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The Best Construction Companies in Olympia WA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire

General contractors in Olympia WA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 symbol are the construction companies that have met a higher standard than the minimum Washington regulatory standard. They are the ones proven by our independent research to have passed the TOP 10 requirements for competency and value, carry liability insurance for your protection, who use only employees verified legal to work in the U.S., and for whom our staff has called previous customers to verify high satisfaction with them as residential or commercial builders in Olympia WA, including new custom home builders.

Updated January 16, 2018

 The TOP 10 General Contractors in Olympia WA

Williams Contracting
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(360) 556-9964
2233 South Bay Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98506
State License #WILLICI894ME
   Prime Buyer's Report TOP 10 NAHB (National Association of Home Builders) EPA Lead Safe Certified OMB (Olympia Master Builders) BIAW (Building Industry Association of Washington)

Areas Served: Thurston County incl. Olympia WA
Services: general contractors, new construction services, new homes, design/build
Key Brands: Festool

Sheer Design Construction
(360) 894-1144
Bald Hl
Yelm, WA 98597

Areas Served: Olympia WA,Yelm WA,Thurston County WA,Thurston South WA,Lacey WA,Tumwater Wash
Services: local construction company for all construction services incl residential, commercial

Johnson Construction
(360) 273-6666
18741 Nutmeg St SW
Rochester, WA 98579

Areas Served: Thurston County Wash,Lacey WA,Olympia Washington,Thurston South WA,Tanglewilde WA
Services: general contractors for new construction, custom home builders, commercial building

Mike's Handyman Service
(360) 464-5400
1506 Dogwood St SE
Lacey, WA 98503

Areas Served: Lacey WA,Thurston County WA,Tumwater WA,Olympia WA,Thurston South WA,Yelm Washington
Services: construction company for custom homes, commercial building, construction permits

C&C General Contractors
(360) 690-5414
15726 Woodland Ct SE
Yelm, WA 98597

Areas Served: Thurston County WA,Tumwater WA,Lacey WA,Thurston South Washington,Olympia Washington
Services: local builders for all construction needs including residential & commercial

CA & G General Construction
(360) 239-3575
16415 Pine Tree Ln SW
Tenino, WA 98589

Areas Served: Lacey WA,Olympia WA,Thurston South WA,Thurston County WA,Tumwater WA,Yelm WA
Services: local general contractors for residential construction, commercial construction

Berschauer Construction Inc
(360) 866-1484
730 Oleary St NW
Olympia, WA 98502

Areas Served: Olympia Wash,Thurston County WA,Tumwater WA,Tumwater WA,Lacey WA,Rainier Washington
Services: construction company for new construction, custom home building

Calvary Construction
(360) 915-8075
928 Trosper Rd SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

Areas Served: Olympia Washington,Thurston County WA,Yelm WA,Thurston South WA,Lacey WA,Tanglewilde
Services: general contractors & construction company for new construction & building

The Best Construction Companies in Olympia WA Are the Ones Proven Safe To Hire  

The state of Washington requires general contractors in Olympia WA to be registered with the state for which there is no test or exam of ability or knowledge as builders.

So the state registration for general contractors is no guarantee that any particular general contractor in Olympia WA is even competent, is doing business ethically, delivering value, or satisfying customers.

This makes it all the more significant that all general contractors in Olympia WA who bear The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have been cleared by our research staff as passing all the requirements for Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 status such as survey phone calls to previous customers to verify high satisfaction, good complaint record, verified state registration, only employees legal to work in the U.S., and more.

Not all general contractors in Olympia WA can be equally experienced in every specialized area of construction. So find general contractors in Olympia WA based on the specific type of work you need done. Some general contractors specialize as custom home builders in Olympia WA, as design/build contractors, as commercial contractors or as municipal construction companies. Regardless of the particular construction services you need, there are general contractors in Olympia WA who can perform the kind of construction you want done.

Some General Contractors in Olympia WA Are Better Than Others
The Prime Buyer's Report lists these general building contractors in Olympia WA: Williams Contracting, Berschauer Construction Inc, Mike's Handyman Service, CA & G General Construction, Calvary Construction, Sheer Design Construction, Johnson Construction, Black River Builders, C&C General Contractors. Other construction firms, home builders and general contractors in Olympia WA that might still be in business include: .



