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September 18, 2018
  • American Discovery Publishing®, LLC is a proud member of the AAP (Association of American Publishers), the nation's most broad-based journalism organization, and founded in 1970. It's also a member in good standing of the prestigious SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists), the nation's largest organization for working journalists.

  • Located in Santa Rosa CA, American Discovery Publishing is staffed by hard-working researchers, writers and editors, programmers and designers dedicated to delivering valuable information and committed to the consumer's right to know.

  • Consumers are faced with many options when it comes to choosing which local businesses to trust. Trying to make sense of so many different and unsubstantiated claims by local businesses can be daunting and confusing for average consumers who simply want to make the right choice for themselves or family.

  • As a premier research and publishing company, American Discovery Publishing created The Prime Buyer's Report®, the ongoing product of thousands of research hours, thousands of phone calls, and interviews of local business owners to determine top local businesses that consumers can use with trust and confidence.

  • Like you, the well-knit team of people who make up American Discovery Publishing care about the well-being of their friends, community and family. We understand how important it is to know something about the businesses you hire and the individuals who own and run them, and so we've created this easy-to-use web-based format to access The Prime Buyer's Report® online.

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