanitized, temperature regulated moving trucks.

They guard frames and art with edge protectors, neatly pack clothes into wardrobe boxes, and stow mirrors and other flat glass in mirror packs. Movers can keep your mattress clean with mattress covers and prevent in-transit damage with moving blankets and padding. In some instances you can use the provided packing materials to box up your belongings yourself, but professional movers are required to take great care. It's usually worth your while to take advantage of all of the moving services they offer.

Some Local Moving and Storage Companies in Sonoma County CA Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these storage and moving companies in Sonoma County: Aladdin Transfer & Storage Company Santa Rosa CA, Gwin Moving & Storage Santa Rosa CA, Red & White Moving Santa Rosa CA, Santa Rosa Moving & Storage Rohnert Park CA, Beal's Moving Santa Rosa CA, Schultz Brothers Moving & Storage Santa Rosa CA, Arpin Van Lines Petaluma CA, Johnson & Daly Moving & Storage San Rafael CA. Other self-storage centers and movers in Santa Rosa CA that might still be in business include: .

Determining the Best Moving Companies in Sonoma County

Step 1: Describe Your Plan to the Movers in Sonoma County CA
When you call different moving companies in Santa Rosa CA and your area, explain the details of your move. Do you need international moving services or local moving services? Are you moving a household or a business?

Report the type and size of the dwelling and mention any items that will need special care. Also, give the departing and destination addresses and the dates you wish to be moved. Decide A moving and storage company representative shows off a modern and clean storage unit.if you require full-service movers who will both pack and move your belongings or moving companies that will simply move boxes and other items you've already packed.

If you plan on storing any items, specify the amount of items to be stored and the projected length of time you will need to store them. Decide if you need special kinds of storage, such as self-storage, storage containers, climate controlled storage, storage units, mini storage or portable storage. From this information, Sonoma County moving company representatives and movers can calculate an estimate, which may or may not be binding. Binding estimates generally expire after 60 days (on average), so ask the moving companies in Sonoma County CA about their terms ahead of time.

Step 2: Ask the Local Movers and Storage Companies Questions and Take Notes
You'll need to know some things about moving companies or storage facilities before you use their services. The sample questions below address several items of concern. Add your own questions to ask of local moving companies.

• How long have the Sonoma County moving companies and storage facilities been in business? (All moving companies in Sonoma County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have had sufficient time in business verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• Are the movers or storage companies' estimates binding? If so, how long are they guaranteed?

• What items are not allowed to be transported in a move of your type? (Some movers will not or cannot move certain materials or items in interstate moves or international moves, others limit certain items in local and intrastate moves due to safety and other concerns.)

• Will the moving services give you names and phone numbers of previous customers you can call as references? (All moving companies in Sonoma County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have had their previous customers called by our research staff verifying high customer satisfaction.)

• What is your available recourse and who do you contact if household goods are damaged or lost during the moving process or time in storage?

• Will the Sonoma County movers reassemble any items that were taken apart for the move?

• Will the moving contractors show you proof that all workers sent to your property are legally allowed to work in the U.S. and covered by their insurance policy? (All moving companies in Sonoma County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already signed a written pledge to only hire legally documented workers.)

• How do the local moving companies and storage facilities price their moving and storage services?

• What are the movers' and storage companies' billing procedures?

• How much advance notice should you give the moving companies if you need to ship something?

• Do the movers in Sonoma County and your area offer shipment tracking?

• How long will it take the moving company to pack and move your belongings?

Movers carefully pack and lift heavy furniture including chair and couch moving.• Do the movers offer temporary or long term storage options?

• Do the storage companies offer self storage, mini storage, portable storage or moving storage space? If they have storage facilities available, are those storage areas climate controlled, monitored for theft, and available to you certain hours or 24 hours?

• How will the Sonoma County movers and storage facilities protect your household goods from damage and dirt?

• Will the moving contractors guarantee in writing the price quoted will not be exceeded? Will this price guarantee also assure you that they will use moving blankets to protect your goods and not use extraneous and expensive packing materials to drive up excessive charges?

• Do the movers carry workers' compensation and liability insurance? (All moving companies in Sonoma County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have had liability and workers comp insurance verified by our research staff.)

Once you've chosen the best movers in Sonoma County CA for your specific needs, make they are licensed by the state  of California, which is required by law. (All moving companies in Sonoma County CA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten symbol have already had their state licenses verified by our research staff.)

