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September 20, 2021
The TOP 10 Architects in Somerset County NJ

The TOP 10 Architects in Somerset County NJ

Beer & Coleman Architects

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(908) 757-7007
112 Town Center Dr
Warren, NJ 07059

Areas Served: Somerset County, North Plainfield NJ, Franklin NJ, Somerset NJ, Bridgewater…
Services: architects for all architectural design, residential architects, commercial architects

Brandes Maselli Architects

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(908) 766-7508
4 Claremont Rd
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Areas Served: Franklin NJ, Somerset County, Somerville NJ, Bridgewater NJ, North Plainfield…
Services: architects for all architectural design, commercial architects, residential architects

Hiland Turner Associates Architects

  • Hiland Turner Associates Architects Profile
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(908) 696-0072
47 Mine Brook Rd
Bernardsville, NJ 07924

Areas Served: Somerset County NJ, Martinsville NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Bernards NJ, Hillsborough…
Services: architectural design, contemporary architects, traditional architects, blueprints

Salustro Partnership Architect

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(732) 764-8866
784 Chimney Rock Rd # F
Martinsville, NJ 08836

Areas Served: Bernards NJ, Franklin New Jersey, Bridgewater NJ, Bernards NJ, Somerset…
Services: modern architects, traditional architects, contemporary architects, sustainable designs

Cerminara Architect

  • Cerminara Architect Profile
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(908) 685-7700
224 Courtyard Dr
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Areas Served: Franklin New Jersey, Somerset County, Bernards NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Somerset…
Services: residential architects, commercial architects, civic architects, architectural designs

Architecture Plus

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(908) 707-8100
1130 US Highway 202 # B5
Raritan, NJ 08869

Areas Served: Branchburg NJ, Somerset County NJ, Franklin Park NJ, Bridgewater NJ,…
Services: local architects for sustainable design, modern architecture, traditional architecture

Jimmy Dumas Architecture

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(732) 568-0660
600 Franklin Blvd # 2a
Somerset, NJ 08873

Areas Served: Somerset County, Franklin NJ, Bridgewater NJ, Hillsborough NJ, Bernards NJ,…
Services: architects for residential & commercial design, new construction & remodels

Limn Architects

  • Limn Architects Profile
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  • Limn Architects Offers
(908) 252-0002
116 W Cliff St
Somerville, NJ 08876

Areas Served: North Plainfield NJ, Somerset County, Franklin Park NJ, Bridgewater NJ,…
Services: architects, contemporary architecture, traditional architecture, green architecture

SSP Architectural Group

  • SSP Architectural Group Profile
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(908) 725-7800
148 W End Ave
Somerville, NJ 08876

Areas Served: Bridgewater NJ, Montgomery NJ, Bernards NJ, Somerset County NJ, Franklin…
Services: architectural designs, blueprints, home design, commercial architects, civic, retail