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September 19, 2020

Fresh Maintenance Services Inc

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(866) 543-3257
420 Columbus Ave, #600
Valhalla, 10595
State License: 13VH06999300
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • BNI (Business Networks International)
  • Chamber of Commerce-Mahwah NJ
  • Chamber of Commerce-Pleasantville NY

Areas Served: Rockland County NY
Services: fire damage cleanup, disaster recovery clean up, trauma scene cleaning,…
Key Brands: ODOROX Hydroxyl Generators

When it comes to hiring for water damage clean up or mold removal, customers had good things to say about Westchester County firm Fresh Maintenance Services Inc in Valhalla NY, run by owner Joe Margherita. Fresh Maintenance Services is known for having the needed experience, using the right equipment, showing an ethical approach that avoids conflict of interest, and displaying a special expertise in using environmentally safe cleaning methods as opposed to chemicals.

And readers of this report get a special $99 mold inspection and test by calling now and saying they saw it here.

Ethical, Effective, Environmentally-Friendly: Fresh Maintenance Services Inc in White Plains NY
Did you know that when it comes to disaster clean up it could be a conflict of interest when a clean-up company is also a contractor that performs repairs? That's because companies have a tempting incentive to inflate the bill by overstating the amount of damage that has been done and how much needs to be replaced if they're also providing the repairs. In fact, that's why it's illegal in New Jersey for the same company to perform both the clean up and repairs, although some companies cheat the law by providing both services but putting them on separate invoices. And there is no such law at all in New York.

Customers of Fresh Maintenance Services Inc and owner Joseph Margherita get a company that performs ethically, doing all the necessary clean up, drying out, and removal of the damaged walls and other portions of the building, without any incentive to exaggerate how much has to be torn out, since they abide by the state law that requires a separate company to do the repairs and rebuilding.

Their clean up services extend to removal of odors of any kind, trauma clean up, and sewer backups, not just in homes but also in basements and crawlspaces. Where other companies use chemicals to address odors and to disinfect, Fresh Maintenance Services is the expert in healthy alternatives that are effective.

Joe tells us, "For odors we use ozone. Oxygen in its O3 or ozone form is one of the most powerful cleaning agents in nature. We pump the house full of this O3 form of oxygen, which naturally reverts to O2 in about an hour. It leaves the air smelling fresh like after a rainstorm because it's the same process." This ozone removes odors and kills bacteria, viruses and fungi.

There are some large franchise and corporate chains in this industry. Unlike those companies, customers of Fresh Maintenance Services Inc get the company owner personally on the job for greater quality control and guaranteed experience as opposed to newly hired techs from corporate outfits. And customers' first contact is with the owner rather than a salesman.

Joe confirms this, saying, "Customers get the benefit of my experience on every job. And the person who they spoke with initially is the same person doing the work, so there's complete continuity and they get everything they were promised."

Something that's made Fresh Maintenance Services Inc a popular choice is its green approach. Joe Margherita explains, "We use a lot of oxygen- and hydrogen-based products instead of harsh chemicals. It's natural and healthy, and very effective. This includes a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, ozone machines, and aqueous ozone which is an ozone-infused water for cleaning and disinfecting."

If green alternatives are so effective, then why aren't all the other companies using them already? One reason is inertia. The old chemical approach is what some companies have been doing for years, so they can be resistant to learning better methods and investing in new equipment and training. Another reason is that many of the courses taken in this industry are sponsored by chemical manufacturers, so the old chemical approach is what gets taught. But Fresh Maintenance Services got started in this field specifically to provide effective methods that are organic, non-toxic and biodegradable, providing results that are warrantied.

Fresh Maintenance Services Inc in Westchester County: Known For Honesty
It's this same safer, greener approach that Fresh Maintenance Services uses for mold removal and mitigation. But honesty is another added benefit in an industry that's rife with dishonesty.

Joe Margherita relates a recent experience. "A lady called us saying her contractor told her there was horrible mold in a room that needed to be removed. I looked at the spots on the ceiling she'd been told was mold. They were cement dots, and I just wiped them away."

Why does he treat customers so honestly when other companies let customers pay for services they don't need? "It's not about the money from any one job," says Joe. "If you treat people honestly, that will come back to you over time in customer referrals and a good reputation."

And that honest approach combined with excellent results has contributed to that good reputation locally among customers we called as research for this article, like one named David who told us, "My mom was moving and the inspection showed that there was substantial amounts of mold here and there, the basement, crawl space.  Joe showed up with his guys and my mother really liked them, and she doesn't like anybody. Very nice guys, very courteous. The inspection came around the next time, everything was 100% clean, and the sale of the house went through. I would say that Joe Margherita is on the ball. To make my mother happy is impossible, but he did it. So that's a thumbs up."

Another customer of Fresh Maintenance Inc reports, "I used Joe and was very satisfied. They were very clean and didn't mess anything up. They cleaned my basement up great and got rid of all the mold, which hasn't come back. I would definitely recommend him."

Westchester County resident Joe Margherita lives in Hastings-On-Hudson NY with his wife of four years, not far from Suffern where he was raised. Friends describe him as good natured with a good sense of humor, and customers cite his honesty. Work keeps him busy, but when he can make the time he enjoys fishing at the Jersey shore. He holds multiple industry certifications, but it's his extensive field experience and reputation for results that really set his company apart, since certifications are good, but in an industry where so many so-called certifications being used by others are just mail-ordered marketing tools, it's the experience that counts.

And that experience combined with a healthy, green approach has earned the Westchester County firm Fresh Maintenance Services in Valhalla NY a reputation as the company to hire, especially considering that you get the job performed by the owner, Joe Margherita, with all his years of experience, as opposed to less experienced crew used by the big corporate chains that outspend on advertising.

As one customer Delia told us when we called her, "They did work for us and they did a great job. They were just great. They're very professional they're on time and they got rid of the problem. And I would highly recommend them."