Tips About Moving and Storage in Sonoma County

Take Time Choosing Your Moving and Storage Provider
You have access to many local moving companies in Santa Rosa CA and throughout the rest of Sonoma County. These options range from two movers and a box van to major interstate movers or international movers with climate-controlled van lines and storage facilities. It's a good idea to consult several local moving companies so you can plan accordingly. And the more companies you consider, the more likely you are to find the optimal service for your specific moving requirements. Experts recommend getting three to five estimates before making a decision.

Consult Several Moving Companies in Sonoma County
Call several moving companies to get price ranges and available services. There may be a charge for moving or relocation quotes, so ask about this before you accept services from moving companies in Sonoma County. Be prepared to answer questions regarding the volume of your belongings, start and destination addresses, and whether or not you need to store anything. If you have particularly fragile or large items, inquire as to whether or not the movers can safely transport it. If so, ask if it would incur additional moving fees.

Can Everything Be Moved or Put into Storage?
Make sure everything you plan to pack is allowed to be transported. A moving company can usually provide a list of prohibited items. Some items are not allowed by certain storage companies or storage units in Sonoma County. Ask if there are any materials or substances you cannot store in the mini storage facilities or storage space.

Rid Yourself of Possessions You Don't Want Before the Movers Arrive
Don't automatically pack up everything you own. We all accrue items we don't need or will never use again. Now is a great time to go through your home and get rid of items you don't want or need to move. Consider holding a garage sale or making a donation to a local thrift store before moving to get rid of some of this dead weight. Moving costs are generally calculated by the weight of the load, so don't waste money shipping items you won't miss.

Likewise, it doesn't pay to store items you don't need. Before packing and moving your belongings into a storage unit or storage facility, weed out items you don't want.

Remember, there is limited space in self storage containers, mini storage units, portable storage and storage rental containers, and you don't want to pay to store more furniture or boxes than you need.

Think Beyond the Move
Advance planning and organization will reduce the stress of moving. Keep all documents related to your move in one easily accessible location. Assign a folder, notebook or even a daily planner to keep track of important phone numbers and documents. Referrals for new services, maps of your new town and contact information for old friends are just a few more things that you may want to stash in your organizer.

Do Your Homework Before You Sign an Agreement with a Sonoma County Moving Company
When you're seriously considering a local moving company, check all necessary credentials before you sign. Verify the certificate of authority (DOT number) through the Department of Transportation and CAL-T certification through the California Public Utilities Commission. For a low price, you can obtain company safety profiles at

Don't Get Hung Up on Prices From Moving Companies or Storage Facilities
Don't let cost be your sole motivator. The cheapest moving companies in Sonoma County may compensate employees poorly, can use inferior means of loading and transport, and often have bad track records. To ensure your belongings arrive in the same state they left, carefully screen moving companies in Sonoma County before you consider price.

Likewise, good storage facilities will guard your belongings whether they are in self-storage, mini storage or portable storage units. Price often reflects the quality of the storage facilities, which may include video surveillance or monitored storage spaces, temperature-controlled storage units or climate-controlled storage facilities, and other amenities that can protect your belongings.

Inspect the Shipment Upon Arrival
As soon as your belongings reach your destination, check for any damage that may have occurred in transit. It's imperative that you do this as soon as possible. Legal culpability dwindles with time. If you find damage, refer to your contract for liability and compensation information before contacting your Sonoma County moving company.

Know Your Rights in Regard to Hiring Moving Companies and Renting Storage Units
If you arrive at an impasse with a local moving company or storage facility over a disagreement or misunderstanding, know that you are protected by state and federal law. These laws vary by region, so learn about specific protection in the Santa Rosa Area area at the California Department of Consumer Affairs website.

Research on Moving Companies in Santa Rosa

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A local moving contractor helps a client with moving and storage services by taking packed boxes from their home to a secure storage facility.If you are looking for storage space for temporary storage or full service moving and long term storage or self storage, The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the Top Ten moving companies and storage companies in Sonoma County CA within the following zip codes:

95421, 95444, 94951, 94972, 94953, 95486, 94923, 95442, 95465, 95480, 95431, 95473, 94922, 95439, 95462, 95405, 95433, 95408, 94952, 95472, 95403, 95404, 95430, 95406, 95425, 95450, 95452, 95401, 94927, 95402, 95412, 95436, 95409, 95407, 95419, 95471, 95441, 94931, 95448, 94999, 95416, 94975, 95487, 95476, 94928, 95446, 94954, 95492, 94955 and 95497

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