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June 16, 2024

Kauffman Wealth Management

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(626) 346-0303
140 S Lake Ave #307
Pasadena, CA 91101
State License #0749394
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • CFP (Certified Financial Planner)
  • FPA (Financial Planning Association)

Areas Served: San Gabriel Valley incl. Pasadena CA & Pomona Valley incl.…
Services: financial advisors, retirement planners, investment advisors

There's a lot of consumer disappointment around financial advisors which is often due to firms that don't find out enough about the client to give the best advice, where clients are left to less experienced staff rather then the firm principal, and ones restricted to selling the investment products of a single company instead of what among the whole marketplace is truly best for the client.

Consumers who reported to us say that's why they're grateful to have found the firm Kauffman Wealth Management in Pasadena CA and Santa Barbara CA, founded in 1988 by Mitchell Kauffman and with a proven record of being both responsive but also proactive in anticipating your needs due to better listening, whose fee-based structure makes their incentive to be keeping you happy for years rather than commissions on sales, and who aren't locked into investment products from one provider.  

Clients Grateful for Mitchell Kauffman and Kauffman Wealth Management  

Where other firms are only heard from when they're trying to sell something, and don't seem motivated to get back to clients who have questions or needs, Kauffman Wealth Management and Mitch Kauffman are specifically known for their responsiveness. Mitchell Kauffman shares, "Not only is getting back to people quickly a company priority, but on financial matters clients hear back from me personally as their planner, and hear back from staff for administrative things that those support staff are going to be better and faster at."  

This greater responsiveness to clients was reflected in consumer reports we received like one from Yvonne who reported to us, "About Mitchell Kauffman, I've known and worked with Mitchell for a number of years both with my clients as well as my own financial planning and have been always happy with his staff, their service and responsiveness, and listening to concerns. I would be very happy to give him a really good referral."  

Another named Shelly told us, "I've been with Mitchell ten years and he's done a lot for us.  I'm so very happy I found him. He's always there if we have any problems. I love him."  

In addition to the better responsiveness, Kauffman Wealth Management also puts more time in to learn everything relevant about your needs, wants, goals and lifestyle in a way that lets them be proactive and anticipate your needs before you have to ask.   Principal Mitchell Kauffman explains, "We have an extremely thorough process where we make time to review not just the numbers and financials but what inspires them, what causes concern. We then integrate that into their plan to make sure they reach their goals and also to be proactive and reach out to them with solutions and answers before they've had to call with the question. We get to know our clients' situation well enough to meet their concerns before they need to raise them."  

That responsiveness and ability to anticipate has earned Kauffman Wealth Management strong client loyalty, evidenced by the fact that looking shows the firm went five years without losing a client while also doubling in size during that time.  

Other firms get paid a commission when they sell you an investment product, which can place undue incentive on making their money from a single big sale to you rather than having to earn it over time. Unlike those companies Kauffman Wealth Management is fee based so their incentive is to keep you happy and with them for years. And when they do recommend a particular investment or product, they have the whole marketplace to recommend what's in your best interest, unlike firms locked into the products of a single company.  

The firm has a particular expertise in retirement planning and generating a sustainable retirement income to give you financial freedom.  Mitchell Kauffman also teaches workshops on wealth transfer to heirs. Mitchell says, "A Stanford study showed that 77% of transference strategies fail and the reason cited was the inability of parents to properly pass along their holdings to their children. So we do the work that lets clients avoid that by helping their family members work through some of the less comfortable discussions around that topic so that a successful plan is in place.  

That greater level of sensitivity and caring about clients' individual lifestyles and future needs is shown well with a married couple where the husband had Parkinson's, a condition that made certain needs of the future very clear. Mitchell Kauffman served them for many years, then the husband eventually passed away. At a recent annual client appreciation dinner the firm holds each year, the wife stood up and asked for everyone's attention and toasted Mitchell Kauffman out of gratitude for having taken care of her so well through her husband's ordeal.   Mitchell says, "That brought tears to my eyes and it's that kind of positive difference we make in people's lives that keeps me so motivated to do this even after all these years."  

Los Angeles area resident Mitchell Kauffman lives in Pasadena CA and in Santa Barbara CA with his wife of almost 30 years. They have an adult daughter who helps out at the firm while his wife Joanne provides organization and coaching for classes they give on retirement planning at the local college.   Serving clients keeps Mitchell busy but when he can find the time he's an enthusiastic skier, with Mammoth Ski Resort being a favorite spot and plans to teach skiing to his two grandkids.   Friends say that Mitchell is honest, sincere, and known for putting the needs of others before his own. Clients describe him as ethical, trustworthy, with a proven expertise and an ability to explain that knowledge to them as laymen.  

So rather than suffer the disappointment created by other firms due to lack of response, motivation to make commission on sales to you rather than keep you a happy client for years, consumers reported to us that Kauffman Wealth Management in Pasadena CA and Santa Barbara is the solution with a proven record of responsiveness that includes anticipating needs before they arise, where you deal with the principal Mitchell Kauffman on financial matters rather than staff, and whose priority is earning your loyalty through ongoing good performance instead of sales commissions.  

In the words of one client named Don who reported to us, "I'd be glad to give my recommendation for Mitch Kauffman and his company. We've been clients of his for 25 years. We've been very happy with the company and with mitch in particular. He's very responsive, has a lot of integrity. We rely on him to help us when we have any kind of  financial issues. We've recommended friends and family to his company. We have the highest regard for him."