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July 12, 2020

Harkey Construction, Inc.

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(707) 836-1315
810 DenBeste Court #101
Windsor, CA 95492
State Contractors License #790931 (B)
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Diamond Certified
  • Better Business Bureau
  • Chamber of Commerce-Santa Rosa
  • Chamber of Commerce-Windsor
  • NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)
  • NCBE (North Coast Builders Exchange)

Areas Served: Sonoma County incl. Santa Rosa CA, Healdsburg CA, Sebastopol CA,…
Services: general contractors, residential general contractors, custom home building, commercial construction…

Harkey Construction, Inc. Capability Reviews

    Harkey Construction Super Review

    Harkey Construction offers quality work, timely services, and fair value provided by caring, responsive, and professional construction staff.

    "The house is absolutely wonderful... You folks did a fabulous job and the quality of workmanship shows! …Thanks for being so easy to work with and so cooperative." This is what a client named Anna G. wrote about Harkey Construction in a review on the company’s website, and it matches much of what I read during my research. To start, I visited all seven source review sites and read every single review, a total of 205 reviews.

    In total, Harkey Construction has a 5-star average on Google from 2 reviews, 4 on Yelp from 7, 5 on Houzz from 6, 4.9 stars on Facebook from 16 reviews, and a 96 % customer loyalty rating on Diamond Certified, adding to evidence that they’re in the top tier of construction companies in the Bay Area in terms of true satisfaction performance.


    It’s important to consider what past clients have said about construction companies they’ve hired, especially in terms of the work they had done. Savvy homeowners who are hiring contractors can learn a lot about what they can expect by reading what previous customers have experienced.

    When it came to this company’s work, Laura L. said in a Diamond Certified phone survey, “They met my highest expectations.” Likewise, in a Yelp review, Ed M. reported that he had hired the company for two separate major projects, including a master bathroom remodel and replacement windows and siding: “We have actually enjoyed both processes. Whenever we have a large project, Harkey will be the first company we call.”

    Reviews like these can give new customers peace of mind as they further research companies they want to hire.


    Company employees also got a lot of positive recognition in reviews. Thirty reviewers mentioned how much they enjoyed working with the company and its employees. On Yelp alone, four of the seven reviews specifically state how much the reviewers enjoyed their interactions with the company.

    Twenty-three reviewers also talked about how the company does their best to please customers and make sure the job is done correctly, and 17 used the word “responsive” to describe the attention they received. From answering phone calls, talking about the project in detail, and emphasizing communication, these reviewers commented that they love the way the company puts customers first. A reviewer named Bill W. said, “We received a lot of personal attention.” He also pointed out the company’s “cooperative attitude,” and that “they were very responsive.” Bene M. said that the company employees were "Very honest, on time, and very easy to talk to."


    Forty-five reviewers used the word “quality” to describe the company’s completed work. In fact, 27 % of all reviewers referenced quality work or dedication to quality. Bill called the company’s workmanship “world-class.” He added, “The entire Harkey team… did incredible work. This is truly the level of craftsmanship that I thought was no longer obtainable…”

    This is an especially important factor to consider now because quality work can be hard to come by due to the strength of the home construction and repair market. With more demand on companies’ time and more competition in the market, consumers have reported lower quality work. However, reviews of this company show that’s not the case with them.

    Timing and Price

    Homeowners want contractors who stay on budget and on schedule, and reviewers said this company delivers in both of those areas. Mark B. said, “They did the job on time, on budget.” Robert G. wrote, “They worked really well with me to make sure we kept things on budget and extremely close to the completion date.” Diane H. said, “They worked with us on price and what we could afford.”

    However, Lori S. shared that she had to wait to get the bid and for the job to start, so she docked two stars. That review sheds light on something clients should be aware of—the potential that the most in-demand companies may be busy and may not be able to start jobs right away. That means clients should ask about timelines and how long each step of the process will take so that there are no surprises.

    Budgets are also a big factor, and cost was mentioned in 20 reviews. A reviewer going by the handle ddrkgr remarked on how professional and reliable the company was when completing their interior home remodel: “They do quality work and provided professional advice and guidance... They provided us with great service overall and kept us within our budget!” Brian M. noted that the company “put together an incredible budget figure that allowed us to do even more than we expected for the cost.”

    Now that I’ve read all 205 reviews about Harkey Construction and analyzed the responses, it’s clear that customers overwhelmingly appreciate what the company offers in terms of work, employees, quality, timing, and price. Although company claims about themselves can be hard to trust, real customers who have experienced what the company provides are the best source for information. And while any individual review can be inaccurate, the totality of the positive reviews across major and minor reviews sites shows that the company is performing very well for its customers.

    Brian M. summed up the overarching customer experience, writing, “This is everything you want from a contractor ... professionalism, craftsmanship, compassion,” adding that Harkey Construction is “a top flight company top to bottom.”

