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September 20, 2021

JT Penyak Roofing Co

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(908) 753-4222
3571 Kennedy Rd
South Plainfield, NJ 07080
State Contractor License #13VH04261000
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • CertainTeed ShingleMaster
  • Elk's Club
  • GAF Master Elite Roofing Contractor
  • MCRCC (Middlesex County Regional Chamber of Commerce)
  • Moose International

Areas Served: New Jersey & Middlesex County NJ incl. South Plainfield NJ,…
Services: roofing contractor for new roofing, roof repair services, home &…
Key Brands: Carlisle Roofing, CertainTeed, GAF, IKO Cambridge, Mule-Hide, Owens Corning Roofing,…

Unknown to you, there many choices a roofer makes on your job in materials and methods, many of which often void your manufacturer warranty, cause blow offs and leaks later that were totally avoidable, and even cut the life of your roof in half.

That's why it's significant that consumers cited to us the Middlesex County firm JT Penyak Roofing Co in South Plainfield NJ and owner Joe Penyak Jr which services most of New Jersey and who since 1960 has been treating customers with integrity, doing right by them in materials and methods, even when the customer doesn't know. 

JT Penyak Roofing Co. in New Jersey:  Fast, Affordable, and with Integrity Too

The dirt-cheap company that quotes a few hundred dollars less to get your business is actually the most expensive mistake you can make when it leads to damages from leaks, costly repairs, and even early failure. One way they cut costs in order to seem like a bargain is to use staples instead of nails which are cheaper and faster for them.  Joe Penyak Jr explains, "Not only do staples not have the holding power to keep your roof from flying off in the wind like a deck of cards, but it will also void the warranty from the manufacturer."    

Even other companies that use nails rush to cut their labor cost, and due to that or inexperience too, misplace the nails.  Joe shares, "When people rush the nailing and don't catch the lap properly, the customer can be getting half as many nails as they should, and that can also void the warranty.  And when using a nail gun you need to be experienced and sure that the pressure is set the right away or they can be putting nails in with the head all the way through the shingle.  We're known for being extremely fast but that's due to our experience. We never sacrifice carefulness by rushing."

Another way other companies deceive you into thinking they're a bargain is by leaving on your old flashings, instead of replacing them with new ones like they should, leading to leaks. Joe Penyak tells us, "We always give customers new flashings. It costs us a little more in material and labor but it's the right way to do the job and it's how we've kept our good reputation for over 50 years."

Customers we heard from back this up, like one named Charlie who reported to us about JT Penyak Roofing, "I can't speak highly enough for Joe Penyak. He has done a roof for me, for my brother, and for my brother-in-law and sister who were all very happy with the price and the workmanship. Not a lot of roofers replace all the chimney flashings and around the vent pipes. All that was replaced. He's first class."

Choice of plywood is another issue. Some bargain-basement operators use pine because it's cheaper but it's also more porous, weaker, and it warps.  Joe Penyak shares, "Our customers get Douglas fir because it's stronger and keeps its shape. Again, the customer doesn't even know that but we take pride in our jobs lasting a long, long time. In fact we not only warranty our installations in writing for 10 years but that's also transferrable to the next owner." 

As Joe told us, JT Penyak Roofing is especially known for finishing projects quickly to ensure a minimum of any inconvenience and consumers who reported to us bore this out, like one customer Jeanette who told us, "About Penyak Roofing, I was very happy with their work. They gave me a call telling me my materials were going to be dropped off. They were, then they were here the next day. The did my roof in three quarters of the day. The guys were walking around picking everything up, cleaning everything up. They were in and out. It was a great experience and the roof is absolutely beautiful. I highly recommend them." 

Another named Heather attested to us, "Regarding JT Penyak Roofing, we did have a roof installed by them. We were very happy with this work. They were efficient. They were clean. When they said they were coming, they were here. If I had any questions there was somebody there I could speak to. After that, a few of our neighbors also used JT Penyak Roofing. I was very pleased with them."

With so many other operators cutting those hidden corners in order to appear cheap to get business, why doesn't Joe Penyak do that too?  He says, "My dad started this business in 1960 and doing right by our customers is one way for me to honor him and what he taught me. And I sleep better at night knowing we don't take advantage of people."   In fact Joe's honesty is something that people have seen first-hand. When other operators were gouging desperate people after hurricane Sandy, Joe didn't raise his pricing.  And he often brings jobs in for less than people were willing to pay, with one customer admitting that he would have paid $20,000 despite being quoted less than one-third that amount.  Joe Penyak adds, "It's my name on the family business and I live here. It's nice that when I go out somewhere with my kids, customers we run into are happy to see me and have good things to say. That's a great feeling."

Born and raised in South Plainfield, today owner Joe Penyak Jr lives in Greenbrook NJ and is a father of four, two of which are in high school and help out on weekends, learning the trade like Joe learned from his father. "By 12 years old my dad had me helping out on the job site. I learned the trade through my teens, and also the philosophy that has helped us be so successful. My dad was an honorable guy and always stood behind his work, even if it cost him money. He always made sure the customer was happy and used to say that if nothing else, he always had his good reputation unlike a lot of others.  Learning that from my dad was just as important as learning the skills."  

So rather than get fooled by so called "cheap" companies that cost you way more later in repairs, damages and failure due to rushed labor done poorly, and inferior materials, local consumers say that the New Jersey firm JT Penyak Roofing Co in South Plainfield is competitively priced and fast, but while also giving customers all the work and good materials that it takes for the job to last like it should, in a way that has led to a high rate of referrals from satisfied customers, and repeat business for multiple properties.   In the words of one customer we heard from named Jim, "In reference to Penyak Roofing, Joe and his company have done a number of projects for me. They've done my commercial building as well as my original house, and then my second home. And I just had a repair job done for one of my other commercial buildings.  Fantastic. I have recommended him to others.  My experience has been a hundred percent positive. I absolutely recommend Joe and his company Penyak Roofing."