Questions To Ask General Contractors in Olympia WA 

Step 1: Describe The Construction Work to the General Contractors in Olympia WA
When you talk with general contractors in Olympia, explain what type of construction you need. Be consistent so each of the construction companies can submit an estimate based on the same information.

Step 2: Ask Questions and Take Notes
Before you create a list of possible general contractors for your construction project, ask them some important questions about their technical abilities, experience, and the specifics of your construction project. When the general contractors ask you questions, take notes on their concerns. They may reveal some aspects of the construction that are new to you.  

Ask the general contractors the following questions about their experience, abilities, and methods:

• How long have they been builders in Olympia WA specifically?

• How many other projects have they done that are like yours? (Custom home building versus commercial building, etc.)

• Will the general contractor give you names and numbers of cusomters that you can call as references? (All general contractors bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had customers  references called  by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• How long will it take them to prepare a written bid once they conduct the estimate?

• Will they show you proof of workers' compensation and liability insurance? (All general contractors in Olympia WA bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had proof of insurance verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)

• Will the general contractor prove that all their workers sent to your property are legally allowed to work in the U.S.? (All builders in Olympia WA bearing The Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already signed an agreement to only hire legally documented workers.)

• How do they determine pricing? For example is it T&M (time and materials) or a flat price and how are cost overruns handled?

• Will they give you a written contract that details the exact brands of products, model numbers, materials and amounts to be used? Neglecting to show those in writing is a way that seemingly cheap contractors unrealistically underbid others to get your project. Either you're getting poor materials that look bad or will fail. or you request better materials once the job is underway and the cost goes up accordingly.

• What type of written guarantee does each of the construction companies provide and what are the terms?

• Will construction permits be needed? If so, will the general contractors be responsible for getting those or do they leave that to you? Failure to get permits is another way cheap contractors in Olympia are able to underbid legitimate ones. Unfortunately unpermitted work can stop you from selling the property and even make you liable you to big fines and repair costs to get it to code.

• Will they be bringing in subcontractors for your project and if so, what are those company names?

• How often and when will they clean up the work site?  What does the final post-project clean up include?


When you've chosen the best contractors in Olympia WA for your specific needs, make sure they are registered with the state of Washington as required by law. (All general contractors in Olympia WA bearing the Prime Buyer's Report-TOP 10 symbol have already had their state registration verified by our research staff so you don't have to.)



Tips About General Contractors and Construction Companies in Olympia WA 

Have A Plan For Evaluating the Builders

There are good commercial builders or home builders in Olympia WA. Feel free to have more than one conversation before moving forward and prepare what you want to cover before hand each time. You'll be happier with the end result when you make the time to properly outline your job and carefully match a builder to your needs.

Write a Description of the Job for the Builders
Write up a paragraph or two (depending on the intricacy of the job) about the project specifics before contacting construction companies in Olympia WA. Since each general contractor will see the same written specifics, you'll be sure that you are comparing responses on an equal basis. Then you can better judge which construction company gave you the best answers to your consistent description.

Don't Decide Based on Price Alone
It's okay to get a few separate estimates for comparison. But remember, price should not be your only determining factor. The cheap contractors in Olympia WA are usually not the best ones, and a cheap bid often turns out to be the most expensive in the long run due to cost overruns, or poor work that has to be fixed or redone by someone else.

Get it in Writing
Ask builders to give you everything in writing to prevent conflicts later. Ask the general contractors to provide you with a written description of the construction work, pricing and a time frame for completion.

Maintain Great Communication During Construction.
Communication is an often overlooked skill with general contractors. But to maintain a successful working relationship, both parties must make keep one another informed. If you have doubt about how the project is going, don't jump to conclusions. Instead, call and ask the builder about your concerns. There may be a reasonable explanation for changes or delays.

Commitment In Advance to do a Walk-Through Upon Completion
After the project is finished, return to the agreement you signed and walk through the site with the most senior staff member available at the construction company to compare the results to the particulars in the contract. Bring up any items that differ from what was agreed to.



