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June 25, 2024

Strategic Janitorial Solutions

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(972) 789-9400
14333 Proton Rd
Dallas, TX 75244
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Chamber of Commerce-Oklahoma City
  • Chamber of Commerce-Frisco TX
  • ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association)

Areas Served: DFW Metroplex incl. Dallas TX, Irving TX, Garland TX, Mesquite…
Services: janitorial services, commercial cleaning, office cleaning, green janitorial services
Key Brands: Buckeye Cleaning Products

The janitorial industry has been plagued with high turnover that leads to lost time and money; turnover among services as unhappy clients cycle through companies that have overpromised just to get the account and then don't live up to their promises, and turnover among janitorial staff so they have to keep explaining their particular needs to new crews.

That's why consumer reports are full of praise of Strategic Janitorial Solutions, a regional company serving the entire DFW Metroplex, Houston, and Oklahoma City with a proven record of living up to their promises, which has kept their customers with them for many years, resulting in lower than average turnover among the janitorial crews. And their better resources and capabilities of a larger company has resulted in cleaner spaces, including warehouses, retailers, hospitality, government and medical offices, and Fortune 500 companies.

Consistency Means Cost-Efficiency From Strategic Janitorial Solutions
One reason for the high turnover among companies in this industryStrategic Janitorial Solutions commercial cleaning services is that clients are often misled in order to get their business, with companies promising more service than is possible for the quoted price. Clients become dissatisfied, try another company with the same results, and the cycle goes on and on, resulting in a loss of time, loss of money, and a lot of needless frustration for clients.

Unlike those services so desperate for business that they knowingly overpromise, Strategic Janitorial Solutions is known for a level of professionalism, organization, and honesty. They detail everything their want and need out of a service, tailoring their proposals to those needs, and give an honest price quote while still being competitive.

Strategic Janitorial Solutions president Tim Tays explains, "We're proud of how our honesty in pricing and our record of making good on our service promises has contributed to a record of clients staying with us for so long. We still have many of the same customers now that we had back in 1996."

Other companies who intentionally overpromise to get business often put that burden on their crews, usually paying them a flat rate instead of hourly for an impossible amount of work. As a result, their employees quit, meaning not only is the job not getting done but clients constantly have to break-in new crews, making the same explanations over and over to new people. In contrast, honest quotes from Strategic Janitorial Solutions mean the job can actually get done, and their employee turnover is low as a result, giving clients consistency in the crews and outcome. Tim Tays shares, "We know the turnover statistics for the industry, and ours is extremely low."

This was reflected in consumer reports we received in our research, like that from a customer named Denise who told us, "I have used Strategic Janitorial for many years. I wholeheartedly recommend them. The teams that he's provided have always been consistent. We've had the exact same staff."

Strategic Janitorial Solutions Known For Greater Abilities Than Tiny Outfits
Small, struggling companies might provide some brief feel-good about clients knowing the owner and employees, but the problems stemming from their lack of resources and equipment quickly become apparent. In contrast, Strategic Janitorial Solutions is a strictly regional company that provides a small-town-feel level of service for the same comfort while being a larger company with the ability to service all types and sizes of property the right way, including with automated scrubber machines for warehouses, propane burnishers for retail, ride-on carpet machines for larger buildings, and more.

President Tim Tays adds, "We're also large enough that our crews are trained on the full range of floor care, whether carpet or strip-and-finish type of work and floor refinishing. That's an art form these days that not everyone can do right, and our clients appreciate that we have expertise in it."

The ability to service larger spaces in a cost-effective and proper way is reflected in reports we received, like one from a client named Jeff, who told us, "We've been using them at one of my larger warehouses, 630,000 square feet, and with office space. They do a great job. I have three locations here locally that I use them. They do a fantastic job and I highly recommend them."

Another client, Justin, reported, "Strategic Janitorial currently cleans two of our largest locations, which are schools, and they also clean our district office. We've been very happy with their performance and ability of their team."

Dallas resident Tim Tays has been president of Strategic Janitorial Solutions since 2008, back when it was still known as Bonus Building Care, as it had been since 1996. He's a Tim Tays, President of Strategic Janitorial Solutionshusband and a father to three children. A 30-year resident of Texas, he cites his love of the vibrant local economy, its suitability to raising a family, and opportunities for young people starting out. He's a fan of car racing of all kinds, football (when his team is winning), and boating with Lake Texoma being a particular favorite spot. Friends say he is a man of his word known for integrity and honesty, while clients of Strategic Janitorial Solutions describe him as knowledgeable and looking out for their interests as if their buildings were his own.

That ethic of caring about clients and truly looking out for them is one that is promoted throughout the culture at Strategic Janitorial Solutions in Houston, Dallas, and OKC, which contributes to their honesty in price quotes that allows them to live up to service promises, their low turnover among clients and employees, and their reputation for a level of responsiveness that has set them apart but while still remaining very competitive on price.

During a research phone call for this article, a client named Denise related to us, "Strategic Janitorial Solutions has always been available with a day or two heads-up if I need a schedule change. If I need someone to come in early, if I have a special request like an emergency carpet cleaning or unexpected VIPs coming and we need top-down cleaning. They have been really good about spot-checking, and if there's any concern I have about visitors planned they actually send extra crew out at no extra charge. We're in a warehouse. It's very hard to keep clean; the offices tend to be dusty. We have a lot of foot traffic. The cleaning team that we have has always been really wonderful to work with. Financially they are extremely reasonable; very fair in their pricing. And very thorough; trustworthy. I wholeheartedly recommend them."