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July 23, 2021

Anacapa Insurance Services Inc

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(855) 396-7003
1746 S Victoria Ave

State Licenses #0G67884, 0E16254
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Services: life insurance, incl. high risk & health issues like diabetes,…
Key Brands: American General Life Insurance Company, American National Insurance Company, AXA…

The waters of life insurance are filled with a lot of sharks—agents limited to products from the one provider they're tied to who put a lot of sales pressure on clients to justify face-to-face meetings and who can sign you up for the wrong products either due to lack of experience or deliberately by taking advantage of your inability to decipher confusing legal terms.

That's why consumers reported to us how grateful they were to find Anacapa Insurance based in Ventura CA, and serving multiple states including California, Washington, Florida and Texas by phone, for a lack of sales pressure and greater convenience. They describe their relief at being able to choose from multiple carriers for the best prices and products, and having found an insurance company with a proven record of fully informing clients with simple easy-to-understand explanations, and their confidence in company owner Tim Smith, who has a special expertise in finding coverage for those considered high risk due to mature age or existing medical conditions.

Consumers Cite Anacapa Insurance And Tim Smith For Greater Honesty, Better Rates & Results
Some other agents insist on meeting clients in their homes, knowing that you're under more pressure to buy just to get rid of them. And they have to put that pressure on you to justify their greater cost in making that trip.  Unlike those agents, Anacapa Insurance owner Tim Smith works mostly by phone so that there's no need to pressure clients into an immediate decision. It also means he's more available to calls later with questions or changes as opposed to another agent who is constantly driving around and having hour-long meetings.

And unlike so many others who work for one carrier only, greatly restricting what they can make available to you, Tim Smith and Anacapa Insurance can search for you among multiple carriers to find you the best product at the best price.

This was reflected in consumer reports we received, like one from John who told us, "About Tim Smith and Anacapa Insurance, we've been using them since 2007. They've gotten us at least a half a dozen policies. Over time one will expire and they'll replace it. Every time we've had one replaced it's always been the same coverage for less money. Tim is really a good guy. He's very prompt about being accessible and calling back. I trust him and I wouldn't call anybody else. I recommend anyone to use him because he's very knowledgeable and very, very helpful."

Many agents sell you the wrong product. Sometimes it's because they don't fully understand the policy themselves.  With others it's deliberate, knowing you won't easily be able to read the complicated language and so don't know that while your policy is good for life, the current price is not.  In contrast, Tim Smith and Anacapa Insurance are known specifically for not only getting exactly the right terms for your needs, but for the honesty and ability to give simple explanations that lets you know exactly what you have.

That proven willingness to put in the time for clients to understand everything fully was reflected in consumer reports we received in our research, like one from Connie who told us, "About Tim, I loved him. He was great; he was thorough. Everything went well. He worked with me. There was cooperation. I'm very pleased and I recommend him. With Tim you got the right guy for the right reason."

A particular expertise of Tim Smith is securing coverage for high risk people, such as due to mature age like 65 to 75, or health problems like obesity, diabetes, cancer, major surgery and more.  This is due in part to greater experience and industry knowledge compared to others, but also because of how well he's regarded by many underwriters with whom he has good working relationships, so that they trust him when he presents them high-risk clients for coverage.

One example is a recent client from Texas. Tim Smith shares, "It turned out he had no medical records at 70 years old which is an automatic decline for most companies.  So we did a risk assessment that we sent along, and were able to get an offer from a good company that trusted my assessment because I've done business with them before so they know that what I tell them turns out to be true.  They actually gave him Super Preferred status due to that trust.  It's this kind of case which continues to make me feel good about what I'm able to do for people. He would have been left out in the cold, but I was able to get him covered with a good company."

His established trust by so many underwriters also makes getting you coverage in a challenging situation easier because he's able to work with one underwriter at each company all the way through, unlike other agents who are forced to deal with someone different each time they call which is a problem since no two underwriters will have exactly the same criteria for acceptance.    For instance, one recent 75 year old client just barely qualified for more coverage, so Tim Smith came to an agreement with one particular underwriter about what he'd need to show her to get the client accepted.   Then when he had that necessary information together, he was able to reach her again directly to get it right to her, and the client got covered, per their prior agreement.

Ventura County resident Tim Smith lives in Ventura CA, which he loves for its nearness to the ocean and beautiful weather, in contrast to the tough climate of the Nebraska, where he grew up and was instilled with the Midwestern values of hard work, honesty, and helping people.  When he has time, Tim enjoys travel, teaching philosophy, and playing piano.  He's also on the board of the Ventura Music Festival and of the Ventura Arts Events, having also been president of the local symphony. Friends know him as someone honest and compassionate, and clients describe him as professional and friendly.

With so many agents doing high pressure sales, sticking clients with the wrong product due to lack of knowledge or intentionally misleading them, being unable to choose from among multiple carriers for the best product and rates, and failing to find coverage for high risk clients, consumers reported to us their gratitude for Anacapa Insurance and Tim Smith in Ventura CA. They praise his willingness to work entirely by phone for no-pressure situations for clients in many different states, to be able to fully explain policies so they know exactly what they're getting, to shop for them among multiple carriers, and with the proven ability to secure difficult coverage for people deemed high risk due to age or health.

As one consumer named Antonia who reported to us put it, "Anacapa Insurance has been incredible for me. I lost my insurance and Tim Smith worked so hard because my husband was 82 when this occurred. He found an insurance that was reputable, that was within what I could afford, and where the pay-off would absolutely take care of me. What a wonderful man. I can't say enough good things about Tim.   He came to meet with us for the first insurance we took out on my husband and he was so wonderful that then I took out a policy on myself for our adult sons and again he was able to do that even at our ages. Have no fear. He is wonderful and so is his company."