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December 10, 2019

Seiden & Kaufman

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(516) 747-2433
1 Old Country Rd, Ste 114
Carle Place, NY 11514
State Bar #1975168
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Areas Served: Long Island & Nassau County incl. Carle Place NY, Elmont…
Services: car accidents, motorcycle accidents, truck accidents, product liability, wrongful death…

Personal injury attorneys don't take your money up front, but only get a percentage of any settlement or award they get for you. Unfortunately this means there are lots and lots of them who will overpromise in order to get your case, put in very little effort, and then either take the quickest settlement offer, if any, which means it's for much less than you could have gotten. Or worse, they drop your case months later when no easy offer seems forthcoming.

That's why you absolutely need to find one with a reputation for being honest with clients about what can and what can't be predicted ahead of time, and the amount of time a real personal injury claim effort takes, and who then fights for you as hard as it takes to get what you deserve.

Consumers we heard from in our research say that's what they found in Nassau County firm Seiden & Kaufman and attorney Steve Seiden, who also has a location in New York City for serving clients there, and with a proven record since 1988 of honesty with his clients, thorough communication throughout the process, fighting hard for everything you deserve, all in a way that consistently earns them recommendations to the family members of judges and opposing attorneys.

Consumers Say No One Fights Harder On Your Behalf Than Seiden & Kaufman

Many firms will vastly overpromise results, just to make a weak attempt at your case, falsely guaranteeing a favorable outcome, greatly exaggerating the amount of likely settlement or award, then only to make very little effort on your behalf, either taking the first low-ball offer or eventually dropping you entirely when there isn't any that doesn't come without a lot of hard work.

Unlike those firms, Seiden & Kaufman and Steven Seiden are especially known for being straight with you on exactly what to expect. Given that other firms are notorious for overpromising results and then putting in too little effort on your behalf, it's no surprise that so many of them don't keep the client informed of progress over time, and don't take or return calls from their client. In contrast, Seiden & Kaufman and Steve Seiden are especially known for the peace of mind that comes from keeping the client updated, and making themselves available for questions from clients.

This was borne out by consumers who reported to us like one client of Seiden & Kaufman named Simone who told us, "In reference to Seiden & Kaufman, I did retain Mr. Seiden and he was most informative and he kept me in the loop through the entire process up until the case closed. He was reachable at any point if I had any questions on the case. The process was extremely seamless considering this was the first time I'd been involved in something of this nature. He really made it so effortless. I even sent him a thank you note for making it so easy on myself and my family. I was extremely satisfied with the outcome. I'm more than happy."

When it comes to the proven record of good results for clients by Seiden & Kaufman what are the secrets to that success? One is the fact they are specialists with three decades of experience in personal injury specifically, as opposed to other firms that might take your case but are mostly criminal defense or some other area of law. Another is that clients are grateful to have their case taken by Seiden & Kaufman, because they only take cases they are serious about fighting for. 



Husband and father Steven Seiden has been married for 32 years, and he and his wife have raised three boys together, all of which emulated their father by going into the practice of law. He chose this aspect of the law shortly after law school because he knew he didn't want to do merely corporate things, preferring the reward that comes from helping people whose lives have been turned upside down unfairly by someone else's negligence. Friends describe him as someone with a big heart who fights harder than anyone for his clients. Clients of Seiden & Kaufman also cite his compassion for them, and that he works brutally hard on their behalf while remaining reachable by them at all hours, unlike so many others.

It's that reputation for fighting so hard on their behalf that has earned Steven Seiden and his firm Seiden & Kaufman the reputation for superior results on behalf of clients while they get both honesty and thorough communication during the whole process.


One consumer we heard from named Stephanie summed it up well when she reported to us, "Regarding Steve Seiden, he worked for me. I've had them work on two of my injury cases. I had one ten years ago. They were magnificent. And I hired them back again for something else, another personal injury two years ago.They're very efficient. They're very thorough. And he pushes everything. He doesn't let go without a fight. When some people want to brush you away, he will not let them. He's good that way. He's very good at what he does, amazingly good. I would hire him again if I needed him. And I constantly recommend him to anybody that I know. They are amazing."

Seiden & Kaufman have locations in Manhattan and in Long Island, and can provide transportation to their office upon request.