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February 20, 2020

Solutions Property Management

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(321) 403-7155
2235 N Courtenay Pkwy. Suite 2A
Merritt Island, FL 32953
State License #1051830
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Space Coast Association of REALTORS
  • National Association of Realtors
  • NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers)
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Areas Served: Brevard County incl. Merritt Island FL, Titusville FL, Cocoa Beach…
Services: Brevard county property managers; rental listings, tenant screening, rent collection

Consumers who learned the hard way know choosing a property management company based on a cut-rate fee gets you in a lot of trouble and ends up costing you many thousands of dollars. The best choice is one that saves you money by finding the best tenants quickly, but thoroughly screened, and who has expertise in the tenant-oriented rental laws that lets you avoid costly legal troubles.

And that best choice is what consumers told us they found in the Brevard County firm Solutions Property Management in Merritt Island Fl headed by experienced director Rachel DeCamp, who rents your property quickly without cutting corners on tenant screening, with superior expertise in rental law that keeps you out of expensive trouble, all with more thorough communication to you the owner, to both keep you always informed as well as to always know your needs and wants so they can be fulfilled.

Happier Owners With Better Tenants From Solutions Property Management & Rachel DeCamp

Companies that try to trick you with cut-rate fees won't tell you that they can only do that by skimping on the advertising to rent your property quickly, or on the background screening of tenants, or both. Either one ends up being more expensive for you due to months of vacancy without income or bad tenants.

In contrast, Solutions Property Management in Merritt Island FL is a sister company to the local Re/Max, and so they have access to the industry MLS (multiple listing service) that promotes your rental as widely as possible. They also do full background screening of prospective tenants including credit, liens, bankruptcies, sex offences and more. With other companies getting away taking shortcuts on tenant screening, why does Solutions Property Management insist on spending their money to be so thorough? Rachel DeCamp shares, "We owe it to our clients to screen for anything that can potentially prevent a healthy tenancy and there's no substitution for that. We'd rather incur the cost then take a potentially disastrous shortcut. There's an old saying that the bitterness of a problem remains long after the sweetness of low cost is forgotten."


Consumers complain about other companies not keeping them informed and not consulting them when making money decisions on their behalf. Unlike those companies. Solutions Property Management and Rachel DeCamp are especially known for superior communication with the client. Rachel shares, "One of the benefits of a company our size is we're not too big that the client gets lost and doesn't get personal attention from the managers, and we're big enough that we have the experience and resources to be efficient." One example is the well respected state-of-the-art industry software used by Solutions Property Management. Rachel DeCamp says, "It wasn't inexpensive for us but we invested in it because it allows us to keep communication with every client at its most thorough."

Clients we heard from in our research for this article bore this out, like one named Joe who said about Rachel DeCamp, "She has absolutely excellent communication which is very important, especially when you have a property that's at a distance and someone's renting it. Rachel is very proactive making sure the landlords are taken good care of."

Another named Darlene reported to us, "About Solutions Property Management, Rachel is just wonderful, very thorough and on top of everything. They are an excellent company."

Solutions Property Management in Merritt Island FL Protects You From Legal Problems

Renting property has potential costly legal liabilities, so you absolutely need a firm with proven expertise in finessing tenant issues along with superior knowledge of the rental law, and few have as much of both as Solutions Property Management according to their clients. Where many other companies are known for being abusive of tenants in a way that alienates them and fuels resentment and legal problems, Rachel DeCamp is known for smoothing over potential issues in a way that satisfies both parties, avoiding legal expenses for her clients. Rachel explains, "Many times I've prevented very costly litigation for my clients by finding a conclusion that satisfied both parties and allowed them to stay amicable. While it pays to show some compassion for the tenant where necessary, we're also disciplined in respecting the owner and that's who we represent first and foremost."

State rental law is heavily weighted in favor of tenants, so it can be a minefield to the inexperienced landlord. That's why clients are grateful not only for the superior expertise of Rachel DeCamp in tenant law, including continuing education to stay up on changes, but she's also teamed up with an attorney whose expertise is protecting landlords. Rachel shares, "We've teamed with one of the best attorneys in the state for landlord protection which has allowed us to implement protections for our clients ahead of time so there are no problems later when the tenant vacates."

Rachel DeCamp earned her position in the industry through hard work and achievement, starting as a receptionist for the local Re/Max real estate office when she was a college student, and going on to real estate sales and then property management. She's a lifelong resident of Brevard County and a Cocoa High graduate, who today lives in Port St John with her husband and teenaged son Anthony who plays on the varsity football team, and her younger son Dominic who's described as a shining star and known for his humor. She's active in BNI (Business Networks International) and networks locally in other ways that benefit her clients. She's known as a giver and Solutions Property Management is active in volunteering like with Christmas meal baskets and gifts for less fortunate local children. Friends describe her as giving, while clients cite her superior industry knowledge, accountability, and accessibility to them.

So instead of making the mistake of a cut-rate company whose shortcuts come at big expense to you later, consumers we heard from pointed to the Brevard County firm Solutions Property Management in Merritt Island FL and Rachel DeCamp as the proven choice for properties rented quickly to thoroughly screened tenants, better communication with clients, and a superior knowledge of tenant law that avoids costly legal problems later.

Perhaps it was best summed up by the consumer we heard from named Joe who reported to us, "For Solutions Property management I can give you the most glowing reference you've ever heard. I used to be with another company. Rachel worked for that company and she left and we followed her over to Solutions Property Management. I could not be more pleased with her and her support. If you are a homeowner then Rachel's the person you want to have. My wife and I could not be more pleased with Rachel and she's taken good care of us. You will not go wrong if you go with her."