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June 25, 2024
The Prime Buyer's Report: Your definitive guide to local shopping and services

Growing with over 7 million uses each year, consumers trust The Prime Buyer’s Report to avoid the scam, fraud and businesses with low customer satisfaction.  Editors and research staff perform phone call surveys with customers of local businesses, phone calls to company owners and one-on-one interviews, and more to determine the businesses that are safe to spend with.

Businesses in The Prime Buyer’s Report® that display the Prime Buyer’s Report — TOP 10® seal are those that have passed what the staff of The Prime Buyer’s Report has determined to be the top 10 criteria for evaluating the quality and trustworthiness of a local business.


Having passed these top 10 criteria, they are designated in The Prime Buyer’s Report as a TOP 10 business. They may also display the “Prime Buyer’s Report — TOP 10” symbol in their own communications to consumers as assurance that their claims and quality have been verified by an independent third party.


The TOP 10 criteria are:

A valid state license has been verified if such is legally required for their industry.


The company has provided proof of liability insurance or an equivalent (such as Errors & Omissions insurance) in all industries where our staff determines that if service is rendered to the consumer improperly, it could result in financial damages to the consumer. Thus an active insurance policy is in place to reimburse consumers in such an event, however unlikely.


Visual Proof

The Prime Buyer’s Report has seen visual proof of the business, such as previous jobs/work, company facilities, or branded company vehicles.

Time In Business

The company has provided proof that it’s been in business for a minimum of one year, or if less than one year, that the company’s principal has worked in the industry for 5 years or longer.

Workers’ Compensation

Unless legally exempt, the company has provided proof of active Workers’ Compensation insurance if it is in an industry that requires being on or in the customer’s property.

Violations Check

Companies in an industry regulated by the State have no more than one violation per $1M in annual revenue in the past 12 months and no more than three violations per $1M in annual revenue in the past five years.

Complaint Status

Company need NOT be a member of Better Business Bureau, but any complaints there must have been responded to by the company.


Thorough Disclosure

The company owner has taken part in a thorough editorial interview by The Prime Buyer’s Report, focused on professional abilities, personal background as it relates to their profession, specialties and performance, and agrees to be presented to consumers in a forthright, open manner.


Best Business Practices

The company has agreed to the ethical standards outlined in the ten-point Best Business Practices Promise.

Customer Satisfaction

The Prime Buyer’s Report staff calls customers of the business to confirm they were satisfied with the company’s performance.