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September 24, 2020

Carollo Real Estate

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(718) 747-7747
1105 154th St # A
Whitestone, NY 11357
State Licenses: 10991218490, 109919137
  • Prime Buyer's Report Top Ten
  • LIBOR (Long Island Board of Realtors)
  • NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers)
  • NYSAR (New York State Association of REALTORS)

Areas Served: New York City metro area including Queens County
Services: residential & commercial property management, investment property management, condos, apartments,…

It's very hard to find a truly good property management company for anything less than a building that's 50 units or more, since the big firms keep don't want bother with accounts smaller than that.  What you're often left with are smaller companies with sketchy professionalism, ones that don't do proper background checks of tenants, that are hard for you to reach, that don't visit your vacant property every thirty days to prevent squatters legally taking over, and who are behind the times in their use of technology to keep you informed.

That's why consumers we heard from say they are grateful to have found the Queens firm Carollo Property Management, a full service real estate firm with a formal property management division known for serving clients with single family homes on up to 50 units like they were big accounts, that as licensed real estate agents are able to do the most thorough background checks and the widest promotion to find renters, that stay in constant touch in a way that has impressed out-of-state owners, and who check on vacant property frequently to avoid the huge cost of formally evicting squatters.  

Consumers Say More Value From Better Tenants & Communication With Carollo Property Management  

If you own less than a 50 unit property, the big companies don't want you, preferring the profits to be made from very large accounts. The small firms that will take you on are often less than thorough. Sometimes they don't have the real estate license that lets them legally show the property causing you legal liabilities if they do. Their lack of the resources enjoyed by full service real estate agencies also means they don't do thorough background checks, sticking you with costly problem tenants, sometimes even criminals.  

In contrast, Carollo Property Management is a licensed, full service real estate firm catering to owners of more modest sized properties that other firms don't want to service, but giving them the same red carpet treatment that bigger property owners get.  As licensed agents, they are able to legally show the property themselves, and do the most thorough background checks on prospective tenants. Owner Anthony Carollo explains,  "We pull a national credit report, and do a record search to see if they've ever been evicted by another landlord, a criminal background check, and a check of the sex offender registry. That's in addition to verifying employment and income and checking with their former landlords."  

Your property is vulnerable when it's vacant and it's common for squatters to break-in, knowing that the law says once they've lived there over 30 days, it takes a drawn-out formal eviction process to kick them out which costs you legal fees and months of lost rental income.   But clients of Carollo Property Management avoid that danger. Anthony Carollo shares, "We have someone out to the vacant property less than every thirty days. That way if someone has illegally occupied it, all it takes is our simple phone call to the police to get them out, not the long eviction process required after 30 days of occupancy."  

Often you live far from your property, leaving you at the mercy of a management company to keep you constantly informed and consult you on all decisions.  Unfortunately many are notorious for poor communication. Unlike those companies, Carollo Property Management is known for thorough and professional communication with out-of-area clients.  

This was reflected in consumer reports we received, like one from Sue who reported to us, "About Carollo Management, Anthony has been handling my husband Bob's mother's duplex for about two years.   First we hired him as an account property manager and he has done an excellent job managing her property. He did an excellent job managing the duplex. We live in Wisconsin so everything he did had to be done on the phone or through email. He would email photographs to Bob and Bob would look at the damage or whatever the problem was and he would call Anthony back and the two of them would work out very cost effective solutions."  

That level of thorough and reliable communication with clients extends to the payments and the reports necessary. The accounting system at Carollo Property Management lets them make your recurring monthly payments for you, such as for the mortgage or HOA dues. Owners get a detailed statement every quarter showing all incomes and expenses plus a year-end summary.   This was shown in reports we received, like one from Alex who told us, "About Anthony at Carollo Management, they're great. I get monthly reports plus I get a report at the end of the year for tax purposes. They're doing a great job for me and I highly recommend them."  

Clients also appreciate that because they are licensed brokers, Carollo Real Estate can sell the property for you when the time comes, letting you avoid the struggle of having to find another company remotely to handle that.   For instance the consumer Sue told us of Anthony Carollo, "Now we're in the middle of selling the building and he is also acting as our realtor and we couldn't be more pleased.  He put us in touch with the New York property attorney that he uses and my husband has been very pleased with how the two of them are handling the sale of the duplex. We're going to closing in a week or two. We really recommend using Anthony."  

Another named Michael reported to us, "With regards to Anthony Carollo, Anthony and I have worked together for three years. He's outstanding. I do all my property management with him and selling of houses. I'm an attorney in New York City and he also solves a lot of other problems for me that come up.  He's definitely at the top of my list."

New York City born and raised, Queens resident Anthony Carollo lives in Whitestone NY with his wife and three children ages 11,12 and 13.  Starting at the age of 20 he served as an NYPD officer working out the 75th Precinct during a time when local crime was at one of its most dangerous levels, a true hero's job he performed for the community for 11 years.  After getting his real estate license he founded Carollo Real Estate in 2002, adding the full service management division just a year later.  Success has seen the firm grow to 24 licensed agents and three local offices from which they serve the entire City and Long Island.   Friends describe Anthony as generous and considerate, while customers cite his professionalism, punctuality, reliability, and honesty.   He stays active with weight training and martial arts like muay thai, an activity he shares with his children, with one young son extremely good at Brazilian jiu-jitsu and boxing including some championship belts to his credit.    

It was experienced owners who cited Carollo Property Management in Queens and owner Anthony Carollo as the way for more money to be saved and made due to their higher professionalism, better communication, more thorough tenant screening, and regular visits to the property that too many other firms willing to take on smaller properties can't or won't do, and which has brought the company success, an outstanding local reputation, and extremely grateful and loyal clients who recommend them often and stay with them for years.    

In the words of one consumer named Sebastian who reported to us, "Anthony and the Carollo guys manage properties for me and I'm happy with them. They're excellent folks, very flexible and they're always willing to work with you. I'm happy with them and they continue to be managers of my property.  I definitely recommend them."