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February 27, 2020

TV Plumbing & Sewers

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(323) 933-6504
Los Angeles, CA 90009
State Contractor’s License #511290 (C36,C42)
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials)

Areas Served: Los Angeles CA incl. Beverly Hills CA, Santa Monica CA,…
Services: plumbing contractor, plumbing services, leak repair, drain cleaning, hydrojetting, repiping,…
Key Brands: Rigid, Wolverine Brass Faucets

Finding a plumber or sewer contractor you can trust can be as tricky as unclogging a difficult drain. Some gouge you on the price by installing materials you don't need or charging you for excess time, while others hire unskilled workers who cut corners and use cheap materials that won't last. Either way, all that ends up being drained is your pocketbook. 

Luckily for those in need of a skilled plumber they can trust, we found TV Plumbing & Sewers in Los Angeles CA and owner Paul Veyna. Since 1982, TV Plumbing has earned its trustworthy reputation by using an open billing system based on national averages, only employing fully certified and trained plumbers and using quality products that will stand the test of time. 

TV Plumbing & Sewers Saves Customers Money With Honest Billing

When a company bills you for time and materials, it leaves you vulnerable to being overcharged for a job that gets intentionally dragged out for longer than it should take. Paul Veyna explains that TV Plumbing & Sewers uses a price book with set prices for each kind of job that are based on national averages. He says, "We're not pulling numbers out of the air. We have a printed price book with all the amounts in writing. Everything we do is honest and straightforward."

One way an hourly rate can cost you more than it should is when you're being charged for trips the person is making, like to go get needed parts. Unlike those companies, when TV Plumbing shows up for a job, they come fully prepared. Paul Veyna tells us, "Our trucks are already fully stocked with plenty of products. And if we ever do have to go back to the supply house, the price doesn't change. The price is the price." 

A lot of questionable companies claim cut-rate prices because they cut every corner possible, including on who they hire and send to your house, like those who are untrained or even have criminal backgrounds.  TV Plumbing & Sewers sends only fully trained and certified plumbers, and hires only after a detailed background check on every employee. Paul shares, "We give a lot of time for training. We belong to a number of trade associations, like IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials), so we can be better at what we are do. It's a proven fact if you are part of a training association, you are going to be better trained and more up to date on the current techniques." 

Other companies claim suspiciously dirt-cheap prices only by using the cheapest products that break and cost you hundreds more in repairs or damage caused when they fail. Paul Veyna explains, "There's a rubber cufflink that costs one-tenth the amount of a metal one, but the rubber one fails.  Plus we get earthquakes here so you absolute need solid materials if you want to avoid damage to your property."

One former customer named Elaine paid the price by going with a cheaper company, and says, "We took two other estimates. Unfortunately we went with the cheaper priced company even though we felt much more comfortable with Paul. We called Paul back after the cheap company stranded us and he solved our sewer line issue. Live and learn."

Another former customer named Michelle ignored the cut-rate company and went with TV Plumbing, saying, "Paul saved the day for us. Even though we got a cheaper price from another company, I could tell this guy was going to do the job right, and they did. He made us laugh when we were ready to cry about our plumbing nightmare. Call this guy and he will put a smile on your face."

TV Plumbing & Sewers has been such a trusted, reliable company for so many decades it is often hired by the city of Los Angeles and a number of military bases in Southern California. This is because TV Plumbing employees are also certified to work on high-pressure gas lines and other specialized systems that other companies just can't do. "We work on air force bases on six-inch gas lines," Paul explains. "Most plumbers, the largest they ever see is a one-inch pipe. You really have to know your stuff otherwise it would be a catastrophe."

Paul Venya lives in Los Angeles CA with his wife and their two dogs and two cats. He and his wife donate time and money to organizations that rescue animals. He also likes to do yoga, which he says adds serenity to his otherwise very results-oriented personality.  Customers we called as research for this article describe him as up front, honest, and reliable, like one named Blair who told us, "TV plumbing has been working on a commercial property of ours for several years and he's always responsive, and honest, and does a good job," and another customer Darlene who told us, "Paul Veyna has been working for me for about 12 years. Obviously if he wasn't meeting my expectations I would have changed a long time ago. He's very good and the people who work for him are also good." 

With an open and honest billing system of flat amounts based on a book of national averages for each kind of job, four decades of experience, and the trust of previous customers and the government institutions who hire him, Paul Venya and TV Plumbing & Sewers in Los Angeles CA has a proven track record for being the trustworthy and reliable choice that saves customers money with jobs done right the first time using quality materials.

Like one customer we called named Dawn who told us, "Paul has been working on my house for years. He's the only one I ever use. He repaired my sewer lines. He has done all kinds of in home repairs. He's definitely a good guy to do quality work and I trust him. I highly recommend him."