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August 23, 2019

Walsh Contractors LLC

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(201) 492-6935
128 W Central Blvd
Palisades Park, NJ 07650
State Contractor License #13VH01166700
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • NCSG (National Chimney Sweep Guild)
  • NFPA (National Fire Protection Association)
  • NJCSG (New Jersey Chimney Sweep Guild)
  • Rotary Club
  • CCP (Certified Chimney Professional)

Areas Served: all New Jersey & Bergen County incl. Palisades Park NJ,…
Services: chimney sweeps for chimney cleaning, chimney liners & relining, chimney…

It needs to be said bluntly, this is an industry known for being the hunting ground of outright crooks and liars. And their preferred method is to promise unrealistically low pricing for cleaning in order to gain your confidence, and then "discover" expensive repairs for problems that either don't exist or for something they intentionally broke.

That's why it's critical to know about Bergen County company Walsh Chimney in Palisades Park NJ which serves the entire state for cleanings, repairs, relining, with 24/7 emergency service, and with a proven honesty that sets them apart from other companies.

Walsh Chimney in Bergen County: Serving all New Jersey With Proven Honesty & Expertise

It can seem there are more rip-off artists in this industry than legitimate companies. One telltale sign is promoting an unrealistically low price to get their foot in the door, despite common sense telling you that there's no way a legitimate company can afford to send out two men in a truck to do your cleaning for $100 or less and still stay in business.  Once they're there and have your confidence, they either lie about finding repairs that are needed, sometimes going so far as to use lighter fluid to have you see flames shoot out your chimney, or use mace to make your eyes water and convince you there's a carbon monoxide danger.  Sometimes they force the issue by purposely breaking something while they're on your roof.  What they break might not even be your chimney but is your gutters or they put a leak in your roof. You only discover it after they've left but in their follow up call to you, they're happy to take on the repair or refer you to a related company.

That's just one reason why consumers who reported to us in our research expressed gratitude for being lucky enough to find Walsh Contractors LLC, known also as Walsh Chimney which since 1912 has been serving New Jersey with competence and honesty and has specialized in chimneys since 1985.

Unlike the con-artists, Walsh Chimney isn't pushy. Owner Frank Walsh says, "We're happy to give the customer time after we've made an estimate. Educated consumers turn out to be our biggest fans and promoters."   And with so many others in this industry lying about finding expensive repairs necessary and seeming to get away with it, why doesn't Walsh Chimney just do that too?  Frank Walsh explains, "We don't need to cheat to be successful. We're already busy and that demand is due in large part to our reputation for honesty.  Plus my grandfather founded this company in 1912 and I won't do anything to dishonor his memory. The more we continue to be above-board with customers, the better and better our reputation and our business gets."

This work is often a very messy business, so the cleanliness of the company is an important consideration to protect your things.  And customer reports to us praised the cleanliness of Walsh Chimney like one from Jay who said, "About Walsh Contractors, they were very professional. They did a great job. They cleaned up their mess. You'd never know they were there except that everything's fixed. Everything was done good; it looks good. I would recommend them."  And another named Kevin reported to us, "In reference to the chimney work we had performed, we're very satisfied with everything, the work they did. We got an insert and they had to redo the top of the chimney. Everything went well. And we were happy with it as far as them being clean and doing exactly what they said they were going to do we were extremely happy with everything."  

Walsh Chimney is known for being competitively priced, yet those who still have budget constraints are allowed to do a payment plan.  This was reflected in consumer reports we received, like one from Lainie who told us, "Regarding Walsh Chimney, I was happy with their work. I had a water heater that broke and was reinstalled and when they came to do inspection they indicated that there was work that needed to be done, liners that needed to be put in. The house would never pass inspection if I went to sell it. Walsh Chimney was willing to have his men come on a Sunday to provide the services which was the very next day which was helpful to me because I'm a working person. He was also willing to do a payment plan knowing that the water heater had cost a lot of money. They were helpful and they were good in terms of the quality of their work.  They cleaned out my other chimney at no cost to me, which goes to the fireplace and his people did clean up after themselves."  

The company is a recognized expert in installing quality stainless steel liners but if your specific dimensions or situation make that impractical, Frank Walsh is happy to refer you to companies proven to him to be honest and reliable in work-around methods such as cast-in-place.

Bergen County resident Frank Walsh lives in Palisades Park NJ. He's a married man of 22 years with many stepchildren and grandchildren.  Managing the business keeps him busy, but when he can make the time he enjoys traveling, with Aruba and Croatia being two particular favorites.  Friends say that he is honorable, while customers say how good they feel knowing he can be counted on to do right by them.

With so many crooks in this industry able to convince you of unnecessary repairs, or intentionally causing the need for them, it's no wonder that consumers report being grateful for Bergen County firm Walsh Chimney in Palisades Park  NJ and owner Frank Walsh, serving all New Jersey with proven honesty, expertise in linings, and without being pushy like others, all in a way that has created high demand and an excellent reputation.
As one consumer named Michele who reported to us put it, "I am a client of Walsh Chimney. Frank is excellent. I would trust him with anything at all. I've used him twice already. He is a very honest man. Very knowledgeable and skilled in his field. He's an expert and his group of guys that he has working for him are incredibly proficient and polite and trustworthy so you don't have to worry about a thing. I hope you use them because you'll be very happy."