    Written January 2020



    Client Reviews

    "Thank you so much for the great work you did on our new office. You obviously have a great crew who enjoy working for you. We hope to see you at our open house later this summer."
    Joni & Stanley Jacobs, MD
    "I have full confidence that you built me a solid building, the right way. I appreciate it and I give you a glowing review to everyone who asks (which seems to be like everyone I talk to)."
    Bob Koenitzer, DDS
    "The house is absolutely wonderful and we are enjoying it completely. You folks did a fabulous job and the quality of workmanship shows! Also, thanks for being so easy to work with and so cooperative."
    Anna Ghandour
    "Great service, professional, respectful, neat clean job... Happy Customer!"
    Lisa Higgenbottom
    "Thanks again for such a fine job you all did on our house! We love everything & are receiving compliments constantly! You guys are absolutely terrific! I would recommend you to anyone!"
    Sharon Theodore
    "Thank you! It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff. Very professional, responsible, timely and pleasant! Would highly recommend Harkey Construction! (And I have)"
    Connie & Dennis Plehn
    "... the outstanding work done on last summer's addition, amply demonstrate the care and capabilities of Harkey Construction. I greatly appreciate your efforts."
    Peter Banks
    "I want to thank the team for their professionalism and craftsmanship. The crew that did the work were courteous and considerate, and did a great job...worked hard to find the solution that would meet our needs, quality-wise and cost-wise...always honest and open about all of the issues. ...constantly informed us of work status and gave us opportunities to discuss the plans and the results so that we felt part of the team, and were consequently happy with the results at the end of the job...did all this while staying within the scope of work. I don't think other companies would have given such excellent service."
    Chris Gilbert, Gilbert-Hamilton Photography
    "It has been a real treat working with you all! ...always courteous, prompt, easy to understand, thorough, etc. — so unusual in today's business world!"
    Grace Barner
    "This was a very sensitive project ... your expertise and professionalism helped us complete this project on time and within budget."
    Randy Furuta, Project Manger, Pacific Gas & Electric
    "I have been impressed with his operation on several counts ... attention to detail, timeliness, honesty and quality workmanship appear to be an integral part of his business ..."
    Jack Rust, Building Superintendent, North Coast Division, Pacific Gas & Electric
    "What an excellent job ... your man's ability to explain things and connect with all the subcontractors involved, as well as carry through on even the simplest of things like start times, certainly builds trust ... I'm a big fan ..."
    Mary Wolski
    "Work looks great!" "The greatest contractor company in the world!" "Owners of the most gorgeous house on Daybreak Court"
    The Sheldons
    "They made our dream come true, the Harkey boys do wonderful work...we're blown away by how much we like our kitchen"
    Martin and Ann B. Coyne
    "This truly was an enhancement ... thank you for your work ... your crew was very professional ... we are grateful for gifts such as this that help provide for the people we serve."
    Stan Higgins, Oaks of Hebron, Inc.

    "Efficient, professional, and high quality work"

              Alan F.

    "They explained in detail what needed to be done, did it in a timely fashion, and did it to our satisfaction."

    "The owner was willing to go line by line on the contract with us to make sure we got everything we asked for. He even faxed us the contract twice. He had the most realistic bid. He was exemplary and professional. He made it easy. His team was more than on time. I felt comfortable giving them access to my house and walking away. I am going to use them again."

    Deborah T.

    "Excellent project management, they completed the job with high quality, and they were on time."

    "Their overall responsiveness, there were three other Diamond Certified companies that did not provide me with a quote or respond to my email. They came out, looked at the job, they were very detail oriented, and worked with me on the job. He helped me through the whole process and it was a pleasure working with him."

    Carol C.

    "That they were just really easy to work with, very respectful, and on time"
    "Their dependability"

    Bill R.

    "I thought they gave very attentive and personal service. They had very high integrity and they were very client oriented. They were very pleasant to deal with."
    "Just their style of dealing with the client"

    Bill W.

    "They were absolutely great. They were polite, they did a great job, cleaned everything up, and the windows look great. They did an excellent job and all of the neighbors comment on how good they look."

    "They were easy. I called for a bid and they worked with me to get a good deal. They were very polite."

    Carol P.

    "They worked with me really well."

    "They did the job and they did it the way I wanted them to."

    Ruby B.

    "They listen to everything you have to say, finished in time, if we had a problem with their subcontractors they took care of it immediately. Everything went just fine"

    Chuck J.

    "We received a lot of personal attention. They also had a very cooperative attitude about changes and things like that. They were very responsive to any issues that came up. I thought we developed a good relationship with them. We will be using them again."

    Bill W.

    "Trust them. They know what they are doing and you will be happy."
    "They were professional, they did what I needed in a timely manner, and they corrected anything that I did not like immediately. They are very good people to work with. They are honest and fair people. He is perfect."

    Jeanie W.

    "They are honest and trustful. They didn't try to hide any mistakes. If there was anything wrong, they fixed it and there was no hassle. They didn't bring headaches."
    "Their crew was very polite and clean. They were on time and very professional. The surrounding neighbors who saw them work also hired them and I am considering using them again."

    Ann G.

    "They do things on time, they are very neat and clean, and they are great. I am totally satisfied with them. The people who work for them are very good."
    "All kinds of things, they got the job done exactly on time and they found what the problem was when no one else could find it."

    Linda G.

    "Honest, dependable, and on time"
    "I would give them a '10+'. I like their dependability and the quality of their work."

    Magdalena M.

    "Good follow-through, good follow-up, and good customer service, they are attentive to details."

    "They got in and did a good job."
    Shellie H.

    "They did a wonderful job and they were friendly and courteous. I really liked working with them. They did a marvelous job."
    "I would give them a '10+'. I liked the end product."

    Robin G.

    "They were great. They were professional and on time. They delivered on every promise."
    "They were very truthful and they met my highest expectations. I am willing to recommend them to anybody. They followed up on everything."

    Laura L.

    "I liked that they had a good reputation and they were local. They answered my calls right away and they came back when I needed them."

    Barbara B.

    "Excellent quality, very responsible, and they are very responsive."

    Gene C.

    "Very honest, on time, and very easy to talk to, we love them."

    Bene M.

    "They listen to what I want. I think that they try to do their best to please me to the point where if there is some miscommunication, they will fix it to make sure it is done right."

    Monika B

    "I would rate them an '11'. We've used them twice. I like the quality of their work, the explanation that goes along with it beforehand, and their clean-up."

    Andie M