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June 19, 2024

Company Review Guidelines

You can review companies in our coverage area based on your own experience as a real customer.

Customer reviews can be posted soonest for those companies already listed in The Prime Buyer’s Report. If the company is not already found on the site, it may take additional research time for us to include them. Obviously, some people may try to post untrue negative reviews about a company. For this reason, some negative reviews must be verified by us according to accepted research industry standards before they can be made live.

On other review websites, anyone can often unfairly and anonymously submit false and damaging negative reviews about businesses, including competitors, disgruntled employees, and unreasonable consumers. While some other website publishers who take no responsibility for the damage done by such reviews, The Prime Buyer’s Report believes that online publishers should make an effort to be fair.

We know and care that malicious anonymous postings on review sites can have real effects on the reputations and livelihoods of business owners.

That’s why we’ve put safeguards in place to ensure the legitimacy of negative reviews. If we receive a negative review of a company, we may require the following:

  • Reviewers must provide a contact phone number where a researcher from The Prime Buyer’s Report can reach them to verify their review.
  • Reviewers must show documented proof that they were really a customer (receipts, etc.).
  • Reviewers must provide documentation of their claim (if provable in a documentable manner).
  • IF ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE MET, we will contact the business owner so they may make the customer satisfied and allow them to withdraw the negative review.
  • IF ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE MET, we reserve the right to paraphrase the review and publish only the central idea, not word for word. This prevents rants, personal attacks, and claims that are unnecessarily damaging, personal or inflammatory.
  • IF ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE MET, the business owner is allowed to provide a response, which will be displayed along with the negative review.