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July 3, 2020

Eastern Elevator Service Inc

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(954) 233-5403
2111 No Commerce Pkwy
Weston, FL 33326
State Contractor License #466
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • Better Business Bureau
  • NAEC (National Association of Elevator Contractors)

Areas Served: Broward County incl. Weston FL, Ft Lauderdale FL, Hollywood FL,…
Services: elevator services, escalator services, elevator repair, maintenance, elevator modernization, commercial…

Large corporations are under pressure to squeeze as much profit out the business as possible, and that means their clients suffer as a result with fewer and shorter visits by techs, long response times, and added fees being common like overtime charges. As an alternative, a one-man outfit often isn't capable of servicing all clients properly, like high rises with more technically complicated traction elevators, or those that have proprietary equipment from one of the big companies.

That's why clients we heard from say they're glad they found Eastern Elevator Service Inc with locations in Broward County and Tampa, which is large enough to have the resources necessary to service everything from in-home elevators to high-rises, including ones with proprietary equipment that is an obstacle for other less qualified independent contractors while maintaining high quality of service by giving each client plenty of time with their technician.

Eastern Elevator Service in Broward County & Tampa Cited a Stand-Out In Their Field

At one time it was common in the industry for a tech to have just 50-60 elevators on his route. These days the big companies in their quest for more and more profit cut staff so that each of their technicians has 200-250. As a result, it takes them too long to get to you. When they finally do, it is often late in the day, resulting in overtime charges. Or worse, where clients could once expect a response to a shut-down within a few hours, now it's often not even the same day. And generally they can't spend enough time with each client to do the best maintenance, including the preventative maintenance that prevents small problems from becoming expensive ones.

In contrast, Eastern Elevator Service Inc guarantees a two-hour response time and one-hour for emergencies and entrapments. Company president Rob Rauch explains, "Few other companies in the industry can make our commitment. At Eastern Elevator Service we can because we don't overburden your technician with too many other accounts to service. That also means your technician can spend more time dedicated to you and preventative maintenance to avoid costly repairs later."

Eastern Elevator Service is also known for their honesty. The big corporations' drive for more and more profit has led to clients often being falsely told that a simple shut down needs something expensive, like a new $2,000 circuit board, with the client not able to know any better. With the other companies making money on such falsehoods and getting away with it, why doesn't Eastern Elevator Service do that too? Rob Rauch answers, "We take a long term approach and aren't trying to make a quick profit on any single account. Instead, treating customers honestly is what's resulted in our high rate of repeat business and referrals."

Clients Have More Freedom With Eastern Elevator Service in Tampa & Broward County

It's more common these days for the bigger companies to force you to stay with them long after you'd like to leave for better service. They do that by installing proprietary equipment which many other companies aren't experienced with, or worse, proprietary software which other companies are legally prevented from accessing at all.

Unlike those companies, Eastern Elevator Service installs open source equipment and software, and unlike the less experienced companies that can't follow behind a larger company and work on your legacy proprietary equipment, Eastern Elevator Service can. Rob Rauch shares, "We hire highly trained union technicians and our supervisors are IUEC trained too."

That stands out in an industry where the supervisor at many other companies isn't even an elevator person but merely someone with a degree in business management who doesn't know elevators.

In this industry it's common for other companies to try and head off your future disappointment by having you locked into a multi-year contract. Unlike them, Eastern Elevator Service and Rob Rauch are so confident you'll recognize the better, more responsive service you're getting with them that they don't need to trap you with long term five-year contracts like others will. Rob says, "What we do few other companies will. We let customers go with 30-day notice and we can do that because we know they're going to like us. And it shows you were motivated to keep your business each and every day by giving the best service, and we can never take you for granted."

The superior response time and technical expertise of Eastern Elevator Service has earned them the loyalty of customers throughout South Florida and the Tampa area including school districts, city governments, and demanding corporations like Ramada, Quality Inn, Holiday Inn, U-Haul, and Lockheed Martin.

Like one city government customer we heard from in our research, named Dave reported, "We have used Eastern Elevator as our maintenance contractor. They are very responsive, and did a good job. Rob Rauch does a very good job and I would use them again."

And a county school district customer named Rich who reported to us, "Eastern Elevator has our service for about 88 elevators and about 22 chair lifts. They do a wonderful job. Very responsive. I've never had any complaints from any of my schools. Most of the time it's a lot of compliments so I do appreciate everything they've done for us, and they continue to service us."

Broward County resident Rob Rauch lives in Pembroke Pines FL with his wife Jacqueline and they've raised two daughters and a son together. Rob started in the industry in 1986 as a Lincoln Technical School graduate recruited into the industry as it was making the switch to solid state technology and circuit boards which too few existing techs had expertise with. With his son a teenager now, he's only recently given up a long time stint as a travel baseball coach leading one of the top ranked teams in the whole country, where he was specifically known for his unselfish generosity with the kids on his team. Friends know him as hardworking, while clients of Eastern Elevator Service cite his honesty, something especially appreciated in an industry increasingly being known as lacking it.

So consumers we heard from in our research say they were grateful to find Eastern Elevator Service as the alternative to the large corporations with poor response time due to overburdened technicians in a drive for profit, including their habit of locking you in with proprietary software and multi-year contracts, and in contrast to tiny mom-and-pop operations without the expertise to work on legacy equipment left by the big corporations and the traction elevators of high-rises that Eastern Elevator Service routinely services, all in way that has earned them the praise and loyalty of city governments, school districts and large demanding corporations.

As one consumer, a facilities manager named Thomas put it to us in our research, "Eastern Elevator has taken over a residential service route for my buildings. They take care of about 42 elevators in the downtown area. They've been very good to us."