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June 20, 2024

Kessler Plumbing & Heating Inc

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(323) 663-0258
1940 Riverside Dr
Los Angeles, CA 90039
State Contractor’s License #925920 (C36,C20, B, C-4)
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • PHCC (Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association)

Areas Served: Los Angeles CA incl. Long Beach CA, Santa Monica CA,…
Services: new plumbing, plumbing repair services for residential, commercial, industrial. tankless…
Key Brands: Bosch, Grohe (Grohe Plumbing Fixtures), Takagi Tankless Water Heaters

The Los Angeles County firm of Kessler Plumbing & Heating Inc in Los Angeles CA has been at their location on Riverside Drive since 1920. The firm provides new plumbing and plumbing repairs including for new custom homes, tenant improvements, and remodels. The firm installs and repairs water heaters of all kinds, and is licensed to work on boilers as well as heating & air conditioning systems. They also do drain cleaning, camera inspections and leak detection, water heater repair or replacement, furnace repair or replacement, repair of plumbing fixtures, repiping, sewer pipe lining and sewer line repair and replacement, hydronic heating systems and more for residential, industrial, and commercial clients like Ralph's Supermarket, Wells Fargo Bank, Jon's Supermarket, and CB Richard Ellis.  And readers of this Report are getting a 10% new-customer discount by calling now and saying they saw it here.

More Skills at Kessler Plumbing & Heating in Los Angeles County
The owner of Kessler Plumbing & Heating Inc is Timo Spoerl, with 20 years of experience and who learned the trade under his father. Timo graduated the more exacting standards required by law in Germany of a 4-year apprenticeship followed by 3 years as a journeyman and a year of contractor school. The standards to be a plumber in Germany are far higher than in the U.S., which has no requirements of education or apprenticeship to be a plumber, making merely taking an exam to get a state license seem inadequate by comparison. So customers of Kessler Plumbing & Heating are getting in Timo Spoerl one of the most highly qualified in Los Angeles County.  In fact, few companies here are experienced with thermal solar systems but Timo's education required him not only to build systems to plan but to understand the fundamentals of how they work.

The same goes for his techs. When Timo Spoerl took over the company, the crew had years of job experience, but he convinced them to go to school anyway. "It took some convincing of someone with 15 years of experience in the industry to go back to school," says Timo, "but when something tricky comes up in a job they all see now that it was worth it and they appreciate having done it."

Timo explains that good equipment is another key to the success at Kessler Plumbing & Heating, like their camera location systems for sewer and gas lines, their 4,000 psi jetter which pumps out water at high velocity to flush lines completely, often able to flush out even root intrusions. They have a combustion air analyzer to give customers the optimal efficiency setting for the gas flame on their water heater or boiler which saves them money through lower gas bills.  They also have big concrete saws for outside work, sophisticated vacuums to service heating & air systems, blow dryers to keep out dust, and more.

More Honesty at Kessler Plumbing & Heating in Los Angeles County
One of the things Timo inherited from his plumber father was a sense of responsibility and integrity. Timo tells us, "I always approach the situation as what would I do if it was mine. We explain everything to the customer and let them choose among the options. Our customers notice that with us, it's not about the money, but about solving their problem, or fulfilling their dream like with a remodel."  Unlike companies who send techs who are paid on commission and so who push you into spending more than you have to, Timo explains that the crew at Kessler Plumbing & Heating Inc are held to high ethical standards and are never paid on commission.  "Everyone here is instructed that if the customer doesn't really need it, don't sell it," explains Timo.

So is Kessler Plumbing & Heating too experienced?  What if you just need a drain cleaned?   Won't someone who quotes dirt cheap do just as well?  No, it turns out. Those national rooter chains only seem cheaper because they trick customers with unrealistically low price quotes that have fine print that say "only if the clog is accessible". Then once on site they'll say it wasn't accessible, even when it was; that there was tree root intrusion, even if there's none—and the price goes up.   Why doesn't Timo play that upsell game too? He answers, "We may not make as much money as that larger company but it's more important to me to be fair and honest so I can sleep well with an easy conscience."

Timo Spoerl lives in Sylmar CA and has three children, one of which, his son, is currently in the formal apprenticeship program in Germany, making it three generations of plumbers in the family. Once he's done he'll join Timo at Kessler Plumbing & Heating and carry on the tradition of higher technical standards performed with the honesty for customers that Timo insists on.

So for honest pricing without the unnecessary upselling by techs paid a commission like at other companies, Kessler Plumbing & Heating Inc in Los Angeles CA and owner Timo Spoerl serve all of LA County including residential, industrial, and commercial, to the higher standard required in Germany, and with the integrity that makes him less money that the national chains but lets him feel good about what he does for his customers. 

And those customers are grateful for it.  Like one of those we spoke to as research for this article named Joe who said, "They've done work for me for the nine years that I've been in charge of all the construction and maintenance at Super A Foods. They've always done a very good job for us. I would rate them very high. They will do the job for you and make sure you're happy with what they do because that's what they do for me all the time. You can count on them."