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July 24, 2024

Ramco Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Inc

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(714) 792-1034
3921 E Miraloma Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806
State Contractor License #657248 (C20,C38)
  • RSES (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society)

Areas Served: So Cal & Orange County incl. Anaheim CA, Irvine CA,…
Services: commercial refrigeration services, 24 hour emergency service, ice maker installation…
Key Brands: Amana, American Panel, American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning, Arctic…

Most companies in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry cost way more than they should, whether by charging for multiple unnecessary trips, so-called maintenance agreements they charge for but don't take seriously, or by sending inexperienced technicians to try diagnoses and repairs for which they aren't qualified.

That's why it's important to know about Orange County firm Ramco Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Anaheim CA, in business since 1978, with 24/7 emergency service. It's the company that doesn't charge for every trip, whose maintenance program is real and staffed by a department dedicated to it, and who sends only experienced journeymen for diagnoses and repairs, leading to better results than with other companies.

Greater Reliability & Experience from Ramco Refrigeration and Air Conditioning in Anaheim CA

Many companies are happy take your money for a maintenance agreement all the while treating it like filler work done only when their techs have downtime. That means they can fail to show up at regularly scheduled intervals, leading to the very costly break-downs and repairs you were paying to prevent.

In contrast, Ramco takes its commitment to maintenance agreements seriously, with a department dedicated exclusively to maintenance so that techs show up when they should, not just if they have time like with other companies. Ramco founder Rick Harris, shares, "Our maintenance customers are real customers and deserve to be treated as such, not back-burner jobs to do if there's nothing more pressing. So we have a maintenance department of dedicated technicians. That's all they do, so they always show up at the intervals necessary to avoid breakdowns and repairs."

It's an industry standard that companies charge a trip charge to come out, but many companies abuse that standard by charging for every one of their multiple trips out for the same issue, quickly racking up a big bill. Unlike those companies, Ramco has only the initial trip charge, and if they have to come back because they don't have the right part or for another reason, that's on them and isn't used as an excuse to inflate a bill.

Knowing that, you can easily see why other companies send out inexperienced techs hired right out of school, mere apprentices completely unqualified to do diagnosis and repairs, so when they predictably fail, the company has to send out a more experienced person, leading to another charge. By comparison, when Ramco hires new techs, they start out doing easy maintenance jobs like changing filters, belts and greasing bearings. Only experienced journeymen are sent to do your diagnosis and repair, so Ramco has built a reputation with customers for getting problems solved on the first visit. Owner Rick Harris shares, "We pride ourselves on our reputation for a first-time fix. It's actually a policy, so it happens more often than not."

This proven record for reliable maintenance and more experienced techs leading to first-time fixes, coupled with the responsiveness that comes from a fleet of 32 trucks has made Ramco a favorite among large multiple location chains with a particular eye to the bottom line.  This was evidenced by consumer reports we received, like one from Matt, who reported to us, "I use Ramco exclusively. They manage over 30 of my cafes for refrigeration, air conditioning, ice machines. They do an excellent job."  

And like another named Adam who reported to us, "Regarding Ramco, they are our vendor for all of our 20 southern California restaurants. They provide consistent service, fair pricing. We've been happy with them. It's a tough field to get a reliable vendor. They're top notch. Feel comfortable with using them for whatever project you have going on."

Orange County resident Rick Harris lives in Yorba Linda CA with his wife, Carol, and has two adult children. He graduated from Anaheim High School and enlisted in the Navy at the age of 17. After the downsizing of forces at the end of the Vietnam War saw him leave the Navy, he enrolled in Practical Schools trade school in Anaheim for stationary engineering, after which he went right into refrigeration in 1974 before founding Ramco in 1979. When he can find the time, Rick Harris enjoys hiking in the San Gabriel mountains and sailing on his boat out of San Diego.  People who know him describe him as hard-working, while customers of Ramco cite his professionalism and results-oriented attitude.

According to consumer reports we received, there's no need to be stuck with the many companies in this industry that gouge for multiple unnecessary trips, that charge for maintenance that they don't take seriously or keep up on, and who send low-paid and inexperienced recent trade school graduates for important repairs. Consumers told us the solution is Ramco Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, founded in 1979 and with a proven record of not charging for multiple trips, a dedicated maintenance department that actually takes seriously maintenance contracts, and that only sends experience journeymen for diagnosis and repair, leading to first-time fixes in most cases.

As one consumer named Dan put it when he reported to us, "Regarding Ramco Refrigeration, I have done business with Ramco for over 10 years now at three different concepts. I have always found them to not only do excellent work and be very responsive but I just can't say enough about how ethical and reasonable they are and I am quite candidly, not always an easy customer to work with.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them."