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August 8, 2020

Braathen Construction

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(949) 548-1200
776 W 16th St
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
State Contractor’s License #326357
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • RRP Certified (Lead-Safe Renovator)

Areas Served: Orange County incl. Aliso Viejo, Anaheim, Brea, Buena Park, Costa…
Services: construction company & general contractors for all general building needs

The Orange County firm Braathen Construction in Costa Mesa CA was founded in 1976 by Odin Braathen, a third-generation builder with more than 35 years of experience in construction. We interviewed Odin and asked him how his firm distinguishes itself, and he explained that it comes down to an emphasis on quality workmanship and a commitment to honesty.

Quality Workmanship From Braathen Construction in Costa Mesa CA

Braathen Construction takes quality workmanship seriously and that's important because many other contractors get sloppy, counting on the fact that when their work isn't good, you won't know until after it's too late. Odin Braathen says, "There's a correct procedure that contractors should follow when building. If the construction method wasn't good, you can't tell after that final coat of paint goes on, but it will be obvious in a year or two. At Braathen Construction we like to think of each building as a boat and we build it so well that it would float."

Braathen Construction is an extremely versatile builder, serving clients for residential and commercial buildings, tenant improvements, remodels, new construction, finish carpentry, post and beam construction, ADA compliance repairs and building restoration. Odin tells of the careful workmanship that went into the recent restoration of a 1954 building. He says, "We kept as much of the original building as we could by reglazing the windows and refinishing much of the exposed structure in order to maintain the feel of the building. Inside, we reinforced the steel with seismic cross-bracing that is exposed through the windowsills and casing. We had to use the best construction methods to make the new construction fit in seamlessly with the existing structure."

And this commitment to quality work is something Braathen Construction provides on every job. Odin says, "Our crew always takes the time to do even the small details right the first time no matter the size or scope of the job. We do whatever it takes to give our clients the quality workmanship they expect from us."

Braathen Construction in Orange County: Known for Honesty

Consumers get cheated when contractors charge for materials they didn't use and work that they didn't do either purposely or accidentally due to bad accounting and administrative procedures.

Odin explains that Braathen Construction never charges for work they didn't do, and their skilled office staff keeps accurate records for materials used so there aren't billing errors like are frequent at other companies. Braathen Construction crews also evaluate the work to look for potential issues that less honest companies may charge additional fees for. Odin explains, "Every morning, we review the work that was done the day before and the plan for that day and look for any modifications or procedural changes that need to be made to keep the job going according to plan. Then we incorporate any needed adjustments into the plan rather than leaving them to the end when they could become an expensive repair."

And the honesty of employees matters, too. Braathen Construction hires only trustworthy employees who are skilled and licensed to perform their jobs. This is especially important for electrical work. Odin says, "Everyone who does electrical work is required to be licensed by the state, even employees of the contractor. But some contractors don't do this, and just tell clients they are licensed. This puts clients at risk because unlicensed contractors can easily make mistakes that can lead to a very big problem."

Odin Braathen was born in Norway and was brought to California as a child when his family emigrated. Odin comes from a family tradition of builders, with both his grandfather and father having been in construction. Odin worked alongside his father building boats for several years, and the two founded Braathen Construction together. Odin Braathen has lived in Costa Mesa since 1956, and he still cares for his mother who lives near him. He's a licensed pilot who owns an aerobatic plane and beach craft, and he has a passion for mechanical things, especially steam locomotives. People who know Odin describe him as friendly and caring, and clients as reliable with the ability to fix anything.

With a 35 year history of honesty and old-world quality workmanship, Braathen Construction in Costa Mesa CA is a versatile builder for everything from residential and commercial, new construction to remodeling, restoration and more. And it's headed by a third-generation builder who learned the trade from his father, as his father did before him. Odin Braathen and Braathen Construction can be reached at (949) 650-8808 to schedule an appointment or an estimate.