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St Louis Edition

Coach Harder Driving School

Areas Served: St Louis County incl. St Louis MO, Chesterfield MO,Wildwood MO, Ferguson MO,...
Services: driver's training, behind the wheel driving instructors, classroom instruction, dual ...

Coach Harder Driving School Customer Reviews

"One of the best. He taught my daugher several years ago and she still uses the concepts he taught her, especially parallel parking and highway driving. Way to go Coach!"

—Jamie S.

"Thank you for the awesome lessons that you gave my 15-year-old daughter.

Before the lessons, she was only willing to drive around our neighborhood, but by the time she finished the lessons, she was eager to drive even on Manchester Road at rush hour, and she did a remarkably good job.

In addition to the confidence that you gave her, I appreciate all of the laws and techniques you taught her about. She was correcting my driving based on things you taught her (such as I shouldn't do rolling stops); I'm glad she has learned all of those things because they will help her to be a safer and law-abiding driver.

I highly recommend them for all new drivers; it is invaluable to their safety and the safety of the other cars on the road."

—Rebecca H.

"I just wanted to let you know that our son passed his driving test and received his license yesterday. He received 100% on the test and his test examiner said he was one of the best drivers he has tested! Thank you for preparing him so well!"

—Gabrielle M.

"Arrived at our home each day on time & returned my daughter at the agreed upon time. On the one occasion that I wasn't home when she returned, he called my cell to let me know she was in the house safely. I received a daily report from him personally & then an overall report in a letter. He increased my daughter's abilities and confidence ten fold! I have already recommended them several times."

—Tracy B.

"I highly recommend to equip new drivers for safety and road readiness. The instructors are calm and provide excellent training. My timid and anxiety prone daughter now has confidence as well as solid driving skills. Coach Harder Driving School taught my daughter solid, safe driving skills and prepared her for the driver's exam."

—Jane H.


Updated January 16, 2018