Resources About General Contractors in Olympia WA 

Associations & Licensing for General Contractors in Olympia WA

ABC Associated Builders and Contractors
ABCWA Associated Builders and Contractors of Western Washington
AGC Association of General Contractors
AGCWA Association of General Contractors Washington
ASA American Subcontractors Association
BIAW Building Industry Association of Washington
HBA Home Builders Association
NAHB National Association of Home Builders
NAWIC National Association of Women in Construction
NICA Northwest Independent Contractors Association

General Building Contractors Media &Web Resources
Blueprint Magazine
Building Design and Construction
Environmental Design and Construction Magazine
Fine Homebuilding
Homebuilding & Renovating Magazine
Home & Design
HOUSE Magazine
Luxury Home
New Old House
Old House Journal
Smart Homeowner
This Old House
Western Interiors and Design

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 General Contractors in Olympia WA within the following zip codes:

98503, 98532, 98512, 98597, 98516, 98506, 98507, 98502, 98511, 98513, 98540, 98508, 98579, 98568, 98501, 98556, 98589, 98576, 98531 and 98509

The Prime Buyer's Report provides information for the TOP 10 Construction Companies in Olympia WA within the following cities:

Rainier, North Yelm, Grand Mound, Olympia, Yelm, Lacey, Tenino, Thurston South, Tanglewilde and Tumwater

General Contractors Lacey WA

Abcd General Contractors Lacey WA 98507-7655
Alpha & Omega Construction Company Lacey WA 98503-1316
Bailey Berg General Contractors Lacey WA 98516-7148
DS Home Builders Lacey WA 98503-8208
Durbin Construction Company Lacey WA 98503-3585
Earl Loftis Construction Company Lacey WA 98503-2634
Energy Conscious Construction Company Lacey WA 98516-2339
GTX Industries General Contractors Lacey WA 98516-5710
Hand Cut Construction Company Lacey WA 98513-5567
Harbin Construction Company Lacey WA 98509-8339
Hoffman Enterprises General Contractors Lacey WA 98509-3218
JD's Construction Company Lacey WA 98503-1544
Jones & Roberts General Contractors Lacey WA 98507-1488
Macaulay Brown General Contractors Lacey WA 98503-5752
Maxfield Construction Company Lacey WA 98516-2214
Mike's Handyman Service Lacey WA 98503-2741
Ralls Construction Company Lacey WA 98513-6819
Trans Northwest General Contractors Lacey WA 98503-7905
Wright Brothers Construction Company Lacey WA 98503-6717


General Contractors Olympia WA

Adroit General Contractors Olympia WA 98502-6082
AR Jorgensen Construction Company Olympia WA 98506-2911
Avondale Home Builders Olympia WA 98502-9333
BB Enterprises General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-6837
Bailey General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-1212
Benco General Contractors Olympia WA 98516-6227
Berschauer Construction Company Olympia WA 98502-9593
Berschauer Phillips Construction Company Olympia WA 98508-1489
Bill McTurnal Enterprises General Contractors Olympia WA 98508-2048
Black River Home Builders Olympia WA 98512-7493
Brinkerhoff Home Builders Olympia WA 98502-3655
Brumfield Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-9494
Cj Phillips Construction Company Olympia WA 98501-1517
Conrex General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-2541
D Daniels Construction Company Olympia WA 98501-9738
Dale Vern De Forest General Contractors Olympia WA 98507-7691
Doyle Custom Home Builders Olympia WA 98508-3049
Felchlin General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-9698
Friend & Friend General Contractors Olympia WA 98508-2209
GDIndustries General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-9554
Granite Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-9160
Gregg Schade Construction Company Olympia WA 98502-9715
Harsco Corp General Contractors Olympia WA 98512-9155
Hez Enterprises General Contractors Olympia WA 98513-8813
Home Resource General Contractors Olympia WA 98516-2127
Integrity Construction Company Olympia WA 98501-1131
Intergrity Construction Company Olympia WA 98506-3051
Isaksen Construction Company Olympia WA 98502-3968
J&D General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-6657
John Gass III General Contractor Olympia WA 98506-4276
K&M Construction Company Olympia WA 98513-9266
Kappert's Waterfront Construction Olympia WA 98512-9144
Kaufman Brothers Construction Company Olympia WA 98516-5622
KBH Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-7528
KDM General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-6226
Kilburg Construction Company Olympia WA 98502-3700
Lakeview General Contractors Olympia WA 98502-9492
Landmark General Contractors Olympia WA 98512-9219
Lett Construction Company Olympia WA 98516-1132
Lifespan Home General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-9620
Lilly Road General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-7400
Mansion Makers General Contractors Olympia WA 98503-1534
Masterbilt Creations General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-2510
Mer MansonGeneral Contractor Olympia WA 98501-9642
Mike Anderson Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-7003
Mr Construction General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-3690
Northwest Design General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-5048
NYCO Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-2213
Park Place Industries General Contractors Olympia WA 98501-9416
Phillips Construction Service Olympia WA 98501-1517
Purdhoe Bay Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-1039
Realm General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-9331
Rick'R Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-9368
Royce Pacific General Contractors Olympia WA 98503-6200
Scott Edward Construction Company Olympia WA 98508-1729
Scott Home Builders Olympia WA 98506-4913
Scott Wall Construction Company Olympia WA 98507-2789
Soundwood Construction Company Olympia WA 98506-5047
South Bay Home Builders Olympia WA 98506-4579
Southwest Builders General Contractors Olympia WA 98506-9616
Stender Construction Company Olympia WA 98501-3273
Sunrise Construction Company Olympia WA 98501-1133
TL Enterprises General Contractors Olympia WA 98502-4502
TNT Small Works General Contractors Olympia WA 98507-0061
Tunista Construction Company Olympia WA 98502-4577
Turner Construction Company Olympia WA 98512-9282
Washington Construction Service Olympia WA 98512-7943
West Valley Construction Company Olympia WA 98503-5213
Westgate Construction Company Olympia WA 98507-6297
Williams Contracting Company Olympia WA 98506-3545


