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July 19, 2024
The Prime Buyer's Report: Your definitive guide to local shopping and services

Coronavirus Impacts

Due to changing conditions and virus-prevention efforts around the country, you may experience longer than expected response times from Prime Buyer’s Report Top Ten companies and other local services.

Stay informed, stay healthy, and help your community stay safe. Learn more about COVID-19 here.


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Every company claims to be good, including the ones that aren’t. And you can’t always trust review websites because many are biased or include fake reviews. It’s hard to know the truth.

The solution is our third-party research done to research industry standards. We’ve investigated thousands of local businesses so you don’t have to, including license status, proof of insurance, survey phone calls to previous customers, complaint history and more.

Finding a top company that will provide the product or service you’re looking for is now as easy as a couple of clicks. Simply choose your geographic area and product or service category to find The Prime Buyer’s Report Top Ten® companies safe to spend with.

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