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July 19, 2019

Aquaguard Waterproofing Corp

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(301) 637-3023
6820 Distribution Dr
Beltsville, MD 20705
State Contractor License #38760
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • BHA (Basement Health Association)
  • EPA Lead Safe Certified
  • NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry)

Areas Served: Maryland & Prince George’s County incl. Beltsville MD, Bowie MD,…
Services: basement waterproofing, sump pump installers, waterproofing elevator pits
Key Brands: Bilco, EZ Breathe Ventilation System, Rockwell Window Wells

It only makes sense to learn from the experience of consumers who report being let down by other companies, rather than repeat their expensive mistakes. One such mistake is falling into the trap of a company whose business is to sell just one method over and over to every customer, since there truly is no one-solution-fits-all fix. Another is grabbing at a company that never ever does outside excavation, since sometimes that's really what's needed to get a lasting solution and the interior-only method they are limited to is doomed to fail. Yet another is getting fooled by one of the many companies promising a lifetime warranty who are destined to go out of business soon or who change their name periodically to avoid making good on previous warranties. 

That's why it's important to know about Aquaguard Waterproofing in Beltsville MD which since 1990 has provided waterproofing as well as foundation repair, installation of egress windows and basement entry doors, with a lifetime transferrable warranty from the oldest company in this area that hasn't changed its name, who doesn't push just one cookie-cutter solution to every customer but who instead does the best method among many for your specific situation, including outside excavation if necessary.  And readers of this Report are getting a free inspection by calling them right now.  

Consumers Report Aquaguard Waterproofing The Best Value Due to More Experience, Better Ability  

It's become an industry standard to give a so-called lifetime warranty. But that's worthless when the company goes out of business after a few years, or is one of the many who change their business entity every so often but keep a deceptively similar name in order to leave behind previous warranty customers.   But then there's Aquaguard Waterproofing founded in 1990 and now the oldest company in the local area that hasn't done that shady name change trick and that's because they've proven so successful that they've prospered even during slow periods unlike so many others.  Their lifetime warranty comes without the hidden yearly warranty fee used by others.  

One thing that has fostered that long-term success of Aquaguard Waterproofing  where so many others fail is their ability to choose from among many different methods to solve your problem, unlike companies  whose model is based on doing the same single method over and over, sometimes due to their own proprietary technique or product, or their exclusive relationship with a particular manufacturer,  even when that one method is totally inadequate for your situation.  

Sometimes what's absolutely necessary is to make sure water doesn't reach your foundation in the first place, and that requires outside work, such as applying a membrane to the outside wall or an outside drain system. So beware the many companies that won't, in fact can't , do outside excavation as part of your job.  In contrast, Aquaguard Waterproofing can and will do outside excavation if that's best for you.  And don't let concern about a mess keep you from taking advantage of the best method for you, since consumer reports to us attest to the capability and conscientiousness of Aquaguard Waterproofing.  

One such consumer named Babette reported to us, "About Aquaguard Waterproofing, they did an awesome job. We are more than satisfied with the results. They really did a great job. They were always on time. They let me know what's going on, what the plan is, what he's doing and explained everything very well. At the end of the day, he showed me what he did and after you cannot see what they did. They put my plants back. They watered them. They put mulch back in the area and the grass just looks fine and you cannot tell that they ever came and did the awesome ob. I highly can recommend them. Go and get them."  

The ability of Aquaguard Waterproofing to perform from among many different methods has a lot do with their greater experience. In fact they often undertake jobs that other companies turn down as being too difficult to diagnose or too hard to do.  Aquaguard Waterproofing Vice President John Bryant shares, "Just this past year we had a customer who had tried two other companies before and were at wit's end.  Having to pay three times over for the same job, they were extremely skeptical and careful. After very selective evaluation of a few different companies, and after a lot of due diligence, they chose us. We were able to determine their house didn't have a footing and the walls were just placed on dirt, something missed by the two previous companies they hired.  In fact the work those companies did actually undermined the foundation.  The customer was so happy with the results we got them they said they'd wished they'd hired us first and ironically, they did get a bid from us 15 years ago but chose a cheaper company then, which they admitted turned out to be a very expensive mistake on their part."  

As that consumer attested to, it's a costly mistake to make price the determining factor, especially when Aquaguard Waterproofing has options available for people with budgetary issues.   As one consumer named Pierre reported to us, "As far as Aquaguard goes, they were great. They were wonderful. I had a basement wall pinned. I had a bow in the basement wall and they pinned it with seventeen four-inch steel I-beams and they had to dig up part of the basement floor and redo the drain tile underneath. It was my mother's house and they helped me out. They were very good about the payment.  I was only able to give them a partial payment. They worked with me."          

Aquaguard is also an expert in lowering basement floors in preparation for basement finishing to create the added headroom necessary for an actual living space, as well as a regional favorite for basement entry doors and egress windows. This was reflected in consumer reports we received, like one from Kaitlin who told us, "We did use Aquaguard to put in two large egress windows in our basement. The crew was great and I am extremely happy with the finished product. I was obviously nervous with someone digging down and breaking through the foundation of the house and they really did a wonderful job. It looks even better than I really thought it was going to."  

Carroll County resident John Bryant lives in Sykesville MD with his wife of 27 years with whom he's raised three children, the youngest of which just graduated from high school. He's known locally as a travel basketball coach who enjoys spending time with his family. Friends say he is caring and can be counted on to be there in their time of need, while customers describe him as an expert in his field who makes the time to educate them on their particular project, all in way that continues to earn him referrals from architects, engineers, realtors and builders.   He started in the industry in 1987, going on to be one of the two families that jointly own and run Aquaguard Waterproofing today, which is now up to serving thousands of customers a year.  

So it's experienced consumers who point to Aquaguard Waterproofing as the smart choice which avoids companies who sell only one type of solution including when it's ineffective for your specific situation, that has a lifetime warranty made good unlike the many companies who keep reincorporating under a new but similar name to abandon previous warranty holders, and with a proven record of being able to solve unique or problem situations that other companies bungle or just flat turn down, all with an efficiency and cost-effectiveness that makes them the best value especially compared to under-bidders that routinely botch the job and are a waste of money.  

As put in a report to us by a consumer named Ravinder, "Regarding Aquaguard Waterproofing, they came and they were able to get in and get out within four days. They gave us a very fair price for what they did and the work was done efficiently and effectively. Now that we've gotten this done we are looking to finish it. We had some leaking, we had some mildew and some mold that has since been eliminated altogether as a result. Absolutely,  I definitely recommend Aquaguard."