General Contractors Rainier WA

Clairendon Construction Company Rainier WA 98576-0260
J D Ackerman Home Builders Rainier WA 98576-1071
Rainer General Contractors Rainier WA 98576-0627
Superior Building Service General Contractors Rainier WA 98576-1148
Tim Baker Construction Service Rainier WA 98576-9506


General Contractors Rochester WA

Black River Builders Rochester WA 98579-9618
CB Metal Buildings & Construction Rochester WA 98579-8702
David Wiesehan Construction Company Rochester WA 98579-9354
E&R Construction Company Rochester WA 98579-8720
Howard Bodin Construction Company Rochester WA 98579-9609
Johnson Construction Company Rochester WA 98579-9143
Mountain View General Contractors Rochester WA 98579-8526
Trucut Construction Company Rochester WA 98579-8917


General Contractors Tenino WA

Brand X General Contractors Tenino WA 98589-0090
CA&G General Contractors Tenino WA 98507-6239
Gem Construction & Maintenance Tenino WA 98589-9516
Jensen Home Builders Tenino WA 98589-0252
N Wiens Construction Company Tenino WA 98589-9476
Pratt's Services Tenino WA 98589-9677
Stable Systems General Contractors Tenino WA 98589-0477
Stewart Brothers Construction Company Tenino WA 98589-9002
Todd A Hansen General Contractors Tenino WA 98589-9239
True Craft Construction Company Tenino WA 98589-9620


General Contractors Tumwater WA

Andy Johnson & Co General Contractors Tumwater WA 98512-6219
Arriba Construction Company Tumwater WA 98512-5105
Calvary Construction Company Tumwater WA 98512-6938
Capitol General Contractors Tumwater WA 98512-6779
Champion Construction Company Tumwater WA 98512-7630
Christensen General Contractors Tumwater WA 98512-6117
GM Carlson General Contractors Tumwater WA 98501-4639
Harrington Construction Company Tumwater WA 98540-0001
Ja Morris Construction Company Tumwater WA 98512-6323
Lemier Phillips General Contractors Tumwater WA 98512-6117
Leo Finnegan Construction Company Tumwater WA 98512-6218
Nick Culp Construction Company Tumwater WA 98501-5551
Polygon Home Builders Tumwater WA 98512-4608


General Contractors Yelm WA

Bob Howard Jr Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-1260
C&C General Contractors Yelm WA 98597-9426
Cab Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-8534
Hepburn Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-9650
Malli Home Builders Yelm WA 98597-1170
Paramount Builders Yelm WA 98597-2143
RE Paigen General Contractors Yelm WA 98597-0625
Right Choice Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-9238
Sheer Design Construction Company Yelm WA 98558-1442
Taylor Design & Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-0292
Tim's Quality Construction Company Yelm WA 98597-9683
Wayne Perry General Contractors Yelm WA 98597-9238





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Questions To Ask General Contractors in Olympia WA

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Tips About General Contractors and Construction Companies in Olympia WA

Guidelines for dealing with general contractors in Olympia WA to help ensure better results.more »



Resources About General Contractors in Olympia WA

The following is a list of trade associations, publications, and regulatory agencies related to construction companies, new home builders, and general contractors in Olympia WA.more »