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January 19, 2021

Bennett’s Auto Care

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(813) 563-5880
141 W Windhorst Rd
Brandon, FL 33510
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • ASE (Automotive Service Excellence)

Areas Served: Hillsborough County incl. Brandon FL, Tampa FL, Valrico FL, Seffner…
Services: auto repair services including auto electrical repairs, scheduled maintenance, alignments,…
Key Brands: ACDelco (ACDelco Auto Parts), Delphi Auto Parts

The most expensive shops are those that can't fix a problem the first time, requiring repair after repair, replacement after replacement as guesswork until they get it right, if they ever do. And those who either use cheap parts soon to fail or who lack today's expertise necessary to properly update your vehicle computers when those modules are replaced.

Experienced consumers report Bennett's Auto Care in Brandon FL and owner Scott MacAulay as the ones with the proven expertise to diagnose and fix problems the first time leading to big cost savings compared to the trial and error approach at other places, who does everything from engines to transmissions, alignments, fuel pumps, electrical repairs, brakes and oil changes, who has staff specialists in both European and diesel vehicles, and with a record of honesty compared to so many places that take advantage of your ignorance to inflate the bill.

Consumer Reports Say Bennett's Auto Care in Brandon FL The Best Value Due to Greater Expertise & Honesty

Places that seem cheap are the biggest mistake you can make. The inferior parts they use fail soon, and even if the part is warrantied, it still costs you all over again for the labor to switch it out.  And others simply lack the modern experience to properly reset the computer controlling the replaced part, leading to problems they'll quickly give up on, sending you elsewhere.  Others tout low hourly labor rates, but cost you way more than they should have when their lack of diagnostic ability has you coming in time after time in a tedious and costly trial and error approach.

In contrast, Bennett's Auto Care in Brandon FL and owner Scott MacAuley are especially known for both their state-of-the art equipment and ability, and for better diagnostic skills that have them finding and fixing your problem the first time, saving you money compared to the endless try-and-see method at other places. 

Just one example is a customer with a Ford 250 diesel who went through multiple shops that couldn't find the problem, with the owner spending so much on diagnostics and replaced parts as guesswork. One visit to Bennett's Auto Care indentified it as an electrical problem and now he won't take his car anywhere else but to Scott MacAuley.

Their better parts and greater technical ability both contribute to the reason why Bennett's Auto Care is able to give you a 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty, three times as great as what so many other places have, including dealerships.

With staff who are certified specialists in both European makes and in diesel vehicles, Bennett's Auto Care is a go-to for owners of both.  This was reflected in consumer reports we received like one from Eros who told us, "About Bennett's, I've been using Scott for about four years. One of the most standout mechanics I've ever done business with. We had a mechanic prior to him that we thought was okay but Scott's a very straight shooter. He was accountable for the work that he did. I use him all the time. As a matter of fact I just brought my wife's Volkswagen CC over there and we got it today. They did a fuel pump. Stand up guy." 

And a consumer report to us from Martin related, "I've known Scott for a long time. He's worked on a multitude of my vehicles. I've been happy with all the work he's done for me. He's worked on my diesel, my wife's car, my daughter's car, my son's truck. I've recommended him all over the place. I would recommend him to anybody else."

The ability to do better diagnostics leading to quicker solutions has also made Bennett's Auto Care a favorite of local businesses for fleet repair, as was reflected in consumer reports we received like one from Ron who told us, "Regarding Bennett's, I've been dealing with them for six years. I own a business, have seven cars that they take care of. Good people.  Scott's good. Been using them for years, never been disappointed and I would certainly refer them to anybody. I highly recommend them."

In an industry known for taking advantage of you to inflate the bill for unnecessary work you're in no position to refute, Bennett's Auto Care is a refreshing exception, with consumers repeatedly citing their record of honesty. One example is the consumer report we received from Todd who told us, "About Scott MacAuley at Bennett's Automotive, highly recommend him. I don't go anywhere else. He could have got me one time real bad on my boat for a couple grand. I wouldn't have known the difference.  He said, look your ignition was bad. That was the problem. And I thought it was a lot bigger issue. He could have charged me out the wahoo but he didn't. And that's when I realized what a good mechanic he is. He's honest. I take all my cars there. Everything he's ever done for me has been perfect. I've never had to go back for anything.   Outstanding quality of workmanship, honesty you'll not find anywhere else. I recommend him to everyone."

Hillsborough County resident Scott MacAuley lives in Brandon FL with his wife of five years and their six-month old daughter.  He's been in this trade since the age of fourteen when he worked at the shop of his good friend's parents and eventually founded Bennett's Auto Care back in 2006.  In what off-time he gets, he enjoys offshore fishing in the Gulf and spending time with his family. Friends say he is trustworthy, smart, and dedicated. Customers describe him as reliable, highly skilled, and extremely honest.

So it was consumers who pointed to Bennett's Auto Care in Brandon FL and owner Scott MacAuley as the best value, with better diagnostics for faster repairs, greater ability and honesty compared to other places. As put to us in one consumer report we received from Johnny, "About Scott MacAuley over at Bennett's, I have used him for many years. I used to live in Brandon. I moved to Land O Lakes and he is still my go-to mechanic even though my office is right next door to a mechanic.  He's honest. He's reliable.  His mechanics are friendly and reliable. They don't cut corners. And if they do try to cut a corner for you it's to say hey, let's save you some money to make sure we don't need to do the big ticket now. They're not about taking advantage of people and that's one thing I appreciate about them.  I just love that shop, love those guys.  I refer them with confidence to anyone, to my own mother."